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Last updated: 14/02/2019

NovaVPN Review

How to choose the best VPN service in 2019? There are various ways to select it, but the most actionable is to read the VPN review on our website.

If you haven’t found the appropriate service from our list of reviewed VPNs 2019, let us introduce you another VPN service based in Belize.

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Tariffs and prices of NovaVPN


The provider of NovaVPN has three different packages for users to subscribe for: Medium, Heavy, and Super Heavy. Let’s see the details to learn how much they will cost you:

The price of a NovaVPN Medium plan is $9.99, and it is billed every month. To obtain a subscription for a longer period is also possible. 6 months of VPN usage are given with NovaVPN Heavy and one year with NovaVPN Super Heavy. The heavy plan will cost you $42 per 6 months, while 1 year with Super Heavy - $59. It is worth noting that subscriptions with longer periods are more profitable as their monthly prices are usually lower.

NovaVPN accepts credit and debit cards

Various payment methods are available: credit and debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, and others) are accepted and PayPal is available. It is worth noting that one can pay with bitcoins as well!

"As far as free trial is concerned, NovaVPN provider does not offer it for all platforms: it is provided for iOS users. Besides, a 7-day money refund is included in the packages. You need to know some details about the terms of it:"

 It can be applied only within 7 days after purchasing.

 The refund policy is not applicable for subscriptions via iTunes or AppStore.

 In case of the violation of Terms of Service, money is not refunded.

 They have the right to terminate the requests.

Info on servers in different countries


Server locations of NovaVPN

What is NovaVPN’s server park? How many locations does it offer?

All in all, there are 8 countries around the world and 100+ various locations. You can connect through NovaVPN servers in Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, the USA, and Russia.

You might want to know that while using NovaVPN the service helps you to choose the best server for you:

➲ the best for your geo-location;

➲ those servers allowing P2P connections;

➲ the best for users from Asia;

and that’s not all

You may create the list of your favorite servers! 

Functions of NovaVPN


With any NovaVPN’s plan you can make use of the following features:

 surfing the network at high speeds;

 opportunity to use on 6 devices simultaneously;

 server switching without limitations;

 no-logging feature;

 DNS Leak protection;

 military-grade encryption.

There is one more awesome feature offered only for Windows users: separate solution on the VPN over https Protocol for China and other countries where VPN is forbidden. It makes it possible to unblock YouTube in China, as well as other blacklisted services. The solution is allowed on request via their ticket system. 

Security and privacy


NovaVPN’s developers care about their customers’ online protection and privacy, and this is the way they provide it:

Firstly, the data is codified with military-grade encrypting such as a 256-bit key. Two types are applied: 256-bit SSL and AES-256 with RSA-4096.

Secondly, data passing protocols, such as OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, are used to by NovaVPN.

Finally, NovaVPN protects you against DNS leaks as every DNS on NovaVPN’s servers is encrypted, which prevents from DNS leaks.

As for privacy with NovaVPN…

The service is based in Belize; there are no mandatory laws that would oblige them to store logs, and they do not keep the information on your internet activities and your IP address.

Have a look at the piece of information about you collected by NovaVPN:

Support service

Support service


There is no opportunity for users to communicate with the specialists via online chat, but to support their customer, they offer a Ticket system. You just need to submit a ticket and wait for the reply that will be sent to your e-mail.

We consulted the specialists and got the assistance fast and at a high level! Well-done!

Client Account procedures


In order to subscribe for NovaVPN, you need to click ‘’Sign up’’ and take a few steps to create a personal account. After it is done, you are ready to download and use NovaVPN.

  1. Download NovaVPN client from and install it. We tested the one for Windows.

to create a personal account

Then type in your login and password (if you are not registered, you can do it in the client).

  1. Then type in your login and password (if you are not registered, you can do it in the client).

Then choose the period, price and payment method

  1. Then choose the period, price and payment method (our test account was free).

Paying for NovaVPN subscription

  1. After you pay for the service, the information about your plan will be viewed in your personal account.

Then you will have to select the server to connect through.

  1. Then you will have to select the server to connect through. As we have mentioned above, there are servers in 8 countries and you are offered to choose the best server for you.

If you are connected, the icon will be green.

  1. If you are connected, the icon will be green.

You can change the settings; the full list is on the screenshot

  1. You can change the settings; the full list is on the screenshot. 

Test results: we had several unsuccessful attempts to connect via the VPN

Test results: we had several unsuccessful attempts to connect via the VPN. Then we turned to the support service and they really helped us. Finally, we connected to NovaVPN servers. The VPN can easily unblock Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Pandora.

Our IP address was not leaked to the network (the connection was through US server). DNS leak protection works well.

Speed test for NovaVPN

Speed test for NovaVPN


Internet speed without NovaVPN

With Nova VPN (connected via US server)

With Nova VPN (connected via US server)

With Nova VPN (connected via German server)

With Nova VPN (connected via German server)

Speed test results of NovaVPN

As you see, the internet speed has been reduced, but taking into consideration recommended speeds for Netflix and Hulu, US servers are not fast enough for HD movies. 

Try our Speed Test Tool right now!



You can use NovaVPN for devices based on Windows (7 and higher), Android, iOS and Mac OS (Sierra and High Sierra).



All in all, NovaVPN is quite not bad: strong modern protocols, no IP leaks, high-level encryption, an additional solution to bypass firewall of China. Moreover, it is compatible with multiple platforms and allows 6 simultaneous connections. It works well for bypassing geo-restrictions.

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