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Hola Review

Dangerous for lifeIf you keep your eyes open, please, note there’s news concerning your security. It has transpired that Hola is claimed to sell access to its customers' gadgets for being involved in DDoS attacks.  At the same time Hola doesn’t give any comments on the issue. That’s why it has been decided to inform you about the risk. Instead, you’re highly recommended to use one of the paid services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN as they are considered to have an untarnished reputation.

When it comes to the Internet security, there are a few key words that you need to look into when you consider the best VPN service. These keywords are usually experience, affordability, security and functionality. With 63 million users we can all agree that Hola is definitely an experienced service provider. 

This USA VPN is known to be the first community powered P2P VPN. The technology operates within the network where users help each other to make the web accessible to everyone again.

Your traffic is routed by Hola through other peers or nodes instead of servers. Thus, Hola is a combination of a traditional VPN system and peer-to-peer technology. Hola was founded with the main goal – to improve P2P technologies, which makes it quite unique since there are so many VPNs that prohibit P2P sharing. Due to the P2P functionality, users can enjoy faster network speeds at a much lower rate and get easy access to content that would normally be incredibly hard to come by. This good VPN service was funded by Derry and Ofer who helped transform http to make the Internet freer and more available to their users. Hola doesn’t just assist 137 million people with the Internet functionality; they also have 170 full time employees who love this VPN to bits.

What does it cost to become a Hola member?

What does it cost to become a Hola member?

  • Free for non-commercial use – Hola is completely free to those who want to use Hola to improve their personal security and to benefit from fast download speeds and peer to peer connectivity that allows users to help one another when it comes to information sharing and accessing. The free service includes the bypassing of Internet censorship, faster web browsing speeds, cutbacks on bandwidth costs and unlimited usage per day. The best part about this reliable VPN service is that they post no annoying ads on websites.
  • Hola Premium for commercial use – The Hola premium package costs $11.95 per month and you can cancel this service at any time and enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee. What is more, it is possible to save up to 75% in case of 3 years subscription. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. The Hola premium package is completely legit and provides users with all the services of the free package only, you are never a peer and you can use the membership on multiple browsers.

Hola VPN servers

The number of Hola VPN servers is quite impressive for a free VPN service – 217 countries and islands located all over the world.  

Among them one will find:

  • Africa (Algeria, Angola, Burundi, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Egypt)
  • Asia (Armenia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bhutan, East Timor, Vietnam)
  • Central America (Belize, Guyana, Guatemala)
  • Europe (the UK, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece)  
  • Eastern countries (Azerbaijan, Bahrain)
  • North America (the USA, Canada)
  • Oceania (Samoan, Australia, Vanuatu)
  • South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Venezuela)

We have mentioned only some countries as examples. But the full list of Hola VPN servers you may find after VPN installation.

It is very easy to choose the country. To do it you are to:

- open Hola app on the device;

open Hola app on the device

- choose the application you are going to open and the country you want to use;

choose the application you are going to open and the country you want to use

- having decided what country to use, connect to the service located there and click “Open”.

having decided what country to use, connect to the service located there and click “Open

HolaVPN’s add-ons

Hola VPN differs from other services by means of the addons it offers its clients. Hola addons are not just extra functions, but full-fledged tools to use the Internet without limits.

Do you want to find out more about useful Hola VPN addons?

Keep on reading!


Hola ad-blocker has been created for disabling annoying ads posted on the Internet or emerging as a video or pop-up content. The application is available on the official website of the service and can be downloaded for free.

The application is also stated to function as an extension that not only blocks annoying ads, but also prevents malware and tracking. The VPN extension is compatible with Chrome browser and can be applied for it only. It is also available in 47 languages, which simplifies the task in case English is not your native one.

Fast Internet connection will be achieved as a bonus with Hola ad blocker.


Hola’s accelerator helps you stream video content in a high quality at a fast speed.  The extension offers faster starting, no buffering, and easy-to-use app. The application can be downloaded for free from the official website of the company.

The extension is to make your Internet connection work faster from the very start, which enables you watch streaming services and other video content, as well as playing multi-player computer games without any lags, hits or buffering. 

