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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Hideman Review

Having concerned about online protection, you should doubtlessly look at the service. Being worried about censorship while downloading torrents, it is time to subscribe to a private VPN service like Hideman. Once you have downloaded Hideman VPN for Mac, Windows, Android or iOS you can start downloading anything you like, because all your online activities will be encrypted and your IP address will be hidden from the world.

If you are a movie buffs you can finally achieve full access to all the content that online channels like Netflix have to offer and you don’t even have to be in the Netflix mother country to enjoy the content since connecting through the US server gives you full access to any and all the content that is available in that country. Bringing your mobile along to everywhere you go, you get access to any public hotspot thus laying yourself open to attacks. Hideman VPN mobile’s package helps you to avoid the consequences of unprotected accessing.

Your online security will also be optimized and you will be protected from internet hackers and online scamming companies. The best part about this reliable VPN service is that it doesn’t keep logs, so you can do anything you like and be completely anonymous since no one can monitor your online activities.

Tariffs and prices of Hideman

This qualitative VPN service allows you testing the products and services for free or you can choose from an Ultimate and Mobile package with different payment options.

  • Free trial – The free trial allows you trying the security and functionality of Hideman, however, there are some connection and traffic restrictions, you can test it on your desktop or mobile as you like.
  • Mobile – If you only want to protect your online activities when you are on the go then the mobile plan is a perfect solution. You can download the VPN for iOS and Android devices and enjoy fantastic benefits such as a changed IP, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speeds, great security and availability in multiple countries between which you can switch at any time you like. The Mobile option costs $2.9 per month, $4.9 for two months or $24.9 for a full year plan that allows you saving 29% on costs.
  • Ultimate – With the ultimate plan you can connect mobile and desktop devices and enjoy all the benefits that the mobile membership provides. All your online activities will be encrypted on all devices and you can bypass censorship and watch or stream whatever you like whenever you wish. The Ultimate membership costs $9 per month, $15 for two months or $69 for a full year. When you buy the USA VPN you can pay via PayPal, credit card, Mobiamo, Mint, Webmoney, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Yandex Money, and many more for complete global convenience no matter where you are from or which online bank you prefer.

Info on Servers of Hideman

Hideman is one of the best VPN services because you can switch between countries and servers as often as you like and use the internet as if you were in that very location. Your IP will also be changed for each location you choose so you can bypass censorship so much easier. You can choose from servers in more than twenty countries and enjoy the best content that each of these countries has to offer even if you are nowhere near these locations.

Functions of Hideman

  • Torrents, Tor and I2P – Most VPN will restrict torrent downloads due to security reasons, but Hideman’s security is good enough to allow you downloading whatever you like without penalties. You can also access onion and i2p without configuration requirements.
  • Internet freedom – All internet restrictions such as blocked websites, games and services are removed and there are no bandwidth restrictions.
  • Security – All your personal information is protected and no one can monitor your online activities since your URLs are encrypted and your IP address is hidden.
  • Free mode – Hideman VPN software has a free mode by using which any newbie can access the service for 7 hours for free or 1 hour per day for free.
  • Easy to use – The software is incredibly easy to install and you can connect up to four devices on the same account.
  • Scam prevention – Harmful websites, adverts, and banner commercials are blocked so you can save on bandwidth and be protected from scams.

The service has fully free additional features apps for iOS and Android, which are very easy to use.

Security and Privacy

With this secure VPN software, you will be completely protected no matter what you look for or do online. Even P2P is allowed in specific countries such as the Netherlands, Russia, Panama, and Hong Kong thanks to the OpenVPN and PPTP security protocols and the great encryption software that Hideman uses. Due to this provider, torrents will be at your disposal notwithstanding your location. Hideman is growing rapidly and is being frequently updated. 

You can do whatever you like and be completely anonymous, download torrents without putting yourself at a risk and all your online accounts will be protected as good as possible because there is no way internet hackers will be able to access your private information or accounts. Using the VPN you have transparent access to the deep web (Tor and I2P networks). Besides, .onion address can be used as a regular address for your connection.

Support service of Hideman

To get a support, VPN clients can log onto the live chat platform and receive instant assistance from expert technicians who can get any issue solved with step by step assistance. The live chat is not available 24 hours a day, but Hideman also offers email support that works through a ticket system and you can also get support through chat services like Jabber and Skype. Moreover, the provider suggests using an additional support forum, which is being improved now.

Client Account process of Hideman

You have to register with Hideman before you can download their free membership and to activate their mobile or ultimate plans, you will have to make a payment. Once the payment is done you can get the installation done on up to four different devices depending on which plan you have selected and enjoy instant protection through their user-friendly software.


Hideman VPN software downloads are available for Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iOS and other devices like Linux when you choose the Ultimate membership. You can get the best protection for up to four devices. More than that, the provider offers an additional Google Chrome extension, which is free. Hideman VPN Chrome extension serves to make your browsing history masked. SSL encryption is used for the extension.


Hideman is definitely a great VPN when it comes to flexibility because you can choose from numerous memberships and payment periods and you can choose from various payment methods. The software is easy to set up and works great on all devices. You will also receive the best possible online protection thanks to their great security.

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reply October 02, 2016

I’ve downloaded a mobile version for android it’s cheaper and my phone is the only device that’s always in my pocket. So, I’ve used it for three months and I’m satisfied. Now I can easily pay for any product using hotspots fearless of being hacked.

Jason Clark
reply September 21, 2016

It’s pricey but it has a trial version, so I’ve tried and decided I’ll subscribe to it. There’s no logging (except its free version), it uses open vpn and pptp protocols, so I can easily watch Netflix or Sporty, there are servers in 22 countries… As for me, hideman vpn is the best!

reply September 05, 2016

I’m not an advanced user and this vpn is really easy to use. It is enough to download it, install and click connection button. There are over 20 countries, so I’m able to access any site and resource. It supports different platforms. Moreover, using it I can download torrents without any restrictions. Although the service is quite pricey it’s the worthiest one.

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