The best solution would be a VPN service that is able to help you stay private, safe and anonymous.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

LimeVPN Review


It is getting more and more dangerous for internet surfers to stay invisible and private for hacking and cyber attacks. Moreover, various websites are subjected to internet censorship in some regions and it is harder to pass virtual boundaries for accessing your favourite web-content.

The best solution would be a VPN service that is able to help you stay private, safe and anonymous. Before you subscribe for any VPN, be sure that you read VPN reviews.

LimeVPN is one of excellent representatives which can be helpful for you. With it you can easily visit a website which is not accessible in your native town. Besides, LimeVPN defends the data with the strongest encrypting methods providing the highest level of privacy and security.

Tariffs and prices of LimeVPN


LimeVPN offers 2 tariff plans: LimeVPN basic and Lime VPN pro.

  • LimeVPN basic

The plan is priced at $2.49 monthly or $1.49 per month if billed annually. It implicates connection using one of the numerous shared IPs provided by the company. The VPN provider promises that they keep no-logging policy (still, some connection logs are collected) and guarantee customer support 24 hours a day. with LimeVPN basic it is possible to use 2 devices with the equal IP address.

  •  LimeVPN Pro 

Its cost is $19.99 monthly or $14.98 per month if billed annually. This package allows you to have a static private IP and more than 20 concurrent connections. That means you will be able to connect up to 20 gadgets simultaneously.

They don’t have a VPN free trial period, but just as important, they give their customers 7-day full money back guarantee and one may buy a subscription without any risks.

To pay for one of the LimeVPN plans you may choose from the payment methods they accept: PayPal, credit cards, such as Master Card and Visa, American Express and Amazon. Moreover, if you would like to stay anonymous, you can pay with Bitcoins. 

Info on servers in different countries


The company possesses its servers in 19 locations all over the world in various possible regions (from North America to Australia). Now they obtain the servers in 10 countries from which one can get access to the network without any difficulties. There are web servers in Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Singapore, the UK, the US and China. The list is expanded all the time in order to provide the users with quality services to unblock restricted content in countries with severe censorship.

Functions of LimeVPN


LimeVPN is a good service that proposes a wide list of features for VPN usage:

  • High speed

LimeVPN offers ultra-fast connections with the speed up to 10 GBPS. They state that the user is going to experience the fastest connecting.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

No usage restrictions or download caps are implicated.

  • Unrestricted Torrenting

Having one of the LimeVPN packages, you are not bounded when you going to use your VPN for torrenting as they have optimized it P2P and high speeds.

  • Server switching

Changing of the servers is performed without any charges. You don’t need to for switching the servers.

Security and privacy


As far as security and privacy is concerned, the strongest data encrypting protocols are applied for keeping your internet connection safe and intact. All the codifying methods are represented on the screenshot below.

One more point that relates to your privacy is log keeping policy. As the company claims, LimeVPN is an anonymous provider because they are situated in Singapore (which means they are out of 5 eyes, like Whoer, for instance) and they will not let any third-party firms have private information about their customers. They do not trace or collect any data on the users’ online activity, such traffic data, what websites you usually visit or which file you download on your computer. However, they make records of:

  •  time, data and location of connecting,

  • how long the connecting session was,

  • bandwidth which was used when connecting to the network.

This is aimed at preventing cyber crimes and violation using the VPN service.

Support service


In case you have any problems or just want to ask a question, you will never stay alone with your problem, because there are a few ways how to act in any unknown situation. First of all, it is possible to find the answer in FAQ section, where all frequently asked questions are collected together. Moreover, one may choose the problem from the list offered on the website and if you fail to find one among them, you are able to contact their specialists via e-mail.

For those who prefer instant answers online support is implicated. Besides, you have a great opportunity for reserving the time for support via Skype which seems pretty convenient. The support specialists are always ready to give you a piece of advice on troubleshooting or installing a VPN client. They even may propose to remotely access for configuring a VPN client for you.

Client Account procedures


The first thing you have to start is determining which of the 2 tariffs you are going to subscribe for, then create your personal account on the website and choose the most appropriate payment way for you. After paying for the subscription, you can start installing the client onto your device. It would be quite easy as all the guides, including automatic and manual setup, are available on their site.

The guides contain detail step-by-step instructions installing a VPN client. By the way, the accessible apps can be downloaded freely from the website. In case you have some problems, you always may ask a question to the specialist online.



LimeVPN can be compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android OS and Linux. Besides, you can set up this VPN on the router (you just need to choose the model of the router and follow step-by-step instruction on the website). LimeVPN has developed special VPN apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, but those having Linux should configure the settings manually.



LimeVPN can be considered as a great instrument for protecting your internet activity as the company uses all the modern encrypting methods. It offers a huge number of servers and useful features within 2 packages for reasonable pricing. Besides, it provides the customers not only with the beneficial functions but with a good support in case of any troubles. LimeVPN provider cares about the quality of the service they offer.

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