OVPN is really user-friendly. After downloading and installing the app (which is dead easy), the Internet with impressive speed puts at your disposal.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

OVPN Review


Modern Internet environment is full of threats which influence our scale of life, so it is high time to use a VPN service to extend the opportunities of internet surfing. There are a lot of them on the virtual market nowadays, and one of the decent representatives among various VPN providers is considered to OVPN.

Being among those 67 000 OVPN users, who don’t want to be permanently monitored by the government, OVPN consumers are able to protect their anonymity and secure their data. The history of OVPN provider dates back to the year of 2014 when the problem of security on the Internet became permanent among advanced users. Being located in Sweden (a member of a 14 eyes alliance), OVPN provider upholds anonymity policy.

Thus, its users are not limited in secure data transmission. Besides, OVPN provides with perfect speeds, which makes it convenient for entertainment lovers to enjoy a wishful game or a movie. 

Tariffs and prices of OVPN


OVPN provider proposes 3 packages for the consumers. They are directed towards three categories of users:

A 1-month package – Those who prefer to pay a slight amount of money at once. It would be the best choice for students. It costs only $10.99 per month and gives all the opportunities of the Internet without any restriction.

A 3- month package – OVPN subscribers may pay $24.99 for 3 months and save on monthly subscription. In this case, the user pays $8.33 instead of would-be $9.99. As a result, it is possible to save $7.98.

 A 12-month package – This subscription tariff allows saving $47.88 a year. It is the most advantageous choice. In such a way, a month’s OVPN use costs only $7. In total, the consumer is to pay $84.00 at a time. It is not a secret that this variant is the most popular.

It should be stressed that these packages differ only in price. As for the functions, OVPN offers to the clients, they are the same and provided for each of three packages.

In addition, one is able to take advantage of on up to 4 devices simultaneously.

It is worth noticing that OVPN introduces a VPN free trial for its customers, which is pretty beneficial as they are able to testify the service for free before purchasing a subscription for it.

Info on servers in different countries


Being a highly secure VPN provider, OVPN is slow to have as many servers in a great variety of countries as it is possible. They claim that they prioritize quality and security over quantity and marketing. Instead of it, they strive for securing all users’ traffic. Consequently, OVPN possesses 39 servers in countries (Sweden, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands,  Norway, and the USA).

A small number of servers (as compared to other VPNs) should not embarrass you. OVPN counts more than 600 IPv4 and billions of IPv6 addresses. Moreover, their number increases on a regular basis.


Functions of OVPN


OVPN is in good standing with users around the globe. It is the result of sustained functions, which are given below:

  •  High-level traffic security – OVPN uses a reliable encryption method. Instead of well-spread Blowfish, it uses AES-256-GCM encryption (also used by the USA military), which presupposes a more reliable encoding algorithm.
  •  No logs – OVPN certifies that they don’t store any information about its users just because the provider doesn’t keep logs. It was proven by numerous reports that OVPN’ web servers don’t save any information about consumers’ activity. Make use of a zero log VPN!
  •  Transparency reports–Every month the company renders an account to the users about its activities, upsets or troubles connected with OVPN movement. It proves the fact that OVPN’s provider uprights towards the users.
  •  Unrestricted bandwidth – The provider of OVPN doesn’t limit its users in data sharing, uploading or downloading information. What is more, high data transfer rate allows fulfilling everything not in a time-consuming way as free VPNs do.
  •  Uptime on a high level – OVPN service is available 99.5%, which is vital for modern users. Users are not accustomed to it, these numbers are given just in case of some short time upset. In case your OVPN doesn’t work, you will be compensated by month’s free subscription.
  •  Compelling add-on service – In case you want not to be annoyed by pop-up windows, OVPN is a good choice.

Security and privacy


OVPN clients are assured of their privacy as none of the OVPN servers keep logs. It is explained by the following: neither hard drives nor USB memories (or alike) are used on servers that is why there is no any single chance your data to undergo any kind of leak. 

Besides, as it was mentioned earlier, the company uses an extremely reliable algorithm of data encoding – AES-256-GCM. OVPN enables its customer protection with OpenVPN which is thought to be one of the most advanced and efficient protocols at present. According to OVPN private policy, it is strongly forbidden to share any information about its users with third parties. Thus, OVPN is considered one of the most trustworthy VPN services. 

Support service


Having a reputation of an honest and reliable VPN provider, OVPN is eager to solve any user’s problems without delay. If a consumer wants to ask any questions Contact customer support is available 24/7. Everything you are to do is to open inlay Contact and leave a message. 

Client Account procedures


Apart from all OVPN’s pros, it is also pretty easy to set up. The first step to get an OVPN client is:

  •  open inlay Download on the OVPN official site;
  •  choose the platform you need;
  •  double-click OVPN.exe file to install the app on your device;
  •  enter the required data and get connected.

After following these steps your device will have secure access to the Internet. Besides, OVPN allows checking data leak, so you may use this function any time you need.

OVPN is really user-friendly. After downloading and installing the app (which is dead easy), the Internet with impressive speed puts at your disposal. Then the user logs in and is permitted to access geo-restricted webpages. 

The data transfer rate slightly changes with OVPN, but it can hardly be observed.

Connecting via OVPN

Connecting without OVPN

Furthermore, no problems while downloading and installing OVPN were noticed, which makes this provider among the most popular in the Internet environment. 



The last mentioned but not the least OVPN advantage is that it works on various platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Linux. Also, the service is available on other devices: Asustor, Free NAS, QNAP, Sinology, NASand and Routers. Thus, any user may install it on his/her device, as OVPN is a good VPN service for Linux and other operating systems.



Online security will not take much time and energy if you have chosen OVPN. Your sensitive data will not undergo leak and you will be given a chance to surf geo-restricted sites without any stress and under strong protection. Moreover, OVPN’s strict privacy policy is quite prominent to stay confidential on the network and not to fall victim to cybercrime.

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