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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Liberty Shield VPN Review

Everybody wants to surf anonymously these days. Many are worried about all the fraudulent activities that take place over the internet every single day. The need for enjoying internet privacy and online anonymity is more when you are accessing websites on your laptops and other devices from Wi-Fi hotspots. One of the easiest ways to hide your online history from your partners, kids, boss, online hackers, etc., is to make use of a reliable VPN service. Public networks can be insecure at all times. Hackers, snoopers and other government agencies can easily spy on your online activity and can access your passwords ad cookies through your browsers.

For safe surfing and without any doubts in your mind, it is better off to choose a good VPN service. One such service is Liberty Shield VPN. The benefits that you get by making use of this service are: fast and secure internet browsing without any interruptions, 365 days customer help and support, virtual firewall, access to all the VPN servers with one subscription, 24 hour money back guarantee, fast and easy set up and  no long contracts. This is a UK based VPN service that offers you a professional VPN service. The service was unveiled in 2008 as the UK Proxy Server and now is known to numerous dedicated customers as Liberty Shield VPN & Proxy. You have the option to choose between different packages to meet your online browsing needs.

Tariffs and prices

You can see for yourself that the service prices are comparable if not cheaper than many of the competitors. There is the option of opening several VPN plans of this service:

  • 1 Month costs £6,99 (billed monthly, instant access);
  • 3 Month costs £19,99 (billed quarterly, instant access);
  • 6 Month costs £35,99 (billed every 6 months, instant access);
  • 12 Month costs £69,99 (billed yearly, instant access).

More than that if to work out a monthly rate based on the annual then the price of the service is only £5.83 per month, which makes it one of the cheapest VPNs on the market.

Server information

Whereas big VPN companies are focused on server locations in lots of countries, Liberty Shield VPN’s concern has been placed on pre-configured VPN Router development in the primary countries, not so much DDWRT which is far less plug-n-play for an average user. The VPN Router product has been hugely popular, selling thousands every year.

Once you download the secure VPN software on your device, you can choose any of the IP address location that you like from the 10 VPN servers offered by LibertyShield. Some of the popular server locations are: the United Kingdom, the USA, France, Germany, Canada, etc. Still, top VPN providers offer far more VPN server locations, like IPVanish that has server in 60 countries.

ukproxyserver - vpn service


The following are some of the impressive features that you can use when you carry out Liberty Shield VPN software download on your device.

  • No speed throttling

There will be no reduction in the speed of your internet connection when you make use of the VPN service. If your ISP provider offers you fast fiber-optic internet connectivity, then making use of this service will not throttle down the speed of the internet connection. So, you will never need to worry about speed loss when downloading or streaming live content.

  • Easy to use

No matter you are using the VPN service for the first time or you are a seasoned user, you will not find it difficult to make use of the service. You just need to carry out the simple subscription process, download the VPN for Windows or any other device, install it and connect to the internet through the VPN.

  • Quick change of IP location

You need not have to do a lot of things to change your IP address and location. It can be done very easily with just a click of a button. Switching between countries is very easy and this can be done any time of the day or night as much as you want.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

With this plan, you do not have any restrictions on downloading or streaming videos, movies, live games, etc., on your device. Everything you watch or download is protected through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

  • No more geo-restriction

With Liberty Shield VPN software you need not worry about regional censorships or geo-restrictions anymore. It will unlock all restrictions imposed by your ISP provider and hence you can watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, etc., without any interruptions.

The service is stated to be especially strong in such areas as:

  • Netflix unblocking – Whist a game of cat and mouse the provider has been ahead of the curve and never blocked in any region it offers.
  • Smart TV – (and other devices such as Apple TV, FireTV, Roku and games consoles) this possibility makes the VPN Routers very popular.
  • VPN Routers – the company supplies a fixed router product which customers can switch VPN countries for, rather than just DD-WRT access info.
  • Ireland – There are very few (if any) VPN companies offering full compatibility with RTE Player and TV3, many companies have now discontinued their Irish VPNs, but Liberty Shield VPN does provide such a function.

Liberty Shield VPN- vpn service

Security and privacy

This SSL VPN service offers you the best encryption protocols support in Liberty Shield VPN download software you install on your device. The software is configured to offer you PPTP and L2TP/IPSec connections. If you would like to use the popular OpenVPN option, then Liberty Shield has this one covered as well.

Support service

The service offers a comprehensive online helpdesk for their existing customers to enjoy very quick resolutions to all problems associated with the VPN software or any other issues. There is also an alternate email support system where you can mail your queries. There is a customer support UK hotline number that you can call during UK office hours to solve your issues.

Client account

When you land on the order page of the VPN service, you will find a step by step guide to choose the right server and the plan. All you got to do is to choose the VPN service, then the country where you would like to set up the VPN and finally the data plan you prefer. Finally, fill in the registration form by giving your username, first and last name, password and email address to complete the sign up process. Make the payment and then get access to desired software. 

Liberty Shield VPN is centered on providing a high-quality service and customer support, therefore it has worked with TrustPilot to acquire verified reviews and the results show that Liberty Shield VPN is a remarkable output by any of the definitions.


All popular operating systems and mobile devices are supported by this VPN. Some of the supported platforms include: iOS devices, Windows and Mac systems, Android gadgets, all popular web browsers, Xbox 360, Wii, DD-WRT routers and PS3. Besides, they have developed special apps for users.


With proxy and VPN accounts, PPTP and Open VPN encryption protocol support, unlimited data package, blocked site access and 24 hour money back guarantee, the LibertyShield is a decent Scottish VPN service to try out. Even though this service does not have a lot of features like any of the biggies in the business, it is an ideal option to try out for newcomers.

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