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Last updated: 05/03/2019

IVPN Review

3 in Switzerland, 2 in Germany, and one each in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan,  If we are looking for a private VPN service, we would want it to offer 100% privacy and security online so that your private data and information is not accessible by any fraudster or service provider. One such reliable VPN service is IVPN.net. It is a service that offers you a foolproof protection from all the known IP address leaks.

You get full IP protection when you access internet on any of your devices. With facilities to stop the ID thieves and online hackers, you can surf any website you like without any worries. This well-known brand is located in Malta in the Mediterranean and has been in service since 2009. With additional new servers and updated custom software, it is a real force to reckon with in its industry.

The pluses you enjoy from this VPN client are:

  • Unlimited and premium bandwidth;
  • no slow down in your connections;
  • fully-fledged privacy and security policy and above all;
  • it offers you the right to enjoy freedom online.

The disadvantages that I find in this service are higher prices, maximum 5 device connectivity at one time, and no free trial.

Tariffs and prices

As you see from other service providers, IVPN.net VPN software you download will offer you great savings when you opt for larger period plans than the monthly plans. Pricing is a very important criterion when you opt for VPN USA service. You get three days USA VPN free trial option also.

The monthly plans are offered at a price of $15.

You are also offered a quarterly plan that is billed every three months. Its price is $40 and you save 11% by opting for this plan.

The best of the lot is, of course, the yearly renewal plan which is priced at $100 and you get to save 44%. This is what has attracted many users to this secure VPN software service.   

Server information

Once I got satisfied with the prices on offer, I took a look at the places where the service has servers and the number of servers offered. There are a total of 68 servers on offer and they include 21 in the United States (California, New Jersey, Texas, etc.), 6 in the Netherlands, 2 in the UK, 2 in Canada, 3 in Switzerland, 2 in Germany, and one each in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Romania, Hong Kong, Iceland, etc. There is a server status page on offer in its website where you get to keep track of the IVPN.net network activity in real time.


The following are some of the attractive features of IVPN.net.

• Multihop server connection

You can connect to two or more of the VPN servers through this service. This is a feature that you will not come across in other leading service providers. You will enjoy better anonymity and privacy when you get online. This technology is integrated with OpenVPN’s 256-bit encryption and this will result in a slight slowdown in the connection speed because more hops are needed to send and receive data.

• Unlimited bandwidth

The best VPN service clients will offer unlimited bandwidth usage to its users. This is offered here as well and hence you can enjoy unlimited access to the internet without needing to pay additional charges. 

• Unlimited server switches off and on

There is no restriction on the number of times you can switch to and switch out of the servers. It is limitless.

• No maintenance of logs

This secure VPN software will not keep a record of your internet browsing activities and the personal information. The only thing that is maintained is the user id and the IP address that you used when signing for an account. Luckily, it is a zero log VPN.

• File sharing 

The users can carry out peer to peer file sharing on this network. However, the USA IP VPN users will not be able to use this if they are making use of USA servers due to its barring by the upstream providers in the country. 

• Money back guarantee

No matter what your reason is, you can get back the full refund of your subscription that you paid within the first 7 days of your account activation. There are no hidden fees or risks involved in trying out the service.

Security and privacy

A good VPN service is one that offers high fetched security and privacy. They do not track any of your online activities as mentioned above. They offer you very good security. All devices that run on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android are supported by OpenVPN 256-bit encryption and L2TP/IPSec 256-bit encryption. The PPTP and SSTP protocols are not supported. This is a decent SSL VPN service. 

Support service 

The website carries out a comprehensive and detailed FAQ section so that you get answers to most of the common queries here. They will help to troubleshoot most of your problems. You can reach the service for help and assistance through a live ticketing system and through email. The response time is pretty decent. But, you will not get any live chat support or seek any information through the phone. This is a major con that I would like to pinpoint in this VPN IVPN.net review.

Client account

It is easy to set up a client account. It can be done even if you are a novice user. You need to pick any of the three subscription packages on offer, give your username and password and certain personal details like IP address and you get access to IVPN.net VPN download.


Whether you have iOS devices or Android devices, Linux OS, Mac OS or Windows, you will find the VPN service to work on all platforms. You just need to download IVPN.net VPN for Mac for the Mac computers or download IVPN.net VPN for Windows for Windows PCs and devices.


The IVPN.net VPN service is a bit pricey when compared to other VPN providers in the market. However, they are the best when it comes to offering a secure and fast VPN connection for its users. If you are looking for 100% safety, security and privacy when browsing websites online, then go ahead and start IVPN.net VPN software download for your device to surf anonymously without any worries.

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reply September 29, 2016

To connect to the ipvpn I’ve had to install open vpn client and pay for a subscription that is. The service matches different os and devices. It has no logging that’s why I believe it’s reliable.

reply September 20, 2016

With ipvpn my traffic is hidden from the isp, my ip address is hindered, so I’m able to use any restricted service. Moreover, it doesn’t store any logs that can compromise me. The pricing is pretty high but it worth buying. So, as for me, the service is the best vpn I’ve ever tried.

reply September 05, 2016

I want to say ‘sleep well’, because snooping and government surveillance non-threatening condition anymore!) With this service p2p users won’t slow my network down. I’ve been shocked when learnt that the vpn routs all my traffic not through one server as the most vpns do, but through two servers. This is its privacy police for all customers and it’s absolutely amazing.

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