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Last updated: 14/02/2019

MON VPN Review

Confidentiality and anonymity on the Internet is not the luxury, it is a necessity for a more secure web surfing in current times. For one thing, the Wordpress website underwent blacklisting in France in March 2015.

Thus, in view of the fact that a number of services do not work for the residents of particular countries, it is reasonable to make use of VPN software.

Logo of MonVPN

Mon VPN provides means for becoming unrestricted online.

If you would like to study up on this service, keep on reading this VPN review. Here are some points that will be highlighted:

Got interested? Keep on reading and learn what you will manage to do on the World Wide Web when your MonVPN client is on.

Tariffs and prices of MonVPN

The first thing man studies thoroughly when ordering a new service is the price of course. Mon VPN provider has 5 packages on offer:

Weeklyit is a rather cheap package, which costs only €2.99. However, your protection will last 7 days only. In this regard, it is worthy looking at more long-term packages.

Monthly – it costs €4.99. This plan befits the netizens who cannot afford to pay a big sum of money at once. No restrictions for the users of this package are presupposed by the provider.

Quarterly – the payment per 3 months equals €13.99. Thanks to this relatively small price a user gains online security and safety.

Annual€49.99 allows forgetting about all the restrictions imposed by this or that region. Besides, thanks to the annual MonVPN package a man saves up to 17%.

Biannual – this is the most advantageous offer ever. A 40% discount is possible when a user pays for a 2-year plan. The monthly payment is no more than €2.99!

Biannual – this is the most advantageous offer ever

Good news for the future MonVPN subscribers!

The service does not restrict the number of servers, allowed connections per 1 account or functions for neither of plans. All the users get the same facilities.

How to pay for MonVPN?

To make the payment procedure really convenient for users, Mon VPN accepts payment through:

  • PayPal;
  • Credit cards;
  • AMERICAN EXPRESS (VISA and MasterCard);
  • Bitcoin.

In fact, the last one allows becoming almost 100% secure and anonymous while being connected to the VPN service.

What about MonVPN refund policy?

Being a reputable VPN provider, Mon VPN offers a money-back guarantee. In other words, in the event when a user is not satisfied with the MonVPN speed, server locations or whatever else, it is possible to get a refund (to find more about the refund-friendly services, read other VPN reviews).

This period is limited up to 7 days. However, it is not a common practice for MonVPN subscribers to ask for a refund, as the provider enables them to open sites they like without being monitored.

Does the pricing system attract you?

Then let's go further!

Info on servers of MonVPN

Another significant characteristic of any VPN provider is its server network. And MonVPN has something that will attract you!

The servers of Mon VPN are placed in 18 countries worldwide:

The servers of Mon VPN are placed in 18 countries worldwide

However, if your aim is torrenting, keep in mind that you are to connect to a Canadian, Luxembourg or Dutch VPN server. The servers in Israel, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, and Greece are perfect to play gambling games such as Pocker via VPN.


Would you like to make use of beneficial Mon VPN servers?

First, check if the device you are going to use in combination with the service is compatible with it.

To cut a long story short, one might run MonVPN on the following gadgets:

  • Android;
  • iPhone;
  • Linux;
  • Mac;
  • Smart TV Android;
  • Windows.

Have you found your device on the list?

Then let's have a closer look at the facilities MonVPN provides its consumers with.

Functions of MonVPN

VPN servers wouldn't be so advantageous without the functions of VPNs.

Want to learn more about the MonVPN functions?

Great, as they are described here:

Anonymous web surfing is not a dreamAnonymous web surfing is not a dream when you are a MonVPN subscriber. The service prevents third parties from spying on you.

Moreover, it makes your traffic hidden from hackers and snoopers.

It is an uphill struggle to find a person who wouldn't like to access websites and use online services without any restrictions.

MonVPN serves to vanish such limits

MonVPN serves to vanish such limits. Thus, numerous streaming services, torrenting sites, and web sources become accessible even in the most highly censored places of the world.

Apart from censorship bypassing and IP masking

Apart from censorship bypassing and IP masking, MonVPN manages to make its consumers protected against different kinds of threats on the Internet.

In such a way, all users' traffic becomes ciphered, when the device – protected.

Client account procedures for MonVPN

If all the features described-above attract you, it is highly likely you would be interested in how to set up Mon VPN.

Follow some simple steps, and you will become protected:

Follow some simple steps, and you will become protected

#1 Open the official website of the provider and click on ''Get MonVPN''.

You will be redirected to the page with the prices. Here you are to choose the most attractive for you (they are described in this MonVPN review hereinbefore).

After it, you are to create a password and install MonVPN client.#2 After the payment is done, it is necessary to register the account. The provider needs your valid email to send you log on details.

After it, you are to create a password and install MonVPN client.

The procedure takes about 5 minutes. Manual set up is not required, which is rather convenient even for a non-tech-savvy user.

After the installation is completed, a man is to log in by means of a login and a password.

#3 After the installation is completed, a man is to log in by means of a login and a password.

It is possible to choose a server location, protocol, and port and choose your virtual location when clicking on ''CONNECT''.

The button ''JUMP'' allows changing the server with a single click.

In general, the main page of the client presents information on a new location, old IP, as well as a new one, the protocol used, and the type of encoding.

Support service of MonVPN

Support service of MonVPN

IF it happens to any MonVPN client to experience some troubles with the service or in the event when there are some questions about the provider, the specialists of the support service reply in a matter of minutes.

However, you are to know that the specialists offer support in French and English.

Security and privacy of MonVPN

The subscribers of MonVPN can relax, as their data will not undergo leak. It is possible due to the top-level security, which is achieved through the VPN tunneling protocols:

  • L2TP;
  • OpenVPN;
  • OpenVPN + TOR;
  • OpenVPN + XOR;
  • PPTP;
  • SOCKS5;
  • SoftEther.

Besides, SOCKS5 is used for unrestricted P2P file sharing.

What is more, MonVPN encrypts the traffic of its customers by dint of 4095-bit key.

Summary for MonVPN review

As for today, MonVPN is a unique service that provides its users with close to 100% anonymity and security when being online.

It works perfectly well even in the countries with aggressive censorship policy (such as China) and serves to bypass almost all possible restrictions.

The client is easy to install and use. Besides, MonVPN offers a big number of beneficial features that can make your web surfing unrestricted and safe.

Well, in the meantime, let's have a look at the strong and weak sides of this provider:


MonVPN pros

  • 5 multi logins
  • diverse tunneling protocols
  • 4096-bit key encryption
  • servers in 18 countries
  • auto-launch feature
  • kill switch
  • auto-connection when using unsecured WiFi hotspots
  • DNS leak protection
  • Offshore jurisdiction

MonVPN cons

  • some users find it pricey


Anyway, it is up to you to decide whether to subscribe to MonVPN or not.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

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