It is crystal clear that MacSentry is an ideal tool to surf the Internet privately.
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Last updated: 14/02/2019

MacSentry Review

Are you looking for the best VPN for Mac? Do you want to use your Mac device without any restrictions?

With MacSentry VPN unlimited access to the sites around the globe is guaranteed.

You have already installed antivirus software on your gadget, but still feel unsafe while surfing the internet? VPN services raise the level of your security. In case your IP is masked, you will be anonymous browsing the web pages on the Internet.

The service is particularly useful, when users connect to free hot-spots. Free networks may be created by fraudsters with the aim to steal users’ personal data.

MacSentry was created by a Belize company with the aim to protect Mac devices against various types of threats on the Internet.

Tariffs and prices of MacSentry


It is possible to use the best VPN on your Mac device paying a tiny amount of money.

The provider offers three packages to choose from:

1 month plan – You may pay $9.99 every month if you have no opportunity to pay more at once.

6 month plan – This package allows saving up to 50% paying only $4.99 per month. In this case a user is to put out $29.99 at once.

 12 month plan – The best offer from MacSentry costs less than $4. Having paid $42.99 for one year subscription, 64% discount is guaranteed.

MacSentry price

 7 day money-back guarantee is provided by MacSentry VPN, which means that the company is sure about the service it offers.

Info on servers of MacSentry


One of the best VPN providers – MacSentry offers servers in 14 countries around the globe: Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Korea, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Singapore, the Republic of South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States.

Info on servers of MacSentry

Such diverse geography allows visiting restricted websites and services from every corner of the world, which is so vital for modern users.

The censorship policy of numerous countries is too strict. The VPN services solve this problem successfully changing users’ real IPs into the necessary ones. And all the blocked content becomes available.

Note! Only 5 of 18 servers have 3 tunneling protocols: IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec. Be attentive while choosing!

Functions of MacSentry


Having chosen MacSentry as a security tool for your Mac device, you will benefit a lot fom the facilities this VPN for Mac offers.

  •  Privacy of your communication

MacSentry allows protecting your data against computer hackers and fraudsters by means of 256-bit encryption. But if someone wants more reliable encoding, it is proposed to show the preference to 4096-bit ciphering.

  • Safe torrenting

P2P activity is not protected by MacSentry policy. Besides, thanks to a hidden IP address, your identity may not be revealed. That is why MacSentry is reckoned to be the best VPN for torrenting.

  • Protect all your devices

Modern users possess more than one gadget usually. In this regard, it is extremely important to protect them all. MacSentry allows doing it, as this VPN may be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously.

  • Zero monitoring

Neither ISP nor the adversaries will manage to identify your IP. That is why, one may conclude, that monitoring is almost impossible.

  • Feel free using public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has some weak points because of which the data transferred via free hot-spots may be stolen and used by third parties. MacSentry VPN does its best to save you such troubles.

  • Kill switch function

Have you forgotten to switch on the VPN service and sent an important letter? It is not a problem with the best VPN for Mac. This tool will not connect you to the Internet until the VPN is off.

  •  Browse any sites you like

MacSetry VPN service makes it possible to bypass geographical restrictions. As a result, one may stream from any website, read about the latest evens on any news portal and find torrent files via any torrent tracker.

  • Use MacSentry on other gadgets

The owners of Mac, Android, PowerPC Mac, Windows7-10 and i-devices have an opportunity to become MacSentry VPN subscribers.

Client Account procedures for MacSentry


Having studied one of the best Mac VPN services – MacSentry, one could come to the conclusion that it is worth using.

The process of installation is not trivial and needs some technical skills and self-restraint. The system will not be installed on your device automatically.

Follow the steps described below and you will not face any problems while installation:

Step1. Download and install latest OpenVPN version on As for November 2017, it is OpenVPN 2.4.4-I601.

MacSentry requires OpenVPN setup


The sign  indicates that OpenVPN GUI is launched.

Step 2. Then, it is necessary to download the config file of the server you are going to use on MacSentry official website. We have chosen an American one.

We have chosen an American one.

Step 3. After it, a user is to import the file.

MacSentry adc com

Step 4. The last thing you are to do to install MacSentry on your gadget is to connect to the VPN. The sign  securemini  indicates that you are connected to the server you have chosen and your data are protected by MacSentry.

The location is changed into American and now you get access to the sites available in the country.

Having tested MacSentry Bestvpnrating came to the conclusion that the application is really useful, as the websites like Hulu and HBO are possible to access.

But as for speed, it decreases.

If you need to install MacSentry on another platform, you'll find thorough setup guides on their website as well.

Speed with MacSentry:

MacSentry speed

Speed without any VPNs:

Speed without any VPNs:

Support service of MacSentry


The support service of this application is possible to use round-the-clock. It is proposed to leave a message that tells about the problem.

 Besides, the files of .jpg, .png, .gif, and .jpeg formats may be added to the message.

Security and Privacy of MacSentry


It is crystal clear that MacSentry is an ideal tool to surf the Internet privately.

According to the privacy policy conducted by a Belize-based VPN provider, the users’ privacy is above all. The information collected by the service while accessing the website is not kept but deleted immediately.



To find the best VPN Mac holders spend hours studying the forums and overviews on various sites.

Bestvpnrating team had done it instead of you and came to the conclusion that MacSentry is worth using.

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