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Last updated: 09/01/2019

My Private Network Review has been in the business since 2008. As of now, they have servers in more than 15 countries all over the world. Therefore, they are able to provide global service to their clients. There are 2 basic packages – you can go for a global package or a country specific package. You can go for the monthly subscription or longer ones, including yearly subscription. They don’t provide a free trial option for their users. 

They provide encrypted connection for all their users. You can use the internet without the concern of privacy. You will enjoy a transparent and private internet connection. Geo-registrations can be bypassed with the help of this connection. You can watch exclusive blocked content from streaming services. You will also be able to watch free-2-air television services from NBC and BBC. As for the software, it supports most of the software platforms. Speaking of VPN protocols, you can go for simple PPTP technology or SSL, which is far more sophisticated. In the case of SSL, you need to install additional software.

Tariffs and prices

As stated before, there are two basic packages. One is single country subscription and the other is global subscription. Single country subscription will cost you £4.97 per month, whereas global subscription will cost you £8.97 per month. The tariffs of My Private Network vary according to the period of time you’re going to use it. 12 Months tariff will be more profitable, it allows saving up to 20%. They allow four payment options: PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, CoinPayments, Bank transfer..

They also offer a free limited plan. It offers 1 random location, 1 Mbps speeds, and 1 simultaneous connection. Moreover, it is also possible to try  a 3-day free trial for VPN which no credit card is required (it has been announced recently).

Tariffs and prices

Info on servers

As of now, they have more than 200+ servers. These servers are spread over 44 countries, including Malaysia, France, Germany, United States, Great Britain etc. They are in a process of adding more servers to their collection.


Since the software works in the background, there is not much to see. You either turn off or on the software. There are two types of connections – SSL connection and PPTP connection. PPTP is simpler in nature. You can set it up easily without any difficulty. That’s not the case with SSL, as you need to install additional software to make it work. You will have to install a small client as well for this to work. 

Smart DNS service ‘’My telly’’ is included into every subscription and very useful for accessing geo-restricted TV channels. The service redirects certain traffic via VPN servers located throughout the globe. One can take advantage of this service using it over My Private Network VPN.

Security and privacy

As we all know, most people use VPN for a secure internet connection. Security has to be the biggest reason for people to opt for VPN. Accessibility is another strong reason. If security is the biggest reason for choosing a VPN connection, then you shouldn’t compromise on that at all. The strength of the encryption will tell you the security of the VPN service. A secure VPN service will have very strong encryption. There are multiple security protocols to deal with and make sure that you choose the best. However, the speed of the connection can take a hit when you go for a connection with strong encryption. provides protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and IKEv2. The encryption of PPTP is weaker in comparison. And OpenVPN provides 256-bit encryption, which is the strongest.

Privacy is another big reason for using VPN services. A lot of us want to use the internet anonymously. We don’t want government agencies to snoop into our online activities. Well, offers the privacy you have been looking for. When it comes to privacy, the biggest factor is that your VPN provider shouldn’t keep the record of your internet activity. doesn’t keep user logs. But you should be aware of the fact that they maintain firewall records. But firewall records only keep information like bandwidth usage, dropper connections etc. 

Support service

Well, they have a good customer service department. When we encountered a problem, they were quick to offer solutions. They don’t have a live chat option at the moment. But if you contact them, they will be quick to get back to you to resolve the issue you have. In general, we find their customer service satisfactory.

Client account 

In the first step, you need to choose a price option. Thereafter, you will finish the purchase. The signing up process is not that complicated. It’s like every other website and you will find it smooth. Once you have done with the payment, you will receive a welcome email. Click on the link in the email and go to the website. There you will log in with the credentials you have just created and download the VPN software. Installation is not complicated at all. Just follow the steps. They allow you to access their service from various devices like laptop, desktop, smart phone etc. It is secure VPN software. Their service is compatible with platforms like Android, Mac, iOS and Windows. Without any doubt, it is a reliable VPN service. If you are a Mac user, you can download VPN for Mac. Setting up, VPN for Mac is really easy.


When it comes to purchasing any VPN service, you need to check out the software compatibility. Most VPN services are designed to run on almost all the platforms and devices. Speaking of, it is compatible with platforms like Mac, Windows etc. It runs on operating systems like iOS (the app was updated recently) and Android as well. But when it comes to Linux, you will have to manually configure connections. Is it the best VPN service? That’s hard to say, but it is a good private VPN service. You don’t come across such good VPN services often. If you are looking for improved security, go for SSL VPN service.

Summary is not the best VPN, but it seems to be a reliable one. They don’t have too many fancy features. However, they make up with a steady VPN service you can trust. Installing the VPN client software is not complicated at all. If you want to get past geo-restrictions, then is a good place to start. The design of the installation page is really good. They have provided clear instructions over there. After you install this, you will find it really easy to operate with. You don’t have to worry about the performance hit at all. Flexible pricing options are another good thing about them. But what I didn’t like is that they don’t provide a discount. If you are looking for VPN USA for free, then go to Google and search ‘USA VPN free’. You should buy VPN USA, which is reliable and secure.

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reply November 05, 2016

I travel frequently and use vpn to keep in touch wherever I am. This vpn is extremely useful and the most reliable service I’ve ever used. Easy and helpful remote and while staff seem slow they do an excellent job in getting you what you need.

reply October 18, 2016

I have to thank MyPrivateNetwork for secure and unbounded connection that it has provided for about 1 year. I really appreciate for their assistance and understanding. I often use public wifi in different parts of the world and can’t configure the connection properly. But its support is always forward to assist. I promptly give them high mark.

reply October 17, 2016

I’m very happy with this service, I never have problems or complaints. It always works properly as any VPN should, provides good speed and bandwidth. With MyPrivateNetwork I can access any content I want with no bounds or restrictions. This is a truly responsible provider holding its promises.

reply September 22, 2016

I use this vpn because wherever I’m in the world it offers me secure and private network. Also, it unlocks some blocked in my country resources, which is cool. It’s a really worthy english service. I strongly suggest you trying the vpn.

reply September 15, 2016

I’m a music addict, you know))) I’m a drummer and it’s too hard to me to stay without music. I love Pandora radio and listen to it all the time. But I can’t listen to it abroad, that’s why I’ve chosen this vpn. The service is cool, the installation is quite easy. I simply change my location and continue listening to my favorite music.