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Last updated: 09/01/2019

LiquidVPN Review

Most VPN providers are famous for having servers in several nations across the world or for offering multiple servers on their networks. Well, to compete with these providers in the most challenging way, a new provider called LiquidVPN has recently joined the game. It is just three years old provider based in Michigan and competes by offering only a small network without any plans to expand across continents. Smaller network means better speed and more scope of innovation, which motivates the provider to expand in terms of unique features and offers. This VPN USA service provider is gaining much attention from VPN seekers for its uniquely interesting features such as ‘modulating IP’ for ensuring the most infallible online privacy, a customizable VPN client, 256-bit encryption, and high Gigabit bandwidth all accessible through attractively priced plans. Users can use LiquidVPN smart content streaming for USA content like Netflix and UK content like iPlayer.

Plans and Prices for VPN Client Service

LiquidVPN, as a USA IP VPN service provider, offer three plans to subscribe to the service, each differing in terms of price and number of supported devices (connections). No matter which one you choose, you enjoy all major features - liquid lock enforcing rules on the firewall of your OS to prevent leakage, 1 or 10 Gbps server, Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) for renegotiating the encryption keys between server and you, unlimited server switching and port switching (10+ OpenVPN ports to choose), smart streaming, and IP modulation.

  • Sidekick: Supporting two devices with $4.55 per month or $31.35 per year;
  • Road Warrior: Supporting four devices with $6.55 per month or $37.95 per year;
  • Ultimate: Supporting eight devices with $11.70 per month or $58.30 per year;
  • Lifetime: Supporting four devices and costs only $125 with 1 payment.

All of these subscriptions are available for 7-day 100% money back guarantee. This means this is not a USA VPN free service.

Server Location Details

Liquid VPN has more than 40 servers in 10 different locations namely, United Kingdom, Canada, United States (Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, and Kansas City), Romania, Netherlands, Spain, CZ, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Singapore. The scope is less than what other service providers offer, but still it is enough to offer its user over 1200 IPs.

The whole network is composed of different types of servers giving some type of privacy and security services. These servers include DDoS Protected VPN Connections working efficiently against any DDoS attack, Dynamic (Public) IP VPN Servers, Shared IP VPN Servers with high privacy and security levels due to IP addresses being shared by several users, Static IP VPN Servers for having static address per user but not for deep web use, P2P Optimized VPN Servers for Point to Point (P2P) and bit torrent connections, and Modulating IP VPN Servers.

The modulating IP servers allow users to change their IP addresses on a shared connection between servers, whenever accessing anything online. This is ideal for surfing the deep web. The more people connect to that server, the higher are the chances of your shared IP turning into a different one. This makes it impossible to track online activity of any specific user.

LiquidVPN - vpn service

Functions Rendering LiquidVPN as the Best VPN Service

The service is accessible through its LiquidVPN VPN software that you need to download and set up. Their secure VPN software is an altered version of Sparklabs’ OpenVPN client and comes with several features placing full control in your hands.

Once you subscribe to a plan through a sign up, you get its download link on your account home’s page. There is no other way to get this VPN client. Liquid VPN software download is quick and gives you a zipped setup having a license file. There will be different links for download VPN for Mac and for Windows.

The setup process is super easy and fast. Further, it is totally different, as there are neither fancy statistics nor display of bright buttons. While the site is well organized and appealing to navigate, the software client is easy to understand and operate.

Speeds do vary from one location to another, with a significant loss of 10%-35%, which is acceptable for a high level of OpenVPN encryption. While the upload and download speeds dip down at times, they remained overall satisfactory. IP modulation does not affect them too much but is still the best and only feature that no other service provider offers, at present.

Security and Privacy of the Secure VPN Software

LiquidVPN supports more than one VPN protocol such as OpenVPN, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Layer Two Tunneling Protocol/Internet Protocol Security (L2TP/IPSec), and Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP).

The OpenVPN encryption employs CBC 256-bit AES cipher with 4096-bit RSA key – the blend that is the latest craze. L2TP employs 256-bit cipher, while PPTP is 128-bit MPPE both of which are actually more vulnerable. While L2TP is speedier and PPTP is widely used, OpenVPN is best for security.

However, the most stunning and flagship security mechanism is the modulating IP system ensuring authentic and best privacy benefits. Further, this reliable VPN service follows no logging policy. This means that the servers will not store information such as IP addresses, browsing history, and other traffic details. Dynamic connections possess enabled port forwarding, while shared connections have enabled firewalled for extra protection.

Support Service

A ticket system is set up for giving the customers the desired sales, technical, billing, and business support. The support team is on toes 24/7 to respond swiftly to issues or inquiries. There is also an extensive section of knowledge base wherein troubleshooting and FAQs exist.

The provider doesn’t use a customized version of Viscosity unless the user requests it. Instead, it recommends the subscribers to use the custom client.

The Purchase Process via a Client Account

For subscribing to a specific plan, you only need to order that plan and submit first name, last name, email, and password as if you are creating a new account. You also select a billing cycle and payment mode, which can be PayPal, Bitcoin, and Credit Card. After this, invoice is displayed and you need to make the payment. The download option is accessible from the right panel of your account.


Due to multiple protocols in use, LiquidVPN supports an assortment of users on Windows right from XP to Windows 10, Linux (Ubuntu), Android, and iOS. 


The VPN provider seems to focus more on quality than quantity, in terms of versatility and customization. Its small network has big surprises of advanced security features to protect against data leaks and additional flexibility for securing your data and ensuring candid privacy policy. If manual set up does not bother you, LiquidVPN is the way to go.

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reply October 21, 2016

These guys are amazing. I am so happy I found them. IP Modulation is a game changer for me.

reply September 26, 2016

The service is great, because it has many add features for which I like it most. There are such additions as downloading speed enhancement, open vpn tunnel creation, l2tp/ipsec protocols support. In addition, its client is available for multiple platforms and devices. All that’s very cool, thank you for the service!

Avery Hall
reply September 14, 2016

Liquid permits fast torrent downloads. It hides my ip and makes me invisible) this service is really the fastest I’ve ever tried. It’s pricey but there’s 7 days guarantee and after this period, be sure, everything works well too.

reply September 06, 2016

L2tp sstp and openvpn protocols allow accessing through the most secure firewalls. The client is available for multiple platforms, which is very convenient. It also provides zero logging smart dns. And the support is excellent. I’ll continue using it and suggest trying it!