GPS Location:

In case you need to change your GPS (global positioning system) the company offers a free application dedicated to your location changing.

In order to get the app you need to access the official website and download the app for free there. The add-on is available for Android OS only.

Having downloaded the app, you will see a user-friendly app, which is to make your virtual location unattached to the physical placement:

holavpn add ons

The app can make your friends, colleges, business partners, relatives and the ISP (!) ‘think’ you are in a specific place while you stay at home, for instance. With the use of the app you have a possibility to efface the boundaries and set off for virtual travelling over the Internet.   

But before running the app you need to switch off the ‘high geolocation accuracy’ in your device’s settings. Instead of the option you need to choose ‘GPS only’ or ‘device only’. 

After that you need to select a needed geo-location on the map or use the search bar for finding an appropriate spot. All you need then is to click the ‘play’ button. 

!!!However, the free app, as well as the others can be used by you for free in case you agree on secure usage of some device’s resources for the benefit of other Hola users.

Therefore, if you don’t want provide Hola users with access to your free memory or some other device’s directories, you’d better abandon the idea, as long as the service doesn’t provide any guarantees on the issue. 


The company offers a free browser with some built-in security functions. 

holavpn add ons

For you to run the browser you need to access the official website and download the software for free here:

holavpn add ons

The installation process consists of two simple steps:

holavpn add ons

Firstly, after clicking the ‘download’ button you will have to choose one of the plans: either a free one (in this case you become a peer and your internet-enabled device will be used as a node in the security chain between Hola customers) or pick a subscription.

Secondly, in case you have chosen a free app, you will have to download and install the software as a simple browser. 

holavpn add ons

If you choose a subscription, you will have to create a premium account and then pay for the package.

holavpn add ons


Is the VPN widespread?

This secure VPN software is available across the globe in all continents. There are currently more than 173 million people using Hola VPN software across the globe and the numbers are only continuing to grow due to the ultimate benefits that the free Hola membership provides.

What can I do with my Hola membership?


  • Stream torrents – After downloading the VPN for Mac or Windows, you can stream torrents instantly without having to worry about the authenticity of the torrents.  
  • Enjoy Internet freedom – Some countries restrict certain websites and social media sites, but with Hola, you regain your internet freedom through the security protocols that encrypts your online activities so no one can tell if you are using a website that have been restricted (compare VPN protocols).
  • Do anonymous browsing – Hola completely believes that what you do online is no one’s business. You can visit any site you like, stream any content that you like and rest assure knowing that no one will be able to monitor what you are doing. 
  • Enjoy security – Security protocols help protects your personal identity and keeps hackers from accessing your valuable information. 

Is Hola the best VPN for Netflix?

Previously, Hola was considered to be the best VPN service for Netflix, it gave users access to the US Netflix library.

However, nowadays, Hola is not in the list of the VPNs that manage to unblock this streaming website since the year of 2016. 

Security and Privacy

Security is probably the main benefit of getting the Hola VPN service, especially since you can enjoy all the benefits completely free.

How to achieve security with Hola VPN?

Hola uses the security protocols to encrypt your online activities so no one can view the sites that you are viewing or see what you are downloading or streaming which greatly protects your online tastes. But unfortunately, the provider does not expose what tunneling protocols are used for data ciphering.

What happens to the data while Wi-Fi connection?

The VPN also creates a secure network that prevents internet hacker’s form identifying your IP address when you use public connections such as open Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the internet.

Does Hola VPN keep logs?

It is stated that Hola keeps no user logs so you can enjoy the Internet to the fullest without having to worry about governments and authorities getting a hold of some of your personal conversations which means, you can say what you want to say, when you want to say it. With the exception of social media sites that are a dead giveaway of course.

However, having studied the “Privacy Policy” of Hola VPN, we have found out that the service stores some data about its subscribers. Let us study it in details!

Note! Hola VPN states it does NOT aim at sharing or selling user data with third parties. The collected info is used to improve the work of the service and solve the troubles with the service successfully in a matter of minutes. Still, the provider was suspected of selling user's bandwidth.


