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Last updated: 09/01/2019 VPN Review

You might have already heard about a VPN. Although you aren’t using it now, in the nearest future it may be considered by you as essential for your network as internet connection. Broadly speaking, the service is challenging for providers too, as the market is spreading out each day and it gets more difficult to act as a competitor for the older representatives. What is for, it was officially registered in 2015 and is considered as a comparatively new output of the service. It is a self-managed VPN network platform developed by a company that aims at delivering fast, secure and reliable VPN. It is known to have been developed by professionals to professionals. So, being interested in a deeper analysis, you may form your own estimate by reading the overview. 

Tariffs and prices of

The service provider offers three main products for different needs:


The package costs $2. 49 per month billed annually or monthly. The plan includes limitless traffic, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec encryption (read our VPN protocol comparison), managed solution. The company has developed Free Mobile, PC, and Mac client. The servers are located in Canada, the US, France, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, the UK, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy.


The package costs $5. 99 per month billed annually or $7. 99 per month billed monthly. The plan offers unlimited traffic, managed solution, dedicated IP4/ IPv6 IP, Shell for SSG access, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPSec, and such clients as PC, Mac, Free Mobile. The servers for the plan are placed in Belgium, Finland, Ireland, the UK, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy.


The package costs $29.99 billed monthly. The plan provides limitless traffic, full managed VPN, dedicated technical team, 24/7 support, cloud integration, personalized solution, integration with AD/ LDAP. There are only three countries offered for the package: Canada, France and Romania.

The packages suggested by the company are applicable for different needs and can be a reliable solution not only for your personal needs, but also for corporate. Besides, you can test the service during 7 days for free, as the company provides 7 days money back guarantee. VPN prices

Info on Servers in different countries

It seems like today’s VPN service providers have a thing about server locations. In such a way customers start thinking that the larger number of servers a VPN has, the better the service is. To the contrary, the quality of the servers moves beyond the number of servers in different countries. Although there are approximately 10 servers accessible for the clients of the service, the number is expected to rise and the service is centered on strong encryption and high-quality customers support.

Functions of

The service offers a good solution for home connections and business solutions. The main characteristics presented in all three packages include:

Unlimited traffic is highly important for those who send and receive a lot of traffic each day. The feature gives any client a possibility to play video games and watch streaming services in high quality without any lags.

Customers support center is of a great importance for those who apply a VPN service for their network at first. Also the business plan provides a dedicated technical team, which is a substantial aid for corporate network engineers.

Encryption is provided by the usage of up-to-date protocols, such as OpenVPN, to make all your generated traffic inaccessible for any prying eyes.

Anonymous browsing is achieved through substituting your authentic address by one of the VPN server’s addresses. Besides, the developers assure their clients to keep no logging or metadata, which makes your anonymity level even higher.

Varied compatibility. The VPN service is compatible with Chromebook, numerous OSes, and even more.

Dedicated IPs suggested by the company give you a possibility to access all your private content on your company’s network.

The features make the service reliable and worth your look. VPN overview

Security and Privacy VPN is concentrated on securing its clients networks and traffic. Therefore, the developers give a choice of such protocols as PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec for your confidential data ciphering. As soon as you need a stronger protection for your corporate network accessing, you have a chance to subscribe for a dedicated IP VPN.

It's worth noting that the VPN provider keeps some logs about users: IPs and connection time data.

Support service

The company offers 24/7/365 support via live chat, email and ticket system. Also, the service is assured to be set up instantly and 7 days money back guarantee is its direct positive demonstration. If you are technically advanced and want to make all the settings on your own, you will be able to read a ‘How to’ section on the official website where any details coming from protocols settings for different platforms can be found. 

Client Account procedures 

For you to subscribe for the service you will need to register on the website and pay for the package you have chosen. The provider accepts credit cards and PayPal only, but all the plans include seven-day money back guarantee.


The VPN service is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android (Mobiles and Tablets), Chromebook and any other device that supports a VPN client.

Summary seems to be a good chance for those who look for a reliable VPN service. The company isn’t located in the US (learn why to avoid VPNs from 5 eyes), but provides servers in the country. Although the number of countries where the VPN servers are placed is not big it is being enlarged by the developers. Nevertheless, for those who want to subscribe for a VPN to unblock and watch Netflix there is bad news as the service is not compatible with the streaming service.

The protocols offered to the clients are numerous and can suit different needs. Thus, PPTP is targeted for those who want to watch streaming video in a high quality or playing online, when L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN are of a high use for those who are concentrated on saving their traffic in confidentiality.

Although the service doesn’t accept crypto-currency as a payment method, the level of anonymity you achieve is great as the company assures its clients to store no logging or metadata.

So, the service is great for those who look for personal, dedicated or business VPN support.

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reply November 01, 2018

The fact that is based in USA. This is one of the main reasons why I’m using it. It provides full privacy. You'll be amazed to know that data is encrypted not once, but multiple times. Their prices are cheap compared to other VPN providers! Using it from last two years.

reply November 01, 2018

I really like Myip services. Tried them after I gave up on a few free services. I'm using VPN on iPhone, Android and Desktop, it's very easy to use! They provide great support when you need help!

reply September 25, 2018

I tried it a couple of weeks ago,it works just great,no issues,and not pricey.
reply September 24, 2018

Hi Gabe! Thank you for expressing your opinion. We will take it into consideration for VPN place in our rating.

reply February 19, 2017

No issues so far. Makes the connection quickly and throughput is exceptionally good.

reply February 09, 2017

they offer privacy at a very competitive and affordable rate. The service is very, very reliable, and fast. For those really paranoid, it offers IP binding which means that should you lose the VPN service, all connection to the internet is stopped until you restart, reboot, or do whatever to reconnect. Multiple layers of encryption and the latest. My comes bundled with a variety of VPN encryption protocols, supporting all the latest security protocols including SSTP, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, SSTP and 128bit –AES, OpenVPN cipher.

reply February 07, 2017

My IP's business plan supports up to 50 simultaneous connections and even more (if the case), while price points for 5 simultaneous connections starts at $29.99/month. hard to beat, I would say!

reply January 19, 2017

MyIP seams regularly updated, I use it on three different types of devices with different connection variables and have had no problems. Speed slowdown is minimal, sometimes more during high-traffic hours.

Jeffrey J
reply January 16, 2017

Awesome service, awesome App for Android and Win too. Easy to setup and utilize, and with rock solid stability during the first full week of service. A tip: Set it to TCP for internet services, or set it to UDP for streaming video services. Would I buy this again? Absolutely.

reply January 13, 2017

Tried the service myself. I'm impressed by the fact that it doesn't slow my computer down, at all. Plus, it's really price reasonable. Totally recommend it!

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