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Last updated: 12/02/2019

PandaPow VPN Review

Touching upon the question of Internet security, multiple stumbling-blocks come to light. The up-to-date situation of online threats growth moves Internet freedom away from average customers of different countries, the government of which pursues the politics of total censorship.

Despite the governmental surveillance committed over the citizens of the country, there are such dangers as computer fraudulence, identity thefts, and targeted password cracking. But today’s technological improvements give users a possibility to cope with the problems while protecting their network with the help of a reliable VPN provider.

PandaPow VPN is one of the outputs presented on the market of the service today and positioned to provide unrestricted and anonymous browsing in one click. To see for yourself, look through the overview. 

Tariffs and prices of PandaPow VPN

The company provides two main opportunities:

PandaPow Classic VPN, which is great for applying it to computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. It is activated immediately and for using it all you need is to download the app and connect to the Internet. Up to three devices can be connected simultaneously:

prices of PandaPow VPN


1 Month — the plan costs $9 per month;

3 Months — the plan costs $24 per three months;

12 Months — the plan costs $84 per a year.

Having subscribed for one of these plans, you receive three simultaneous connections, a friendly application, fast speed performance, eleven countries can be connected, amazing support, strong encryption, and a 7-day money back guarantee.

PandaPow WiFi VPN, which is established on a wireless router that is sent to you by the company. Despite the previously described package, this one is compatible with Apple TV and PlayStation X Box that is not connectable to a VPN on their own. Moreover, the WiFi VPN is appropriate for other devices and the number of connectible gadgets is unlimited. In addition, it is portable as powered by a small battery, thus it’s easy to bring it along with you wherever you travel or go to.

Having subscribed for the package, you achieve limitless simultaneous connections without any software installation, operation on any device, super fast connection to the Internet and well-timed support.

Special Offer! The thing is that both two packages can be combined in one. Thus, PandaPow WiFi + PandaPow Classic Combo save more money while giving you more VPN protected time on the Internet. Moreover, the plan can be applied for the existing PandaPow account.

Having subscribed for this combo plan, you save $34 as you pay $149 and three free months are added for your online protection. But if you want to pay less, have a closer look at Trust Zone VPN or VPNBook (which is actually free). 

Most online payment methods are supported, such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Union Pay, AliPay and several more.

Info on Servers in different countries

Any restricted content can be unblocked while using this VPN as it is seen from the servers’ park. PandaPow has hundreds of servers in 15 countries. This makes the servers offered to the customers less loaded and faster for operation. The service provides around 10 servers in the UK (London), around 100 in the US and almost 20 in Hong Kong. More servers are being frequently added. 

Functions of PandaPow VPN

While using the service you attain freedom to protect your privacy when connecting to the Internet through Wi-Fi hotspots, surf the Internet without any restrictions and stay on the web anonymously, where all snooping is prevented by encrypting your Internet traffic. If placing confidence in the clients’ reviews, the VPN achieved 4, 7 points out of 5 possible among 146 votes. 

Security and Privacy

PandaPow protected connection guarantees 100% encryption for all your traffic passing through secure VPN servers to the Internet and backward. This means that your Internet traffic can’t be snooped or your online activities can’t be tracked back to your true address. PandaPow supports PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols for different servers of the offered choice. 

Support service

In the lower right corner of any page of the official website, there is a window where you can leave your immediate question or message, for that purpose you need to introduce yourself and enter it.

Moreover, for those who want to learn something related to their accounts or billing subject can send an email to the support team.

General questions can be asked via email info.

It should be noticed that the support team works amazing as well as it is stated on the welcome page of the website. Besides, if talking about such things as Netflix unblocking and accessing, there is a theme article on the website with step-by-step instructions on how to make it correctly. 

Client Account procedures

The client account procedure of the VPN is simple enough. You will have to enter option ‘order now’ where you are to choose whether you are a new customer or you already have an account. Being a newbie, you are to fill in your email, password, and name but don’t forget to read and understand PandaPow Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you are a client of the service, your email and password are required only. 


As it has been mentioned, WiFi router package is compatible with multiple devices, like Apple TV, X Box, and etc. If talking about OSes, PandaPow’s app can be established for Android, Mac, Windows, iPhone, where each of the OSes is supplied with appropriate instructions for the settings. 


PandaPow is a comparatively new output of the service market, which can be further qualified for being one of the best services.

As the ‘test-drive’ has demonstrated, PandaPow Classic app is easy-to-install and use, so that an average customer will cope with this simple task without any help from the support. Despite the app’s design seems to be simplified, it’s not overloaded with multiple pop-up windows or menus, which is extremely convenient.

The servers’ park is not so large, but each of the locations provides several addresses encrypting your traffic by means of different protocols. Hence, the speed tests have shown noticeable decreases in terms, a real operation of the network hasn’t suffered from that. Thus, Pandora, Netflix, and Hulu have been surfed, watched and listened to without any hits or interruptions. 

Besides, PandaPow is a good VPN for Skype, WhatsApp, and other messengers.

The support team should be especially focused on, as the results, they have shown leave many of the well-known competitors behind. Therefore, the service’s advantageous packages, professional support, and hassle-free service are worth sharing.

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