To conclude, it should be pointed out, that HeadVPN is a service deserving to be used for data protection and access to blocked content.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

HeadVPN Review


HeadVPN is a relatively new service for protection on the cyber space. You may use Head VPN on a permanent basis or connect to the service when it is required.

It is remarkable that while using this VPN, it becomes possible to mask your IP address, if one wants to keep back the pages on the Internet he visits.

In such a way, it becomes almost impossible to track user’s identity. Computer, crackers, adversaries, ISPs, advertisers and the government will not monitor you anymore.

Whereupon, a user will not have to possess extraordinary technical skills to launch the app. Head VPN website contains all necessary tutorials on how to setup the VPN.

Tariffs and prices of HeadVPN


Likewise other reliable and trustworthy services, Head VPN is not free to use. Nevertheless, the pricing system of the service is quite affordable.

The plans do not differ from each other in the functions they offer. The only difference lies in the price itself.

In such a way, HeadVPN provider gives users free hand to choose one of 3 plans:

1 - month plan – Unlike the majority of VPN services, a client is to pay only $3.19 per month, which is quite cheap. Various VPN protocols, P2P and other useful functions are available for a moderate price.

3 - month plan – The discount is available in case of a quarterly subscription. A user is supposed to pay less than $2.09 per month. But the whole sum is to be paid at once.

 1 - year plan – Want to get a round-the-clock protection at a minimum price? Choose the annual package. In this case, you are to pay $11.94 on one stoke. The offer is available for new customers. In other case you have to pay $23.88 per year.

Prices of HeadVPN

Various methods of payment for service are offered for future HeadVPN subscribers. Banking cards, WebMoney, Qiwi and even Bitcoins are accepted.

The last variant is the most useful in terms of security. The more refined payment system is chosen, the less the chance to be revealed is.

The period of VPN free trial is offered by HeadVPN provider. It lasts only 1 day, but this period might be enough to evaluate the quality of the service and become its subscriber forever.

 To start using HeadVPN free, one is to fill in a special form on the website of the service. It will not take much time. The data, you are to use to leave a request for free trial, are: name, surname and valid email address.

Don’t forget to agree with the Terms of Service and the period of your personal testing will start.

As for the function of money-back guarantee, it is available with 30 days from the moment of subscription.

Info on servers of HeadVPN


This VPN provider may not be proud of a great diversity of server locations, as it offers servers only in 4 countries.

In such a way, there are 4 servers in the United Kingdom and the USA, and 2 servers in the Netherlands and Germany. On the whole, HeadVPN has 12 servers at its finger tips.

Servers of HedVPN

Functions of HeadVPN


The VPN service, that attracts over 45 000 users all over the world, impresses by the scopes of its facilities:

  •  Free access to any platform, service or website is available thanks to a changed IP address (read our hide my ip guide for more details).
  •  Malicious and ransom software, data leak and credentials theft will not be your urgent problem anymore.
  •  Compatibility with almost all platforms and software makes this VPN provider a wide-spread VPN for Windows, Android and Linux gadgets holders.
  •  Reliable tunneling protocols are offered for HeadVPN consumers. The service allows using customary SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec protocols. Besides, two additional protocols are offered: HTTPS Proxy and SoftEther+HTTP.
  •  HTTPS Proxy allows opening unsafe pages and staying protected against hacking attacks and malware. It caches the information downloaded via the Internet.
  •  Streaming, torrenting (allowed on some servers) and communication via the Internet will not be a problem with Head VPN, as the service improves the speed on regular basis. Besides, the bandwidth is unlimited.
  •  One VPN service can protect several gadgets, if it is HeadVPN. Additional payment is not required for the next device you want to protect.
  •  Censorship and restricted access to sites will not make you give up the idea to visit the best services in the world. Pandora, Hulu, BBC and other outstanding websites will be at your disposal with HeadVPN provider.

Client account procedures for HeadVPN


 The process of subscription to HeadVPN is not a trivial one. To start using this VPN provider, one is to follow the tutorials described on the VPN website or to be quite competent in IT sphere.

First of all, it is necessary to enter a subscription to the service and pay for it. Then a special letter will be sent to the valid email. This letter contains user names and passwords for logging in.

The process of launching HeadVPN is not automatic and a user is to follow some steps to connect to one of the servers available for this VPN.

Let us look through the process of HeadVPN installation on a desktop computer running on Windows 7.






Open “Control Panel” on your computer.

Control panel


Choose “Network and Internet”.


Adjust your computer's settings



Click on “View status & tasks”.

Network and sharing center


After it, set up a new connection.

New connectoin network


Then, connect to a workplace.

Choose a connection option


Use the existing connection to the Internet.

How do you wan't to connect?


The window, where you are to punch in “HeadVPN server” for Internet address and “HeadVPN” for destination name, appears.

Type the internet address to connect to


The next data you are to use to connect to HeadVPN are the username and the password, which were sent you via email.

Type your username and password


Don’t run the connection immediately.

The connection is ready to use


Open “Properties” of HeadVPN connection and choose “Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec" as a VPN type.

HeadVPN Properties


And finally, your Internet connection will be protected by HeadVPN provider.

Support Service of HeadVPN


The support service of HeadVPN offers its clients detailed information on how to setup the VPN on different gadgets and software.

As for the live chat, it is not available. Instead of it, the service proposes to leave a message and valid email address. The customer support specialists send letters with the answers to the questions and instructions.

Security and privacy of HeadVPN


Being a HeadVPN subscriber, one should be aware that the service declares it does NOT keep logs. Beyond doubt, it is beneficial, as it allows being protected.

Nevertheless, one should know about the information collected by HeadVPN. Notwithstanding such activity, it is still possible to surf the Internet anonymously. The provider keeps the information selectively, so no one can identify you.

Furthermore, HeadVPN consumers may be sure that the data collected about them will not be shared with third parties like some other VPN providers do.

Security and privacy of HeadVPN



HeadVPN setup is available if you use Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS devices. Besides, HeadVPN will protect Ubuntu, Chromebook, Windows phone and DD-WRT Routers.

What is more impressive, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer browsers, Skype, iOS gadgets and Windows phone can be protected by means of special proxy services supported by HeadVPN within the framework of the subscription to this trustworthy VPN service.



To conclude, it should be pointed out, that HeadVPN is a service deserving to be used for data protection and access to blocked content. Despite an insignificant amount of servers, HeadVPN manages to unblock desired services.

The prices of HeadVPN are moderate even for people with mean income.

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reply November 16, 2018

I especially enjoyed having US Netflix back into my life. Also, the speeds for p2p/torrent servers are quite decent, not many providers have the same luxury. Also, last but not the least, the Android app is a big plus. Thank you, guys !!!

Martin L
reply April 02, 2018

Great VPN service!
Works well and it's easy to set up on any device! Response from the customer service team was extremely fast so initial problems were handled quickly and efficiently.
5 stars! 3 years with HeadVPN.

Martin Lenski

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