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Last updated: 09/01/2019

MULLVAD Review is a VPN company based in Sweden. It is a small VPN company. If you don’t know already, VPN is exempted from European Union Data Retention Directive. Even though a small player in the business, they have impressed everyone by advocating for internet freedom. They attacked eavesdropping by governments and internet censorship. They stood up for human rights and freedom of information. Well they didn’t stop there. They came up with the best encryption and DNS leak protection. They also have come up with the feature like blocking your internet in the case of disconnection from the VPN server.

Most importantly, they accept digital coin like Bitcoin (Read our recent cryptocurrency guide to get more details on the issue). Also it is possible to pay for subscription by cash, bank wire, credit card, PayPal and Swish. Despite all these, we have some complaints about their service. It looks like they didn’t pay too much attention into perfecting some significant aspects of their service. Some of those things simply didn’t work for us. We’ll see more of that below. But, we are hopeful that will be able to fix those issues as fast as they could. We wish them all the very best.

Tariffs and prices

Let’s take a look at the prices and tariffs offered by them. They offer only one plan for €5 per month. And we are not so happy about that for sure. When you take this package, you will get a secure but simple OpenVPN connection. They apply AES-256-GCM for Linux/Windows/iOS/Android, and Linux if using OpenVPN 2.4.0 or new, otherwise AES-256-CBC, you can use BF-CBC as cipher if you manually force it , but those are the default. 

Info on servers

They have servers available in many countries that include the US, Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Or in other words, they have served in important regions all over the world to provide maximum speed for their customers.


  • One of the biggest features has to be the good OpenVPN encryption.
  • They accept BitCoin. Not too many in the business do that. Moreover, they accept cash payment as well. It can be attractive for many customers.
  • Privacy is a strong point for them. We have to appreciate them for doing everything to ensure good privacy.
  • The connection speed is really good. The speed of the connection is what most VPN services struggle with. Luckily for them, having servers in the key regions, they are able to provide better speed.
  • Ease of use of the client is another good thing. 
  • The client has some interesting features as well. Not too many VPNs have those features. 
  • Last but not least, it is a cheap VPN service compared to many other services in the business today. For the price they are asking, they are providing very good service to their users. They need to be appreciated for that.

Security and privacy

Privacy has to be the most pressing matter for all the VPN companies out there. Since most of the customers turn to VPN services for better privacy and online anonymity, VPN companies are always on their toes when it comes to privacy. Speaking of, it looks like they are very serious about privacy. They provide 4096-bit RSA.And they also provide AES-256-GCM and AES-256-CBC encryption depending on the version of OpenVPN a user has chosen, which is very good. This will definitely protect your privacy from all sorts of invasions including government snooping. Also, one must mention the DNS leak protection. They also provide something called ‘internet kill switch’, which is there to ensure that you don’t accidentally divulge sensitive data on the internet.

Do they keep logs? No, they have a strict policy to not keep logs of any kind. Moreover, they encourage their users to make payments with BitCoin as it is more effective in protecting your privacy. They also provide detailed instructions on how to ensure these payments. They also tell their customers to use anonymous email id while registering on their network. For someone who worries about the online privacy, cash payment, is a great option. You can send it via mail. So, there are so many reasons to like

Support service

As for the website, it is a simple website. They have an elaborate FAQ section that explains most of the concepts. They cover most of the questions that we have in our minds. In short, we have an overall good impression about the website. But when it comes to contact information, they haven’t done a good job. But they have given an email address in case if you want to contact them. They have also provided the physical address. This information would be useful to know as you can check for privacy laws of the country under the jurisdiction of which the VPN provider is.

Client account provides a free trial for those who are looking for it. Once a user has got an account number, a person will be given three hours to try Mullvad for free. Well, check out the basic features and the platform, that much time is more than enough. They won’t ask you for personal information when you try the trial. But when you subscribe, you will get an ID, which can be used to protect your privacy online. The basic client interface is also very simple. There is nothing complicated about the installation. The VPN software is simple yet powerful. It’s secure VPN software. If you are a Mac user, you can download VPN for Mac. As a Mac user, you will love VPN for Mac. This review will give you an overview about their service.


Let’s take a look at the other platforms. The OpenVPN client works well for platforms like Windows, Linux, OSX, Android &iOS. Also, since they provide the source code files, you can run the client on any platform you wish. They provide detailed information as how to set up the client on each of these platforms. You should check out that to clear your doubts. If you are looking for a cheap VPN service, is the best VPN service. You will be impressed by the SSL VPN service. This is a very useful private VPN service. Without any doubt, it is a good VPN service. After all, we all are looking for a reliable VPN service.


As far as summary goes, there are things we liked and there are things we didn’t like. For example, it provides very good OpenVPN encryption. They also accept BitCoin and cash payment – both are great when it comes to protecting one’s anonymity online. Privacy is very good in general (and they prove it here on their website). The speed of the connection is also great. It is a very good VPN client. If you are looking for VPN USA, you can have USA VPN free – all that you have got to do is a Google search. But if you want to buy VPN USA, VPNGate is a good choice.

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lucas beling
reply February 12, 2018

I 've tested a lot of vpn . A first conclusion among all of the big vpns , none offers perfecly clean connection (dns problem with purevpn , black listed ip with nordvpn etc...) Mullvad is a very serious and efficient Vpn which perfectly do his job : fast , solid and clean connection , a software client for linux, osx and windows and uses vpn connect app for ios and Android , high security and privacy , Mullvad is not focused on business but is deeply involved in internet freedom causes . The number of locations is enought and don't forget that Mullvad give to his linux subscribers the possibility to use wireguard , an hyperfast and very promising protocol. I really love Mullvad the best vpn of whole internet

reply October 17, 2016

Mullvud is good for me. It doesn’t ask for any personal data or logging, which is principal to me. What’s more, it protects from DNS and IPv6 leaks and provides strong encryption. It has a kill switch, which is cool, because I don’t have to check it fussily all the time.

reply October 02, 2016

This is the best vpn I've ever come across. Despite all the others it doesn’t keep logs, so no one can trace my internet activity. It offers bitcoin and cash payment methods, which means that it doesn’t store any personal information. All the traffic is hidden and I have it all for €5/month. That’s brilliant, many thanks.

reply September 14, 2016

I use mullvad for my security improvement while networking. The service helps me with keeping my location private, it hides my ip address, it encrypts all my data. The settings are quite easy. I remember I’ve got only one question about my server location (it’s not so important) and I’ve asked the support team to help me they’ve made a test for my connection and solved the problem in thirty minutes. That’s cool!