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HideipVPN Review

There are many reasons you might want to hide your online activities and most of these reasons are completely understandable and honest.

First of all, you want to keep your account secure from online hackers and nosy people who might be sharing a Wi-Fi hotspot with you.

Secondly, you have the right to keep your online conversations private from the world out there, no matter what you are talking about.

Thirdly, everyone occasionally browses some embarrassing topics simply out of curiosity and the world simply does not need to know your reason for wanting to know more about these things.

HideIP VPN is the best way to hide your IP address and online activities because they have some of the best security systems in place to ensure your confidential activities and information stays confidential. 

They have been rated as one of the best VPN services on the market and offer much more than just anonymity on the internet. With this private VPN service, you can also access websites that are restricted in your area because you can simply log in from a server in another country and use the internet as if you were in that very location. 

Tariffs and prices of HideIP VPN

HideIP VPN offers fast and affordable VPN accounts in various countries. There are six packages available that you can invest in and free USA VPN software that you can download instantly. 

US VPN – The US VPN is available at $4.19 per month or you can choose a 3-month option at $9.09 and a 12-month option at $27.99. The bonus of this membership is that you also get a US Smart DNS and Proxy for free. 

UK VPN – The UK VPN is available at $4.99 per month but you can also choose a 3-month cycle at $9.09 or a 12-month cycle at $27.99. The UK membership also includes the free UK Smart DNS and Proxy bonus. 

Smart DNS – This account costs $3.46 per month or $9.06 for three months or $27.24 for twelve months.

P2P / Bit Torrent VPN – IF you are going for torrenting then this is the right option for you. The monthly cost is $4.19 or you can get the 3-month account at $9.09 and the 12-month account at $27.99. The account also includes a proxy for free. 

Poland VPN – This account includes a Polish Smart DNS and Proxy for free and has a monthly account of $3.46, a 3-month account at $9.09 and a 12-month account of $27.99.

Ninja Power - The bestseller! It offers 29 Premium VPN servers, numerous amount of protocols and no logs. The price for the plan is $4.08 if billed annually. If you want to pay for the service each month, it will cost you $6.99.

You also can enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the services. Moreover, 24 hours Free VPN trial and 7 days Free Smart DNS trial are available for users. 

The availability of HideIP VPN

This reliable VPN service has servers located in all the major countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Poland, and France. But you can still access HideIP VPN from across the globe and because these major countries have the least restrictions on websites, you can enjoy the internet in the freest possible form and enjoy the most popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, FOX, ITV and many more. 

The benefits of HideIP VPN

There are a lot of benefits to this good VPN service such as: 

  • Unlimited traffic when you use the internet and bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps.
  • They keep no user logs which means that your online activities will be completely untraceable.
  • HideIP VPN has no contract and allows you to cancel at any time.
  • An anonymous IP address will seem as if it originates from one of the major countries so you will be basically untraceable.
  • You can use the VPN on up to 3 devices at the same time.
  • The Smart DNS and Proxy service provide greater security and flexibility. 

Security and Privacy

HideIP VPN has the most secure VPN software that allows you to access any site anonymously because all your online activities are encrypted and your IP address is hidden from the public. HideIP VPN software keeps no user logs which mean that your URL history cannot be monitored or used against you. DNS leak protection will ensure that your confidential information stays secure and HideIP VPN is one of the few USA IP VPN that allow P2P applications on their network. 

Support service

HideIP VPN has online setup tutorials that you can view for a step by step installation and setup process. These setup tutorials are available for all their platforms and app versions as well as for the smart DNS and proxy activations. There is also an FAQ area that features all the leading questions and difficulties that are the most frequent amongst customers. Only registered clients can use the client area which will give them access to added support. 

Setting up your client account

The setup is done incredibly easy by logging in onto the HideIP VPN. You can then order the account that you are interested in, sign up for a new account and make the payment after which your account will be fully activated so you can enjoy supreme safety while using the internet


HideIP VPN is greatly versatile because it provides software for just about any platforms such as Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP as well as Mac OS, iPhone & iPod, iPad, Android, Linux, Chromebook, and many more. Basically, you can get any device connected with this fantastic VPN and enjoy great flexibility whether you are at home or on the move. Actually, the setup procedure on Android gadgets takes about 1 or 2 minutes.


HideIP VPN is fantastic VPN software that satisfies on every single level. You get affordable rates, fantastic benefits, a few free services and the best protection that you need when you are using the internet. Your online information is completely secure, you are supplied with a fake IP address and you can still enjoy fast upload and download speeds from all your devices. You can also install the VPN on up to 3 devices which is great for travelers and businessmen. 

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reply November 02, 2016

Fast network speed, fantastic support and user-friendly application. I highly recommend hideipvpn to anyone! It’s well worth the money!

reply October 03, 2016

Hide ip hides my ip)) but not only, actually I have to use some Canadian resources for my job, that’s why this function is the main for me. I also like that it uses strong protocols, it’s never stood me up while networking I have regular steady connections and high speed. The settings are quite easy done, so it’s a simple and helpful service.

reply September 27, 2016

I can say it’s a very stable service. I’ve used it for 5 months already and I’m going to continue using it, because during this period I haven’t experienced any breaks in connection and the servers I use work fast without overloading. Also, the support team helped me greatly when I tried it at first.

William Foster
reply September 05, 2016

I use hideip vpn because it’s quite cheap and it’s able to function well. It’s easy to set up and use, there are pretty many servers in such countries as the US, Canada, France. Also it has smart dns function, which hides my traffic from the isp and lets me watch streaming content without restrictions.