Hola’s support services

The support services of Hola allow you to:

  • Inquire about technical difficulties through email.
  • You can also report users who abuse this free service so you can make Hola a better and more fun place to be.
  • Hola also has a telephone line and a fax line that you can contact if you are in need of some assistance. 


NB! Hola VPN does not offer live chat support that is appreciated by VPN subscribers. Besides, the service lacks tutorials and guides on how to setup the app.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Usage

When deciding whether to use the service or not you need to study the terms of usage and privacy policy from the ground. Although the company has stated to be concerned about your privacy, you need to make sure everything it offers meets your demands. The service also warns you to stop using the VPN in case you disagree with the terms (link).

What data are stored by Hola VPN?

The first issue we are to consider is what information the company saves and for what reasons:

The company has stated to collect ‘some anonymous information’ on its clients for improving the service, for some security reasons (unfortunately, there are no explanations on the issue), to analyze the usage statistics. What the company means by saying:

  • ‘anonymous data’ is your geo-location;
  • hardware details;
  • the type of your browser and its version;
  • the date of the VPN software installation;
  • the date of the latest usage;
  • the type of your OS;
  • its version and registry entries;
  • URL requests you make;
  • metadata. 

The company is known to collect data that helps it to understand whether the device is used at the moment for sending you any requests.

However, the service has assured not to make any efforts to reveal its client’s identity through the collected information.

What is more, some ‘personal data’ is also required by the company. As it is defined by the service, personal information can identify or reveal a client. The personal data means:

  • your IP;
  • name;
  • email;
  • screen name;
  • payment and billing data, or any other information you are asked for in terms of the service audit.

When making a new account on the official website you are allowed to make it with the help of already-existing Facebook account, for instance. In this case the newly-created account and a Facebook’s one will be interconnected. Besides, everything stored on your third-party account will be visible for the VPN company.

If talking about ‘some other data’ stored by the service, we should say that everything depends on your online behavior. The thing is that any website you visit collects some information or metadata on its customers to improve the service they perform. In this regard, all the data collected on you by some third party websites has nothing to do with Hola’s privacy policy and terms of usage.

When wondering how the company collects the information, you should know that all the methods are well-known for average customers. There are:

  • cookies;
  • pixel tags;
  • web beacon;
  • log data and etc.

The most interesting part for reading is whether the company is engaged in direct marketing. Actually, you can see for yourself that having shared your email address with Hola, it can be distributed to its marketing partners for providing news and marketing offers, what common people normally call spamming.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether to run the service or not. However, all the points at issue should be thoroughly examined by you independently. 

Is Hola easy to set up?

The only thing you need to do to start using Hola is to do a Hola VPN download that is completely free. You can then sign up using your email address or even log in with your Facebook or Google account. The setup and installation processes are incredibly easy and quick so you can be completely secure in no time at all.

Note! If you want to protect your identity, it is strongly recommended not to use your already existing accounts.

On which devices does Hola work?


The Hola VPN software download works on all devices and platforms that include: 

  • iPhones,
  •  iPods
  • Windows,
  •  Apple,
  •  Chrome Cast,
  •  Smart TV,
  •  Apple TV,
  •  Routers,
  •  Consoles,
  •  PlayStations,
  •  Xboxes,
  •  Chrome,
  •  Firefox,
  •  Internet Explorer,
  •  Android 

It  gives users great flexibility around the house or for all their travels. You can download it on any device at any time convenient to you and even technologically challenged individuals can use the software at ease since the software is so incredibly simple to use. 


The benefits of Hola simply cannot be ignored, especially since this is a free service. This VPN provides you with just about the same services as top rated VPNs do. You can access restricted sites, connect via any device and enjoy worldwide coverage. The VPN provides you with a secure network so you can do anonymous browsing and streaming without having to worry about being hacked by other internet users. You also never have to worry about getting caught for viewing sites and content that is considered illegal in your area since your online activities are encrypted and thus completely shielded from the outside world. 

