LibertyVPN is one the services operating in the countries, where VPNs are blocked. Thus, with LibertyVPN one will be safe living in China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

LibertyVPN Review


Virtual Private Network offers safe and direct connection to a common-user network (for example, the Internet). The connection is accomplished by means of the method called “tunneling”. The information transferred through these tunnels is divided into smaller packages, which are encrypted and transferred via this secure tunnel.

LibertyVPN is one the services operating in the countries, where VPNs are blocked. Thus, with LibertyVPN one will be safe living in China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The consumers are offered 128- and 256-bit encryption. The bandwidth is unlimited so one may surf the Internet as much as one wants.

If you are a beginner in VPNs and you are still asking ''What is a VPN?'', you are in the right place.

Furthermore, the service is compatible with the majority of popular OSes and guarantees total security and anonymity.

Tariffs and prices of LibertyVPN


LibertyVPN is easy to use and offers individual connections via the servers located in different countries.

  •  It is possible to stop using the service any time a user wants.
  •  The accounts on the basis of subscription are renewed automatically.
  •  The prices are affordable for everyone.

LibertyVPN is available in four packages:

1 month plan – It is possible to be 100% protected against various threats on the internet paying only $14.99 a month. Besides, you will experience unlimited bandwidth and four protocols to choose from.

3 months plan – Having chosen this package you will save up to 15% a month paying $37.99 at once.

6 months plan – Pay $67.99 once a half year and forget about unprotected web browsing.     

 1 year plan – This plan is the best if you want to profit at the expense of 40% discount. One month protection will cost only $8.99, which is quiet cheap. But in this case it is necessary to pay $107.99 at once.


LibertyVPN developers are sure about the excellent quality of the VPN service. So three days money-back guarantee is offered in case of a user is not satisfied with the service.


Info on servers in different countries


LibertyVPN is a VPN provider possessing 83 servers in 9 countries among which are the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

LibertyVPN gives the Internet freedom to the residents of all countries around the globe. Thus, even those who live or visit the countries where the VPN services are blocked can get free access to the World Wide Web by means of LibertyVPN. Thus, the citizens and the guests of China, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey and other countries with the strict internet censorship will not be restricted anymore.

Functions of LibertyVPN


The functions of LibertyVPN are amazing and very beneficial for those who want to surf the Internet safely.

  •  The VPN provider offers unlimited bandwidth in all plans.
  •  Four different tunneling VPN protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP) are available to use the VPN with multiple purposes.
  •  Additional software is not required.
  •  Access to the blocked content will not be a trouble for users. Facebook, Netflix, hulu, Skype, YouTube, HBO Go, Pandora and other services will be available for LibertyVPN subscribers.
  •  Safe and private access to the Internet is offered thanks to alternative IP addresses.
  •  The facility to bypass the restrictions of the ISPs in China, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries becomes a reality with LibertyVPN service.
  •  It is possible to watch TV online being abroad.
  •  Super speed us provided by LibertyVPN. You will not face the problems while streaming, as the speed is really great for a VPN service. 

Security and Privacy of LibertyVPN


Having subscribed to LibertyVPN a person will decide who and when will find out about his/her online activity. If a client does not want to be monitored he/she will not be.

Besides, all sensitive data are hidden form the prying eyes of fraudsters thanks to a reliable 128- and 256-bit encryption. Further tips for the complete privacy with Liberty are here.

Client account procedures for LibertyVPN


To download LibertyVPN on a device it is required to open the input “ORDER” on the website and sign up one of the plans.


After it, a user will be offered to fill in the form about himself and credentials to pay for the service.

But be attentive, as the total price may be a bit bigger. It is connected with the VAT added to the price.


Than it will be offered to use the unique password and the username to log in the system, which redirects you to the page where you will download the application.

The process of installation will take no more than 5-10 minutes.


After successful installation, a client is to use the password and the username once again to run the application. And since this very moment there will be no obstacles to use the Internet securely and keep your privacy.


Support service


The support service of LibertyVPN is provided by means of the sections presented on the official website of the provider:

  • FAQs

Here one will find the questions that are often asked by LibertyVPN clients.

  • Setup Instructions

Unfortunately, many users face the problems regarding the process of installation of this VPN. Thereby, LibertyVPN team worked out the instructions with a detailed description for each OS.

  • Troubleshooting

From time to time, people may face some troubles with the running or operating of the application. In case you faced something alike, feel free to visit this section and study the instructions given there.

 Although it is possible to find any necessary information in the sections described above, still the website offers to contact the support service via email.



LibertyVPN is a VPN service compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android gadgets. So, it is possible to install and protect the majority of laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smartphones by means of LibertyVPN.



 LibertyVPN is one of the providers with a small-sized network. Its servers are available only in 9 countries. In spite of the fact that the USA, the UK, Canada and France are among them, the choice is still limited.

One may protect on up to three devices without any extra pay by dint of LibertyVPN. LibertyVPN offers the choice of encryption methods. Besides, the service is known for the facility to bypass “The Great Firewall of China” in a secure and safe way.

LibertyVPN is perfect for those who want to get access to the Internet being in the places with the limited access to online services and sites.

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reply November 24, 2018

I have property overseas and it allows me to use UK services as in the UK I found the whole process with libertyVPN excellent. The order process to instalation was easy and they are always there to help

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