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Kepard VPN Review

Attention! This VPN service is not active anymore :( Still, we won't remove the review from the site for internet users to know about that.

Do you want to get out of sight of the prying eyes of internet hackers, fraudsters and other agencies online? Are you looking to make use of the best VPN service to browse websites without any fear? Well, you are not the only person who is looking out for various ways to surf websites on the internet without any hassles. Everyone using the internet is worried about their sensitive information being easily accessible by fraudsters online. Opting for a reliable VPN service is a very good option to break free from the web of internet hackers and cybercriminals and to enjoy everything that the internet has to offer you without any interruptions. There are many VPN services you will find and we are taking a look at one of them called the Kepard VPN here.

This is a modest VPN that has a decent Kepard VPN software to download on your different OS platforms or mobile devices. With this, you can be sure that your data is encrypted online. You can enjoy premium VPN with a lot of features. The advantages that you can enjoy using the service are: 24x7 customer support, NAT firewall, unlimited traffic and bandwidth, P2P and torrent servers, 256-bit encryption and twin location connections at a given time.

Tariffs and pricing

There is just one VPN plan on offer from this private VPN service and this is a letdown. When many of the other popular and not so popular VPNs are offering a minimum of three plans to meet the needs of various customers, here you find one premium plan only. 

Premium VPN

There are three different payment options on offer for this premium plan.

•    One month option

To avail this plan, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $7 a month.

•    Three months option

If you are connected most of the time on the internet, then you can avail this three month plan. Here, you will be billed $17 every three months and you can make a savings of 17% when compared to monthly plans. This plan just comes at $5.2 a month.

•    One year option

If you need to be connected 24 hours to the internet, then it is wise to opt for the yearly premium plan. This is billed at $35 every year, which accounts for just $2.9 a month. You enjoy a whopping savings of 60% when you opt for this option. 
All the three plans offer you similar features like more IP addresses, unlimited traffic, high speed, etc. You also have the option of inviting friends to use this VPN and thereby earn up to 400MB of free traffic every day.

kepard - vpn service

Server info

Kepard VPN has its servers located in major cities in Europe and the United States. It has a total of 9 server locations. Some of the popular countries where the servers are located are: Canada, United States of America, Spain, Sweden, The UK, etc.


Download the secure VPN software for your device and you can enjoy the following features:

•    Quick server location changes

If you are having trouble with a current VPN server or want to move to another server, you have the option to change the server locations and the VPN protocols at will. 

•    Auto-detection of lost VPN connection

The Kepard VPN will automatically detect if your VPN connection is lost and will instantly prompt you to reconnect with the server. This way you will be able to stay anonymous online every time. 

•    Internet freedom

Complete the Kepard VPN software download and install the software on your computer to get instant access to all the sites that have been banned in your office, school or college. You will also get access to all internet content that is blocked by your country. 

•    Best internet privacy and online security

You will have a secure VPN connection to access the internet and hence you need not worry about data hack anymore.  Your identity will be kept unknown whenever you get online. You will always be surfing the websites using an anonymous IP address. 

•    Earn premium VPN

One unique feature that you will find in this service is that you can earn premium VPN data for free by inviting your friends to make use of this VPN. You have the chance to earn up to 180 days of free 400MB traffic every day.

Security and privacy

This SSL VPN service ensures a high level of encryption every time you are online. It makes use of the most trusted and secure protocols like L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN. It promises up to 256-bit encryption for OpenVPN. It offers an additional NAT firewall. The VPN client keeps logs for about 3 days and does not keep any of your personal information other than email.

Support service

The website is a pretty decent one and is very easy to use and navigate. There is just limited information for users to offer through the FAQ on the website. The only customer support on offer is through a ticketed email system. You make an inquiry through the ticket system and you get a reply within minutes. This service is on offer round the clock and for 365 days a year.

Client account 

If you are making use of the free service to try out the Kepard VPN, then you need to just give your email address and password to download Kepard VPN for Windows or other devices. Install it and you are ready to roll. If you are opting for the premium VPN plans, then you will be asked to key in a lot more of your personal details. The payment options are limited and this service does not accept Bitcoins as well. (Find the one that accepts bitcoins in the rating of VPNs for bitcoins).


There are dedicated VPN apps for Windows OS and Android devices. The other supported platforms include: iOS devices, Mac OS X and Linux. You just need to follow the step by step instructions to download VPN for Mac in the VPN settings page on the website to easily get the software on your device.


From this Kepard VPN review, it is clear that the service compromises on the servers to offer unique strategy and features for its users. There are limited plans to offer to newbie customers. It offers better pricing only for high end plans. It does do a very decent job when it comes to stability, performance and privacy.

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Blake Walker
reply September 14, 2016

It’s a useful app. I can connect to wifi hotspots at any place without fear of being traced. It works well and can be used for several devices. But, the only problem is that google play writes it has age limit 3+, so my dear son can’t use it yet))))

reply September 10, 2016

Using kepard vpn I can transfer unlimited encrypted traffic so much as I want to. I can visit any blocked for my region sites, watch films in french and connect from two locations the same time. The service is my favorite.

reply September 05, 2016

My internet security privacy and freedom are attained through kepard vpn technologies. It uses l2tp and ipsec protocols, which encrypt all my transferring data. Moreover, it can connect from two locations simultaneously and that’s cool! I like the service even more because it always provides me with some specials and new apps. Thank you!

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