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My Expat Network Review

The main goal for this good VPN service is to help people from abroad make the most out of their off time by supplying them with a way to enjoy online content. Governments, and ISP often restrict certain content, information and websites from other countries or to their country as a security measure,​ but some countries went way too far when it came to these security measures because they even restrict social media sites like Facebook and entertainment sites like YouTube. Now honestly, what harm could it do to a country when their people enjoy YouTube videos? My Expat Network is providing people from all over the world with a way to bypass these restrictions so they can have full access to any and all content from anywhere in the world. And to top things off, this reliable VPN service does much more than just that, they also offer great protection from censorship, so you won’t get caught while enjoying these sites and so hackers cannot access your personal accounts.

Tariffs and prices of My Expat Network

The tariffs and of the SSL VPN services vary according to the type of router or desktop that you are using, the computer you are using and for accessibility on all devices. For instance, using only a desktop or only a mobile reduces a monthly fee to only £5 per month for the monthly package where you will be paying £8 when you want to connect five devices simultaneously. They also have four different packages. Here is the cost for getting all of your devices protected:

Monthly – You can be completely flexible and leave any time you like at only £8 per month.

6 Monthly – For six months, you will be paying only £43.20 and save 10% on costs.

Yearly – You pay £76.80 for twelve months, which allows you to save 20% on annual costs. This is My Expat Network’s most popular plan.

With this membership plan you will be unblocking all restrictions and have full access to all sites in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and in Australia.

my expat network - vpn service

Info on Servers for My Expat Network

This private VPN service is available to anyone from anywhere in the world but they have limited servers in limited countries. When you take out memberships, you can choose dedicated servers in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia or enroll at a membership that allows you to switch between these countries and have full access to all content from all of these countries.

my expat network - vpn service

Functions of My Expat Network

  • The main purpose of this USA IP VPN is to unblock restrictions to sites so you can enjoy as much online content as possible no matter where you are. Countries like China have even banned YouTube for their people but they can now once again enjoy all the funniest and craziest content from this popular site thanks to the secure VPN software provided by My Expat Network. You get unlimited access to all the best movies, TV shows, live shows, online channels and much more so you can enjoy your off time the way you deserve to.
  • You can also access restricted social media sites and websites so you can communicate with friends as often as you like when you are not there with them.
  • As a VPN service, My Expat Network automatically gives you complete online anonymity because it hides your IP address so ISP and governments won’t be able to trace you when you access these restricted sites.
  • Because you are completely anonymous and because your IP is hidden, you are completely safe from hackers.
  • You can be completely flexible since you can connect up to five different devices at the same time and enjoy content on the go or at home.

Security and Privacy

My Expat Network is a good and secure VPN service because they use great protocols like L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN to create the secure network tunnels. They also have fantastic 128 or 256-bit encryptions that hide all of your online activities so no one will ever be able to trace what you are viewing. It is unclear if they keep logs or not (some information is still collected), but what is clear is that you definitely can be as secure as possible when you use My Expat Network.

Support service of My Expat Network

My Expat Network offers support on their webpage in the form of installation guides, a help desk and free installation services. The installation guides are online and can be scanned through to solve your problems yourself. Help services are provided by clicking on a help function, after which you can send an email.

Client Account process

You first have to register online, after which you will have to make a payment via PayPal (check what VPN for PayPal to choose). When your option is paid, your installations and configurations can begin on all devices. The installations are downloaded in ZIP files and are easy and fast to get set up. Don't worry as they have installation guides on their website. When that is done, you will have full access to the best content and you will be completely protected no matter what you do online.


my expat network - vpn serviceMy Expat Network offers routers to enhance your speed, but you can also get connected directly through multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android (see our dedicated rating of VPNs for Android), iPhone, iPad and much more. When you take the bigger option, you can connect up to five different devices at the same time and get the best protection for all five of them.


My Expat Network’s main goal is to provide all entertainment to anyone from anywhere but their good security and encryption software makes it functional for more than just that. You can also do anonymous browsing and be protected as good as possible when you use the internet. The payment options are completely flexible so you can find the best option for your unique needs, although the service is a bit expensive.​

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Denise Mahoney
reply August 29, 2016

I used My Expat Network on my iPad. I expected fast connection and multiple server locations. Unfortunately, this VPN didn’t equal my hopes. But they guarantee 30-day money back. The provider kept it word and gave my money back. I thank them for it.

James Wilson
reply July 10, 2016

There’s nothing unusual. There are other services that can do more for the same price. But if it responds to yours inquires, it deserves your attention.

reply May 23, 2016

One of the greatest advantages of MEN is compatibility with all systems. I use it not only on my Win 7, but also on Android device. And it’s pretty good. The service can’t be characterized by high speed. But it’s suitable for budget users.

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