Hola VPN pros

  •  Compatibility with numerous OSes and platforms
  •  Free VPN for individual use
  •  Services and websites unblocking
  •  Additional addons
  •  Easy server switching
  •  Speeds up paging-in
  •  Diverse server location

Hola VPN cons

  •  Keeps logs
  •  Poor support service
  •  No info on protocols and encryption
  •  Lack of Kill Switch

It is definitely up to you to decide what VPN service to subscribe for, study Hola VPN characteristics thoroughly to make the right choice and do not forget to leave comments below.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

November 03, 2017

Interesting… I’m looking for a free VPN for Netflix and decided to study the forums and look through Hola VPN Reviews to be better informed. It’s said that Hola does not unblock Netflix anymore. So what VPN works with Netflix?

November 03, 2017

Unfortunately, having subscribed for Hola VPN, you will not get access to the US Netflix library. However, you will have an opportunity to stream by means of other sources. If you still want to watch Netflix movies and TV shows, study the article the best VPNs for Netflix and unblock your favourite service.

October 27, 2017

Hi there! Windscribe was my personal helper online, but then I had to stop using it (don’t want to describe the situation in full). I tried various ways to bypass blockings of the sites I like using, and Hola VPN is the app that helped. But after a week of work, smth went wrong. Premium account was offered but I refused. And... to my great surprise, it started working again. My conclusion – Hola works, but I can’t rely on it.

October 28, 2017

Erik, your problem may be connected with updates. It is essential for VPN services to use the latest version of the program. In this case the troubles will be solved. Also, in case of such problems, it is possible to contact the support service.

October 13, 2017

It works good. I even play 4game by means of European servers. In general it’s qualitative. App is easy to install even for my younger brother (he’s 8) without any instructions and guides. I like most that I don’t have to switch it on manually. It works as soon as I open my chrome browser.

October 13, 2017

I pretty agree with you, Vi. Hola is worth using, as it unblocks numerous websites. The only thing you are to do beforehand is to think over the server location and unlimited access to the Internet is guaranteed.

September 30, 2017

It’s excellent!!!
I can use my fav Google! The VPN works without problems. What’s more I stream from best sources and the ISP doesn’t slow down my speed.

October 01, 2017

I don’t have any grounds to agree with Yana. The speed is hipper-dipper. I started downloading “Logan Lucky” and it took me 4 hours to load only a half of it. I don’t know what for to use it. It’s true that it’s no use to subscribe for free VPNs like Hola.

October 04, 2017

The speed of your Internet connection depends on various factors. Among them are: the ISP speed, the VPN server you choose, number of seeders and peers (in case you download torrents). While torrenting, it is strongly recommended to choose the nearest server, it guarantees the web browsing at a high speed. However, it is not a secret that VPNs influence the speed negatively: some of them more, others – less. Hola VPN is considered to be not the fastest service to use, nevertheless, the speed is enough fast to accomplish torrenting activity.

June 20, 2017

HolaVPN is pretty good. I like that I can use it for free. It allows me to bypass internet censorship. I surf on the network having fast web browsing speeds. I really enjoy it! It does not reduce the internet connecting too much… Besides, the accelerator that Hola provides helps me to stream video of a high quality at a good speed. What I like most about HolaVPN is that they do not post annoying ads on websites. It is one of its pros. I get access to the sites which are blocked with the help of HolaVPN. I can watch any film I want and visit any website I would like to. Thank you for this opportunity! HolaVPN is easy to install and use, it has a good interface for its usage. I am thankful for the features the providers of HolaVPN have offered, they are helpful for me. Good luck to them!

October 25, 2016

100% FREE! Best VPN

September 23, 2016

The vpn works well. I liked its new p2p vpn technology. The only trouble for me is that they don’t have the italian language, so it’s been quite difficult for me to understand everything in English. But the service itself is safe.

Chloe Robinson
September 17, 2016

Hola permits several connections simultaneously and shares your channels with other users. But the most important thing is that hola is absolutely free for non-commercial usage. And hola is the first vpn, which users share their idle resources. This makes the web accessible for all customers.

September 03, 2016

Hola gives me a possibility to access any blocked content through changing my virtual location. It’s a paid vpn, but I think it makes it more secure than free one. Moreover, it has a facility that blocks annoying ads, earlier I’ve used a built-in ads block for browser and I can say it’s practically useless, but this one really works. Also, it provides accelerator, which obviously enhances the speed.

(average 3 of 5)