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Last updated: 09/01/2019

GetflixVPN Review

Being a VPN that provides secure and private Internet access, GetflixVPN full options look sought-after. Any advanced customer knows that using an antivirus system and timely updated software is not enough for providing the network with a high level of protection. Therefore more and more individual customers apply for a high-quality VPN service.

The reason for that lies in the fact that endless threats such as malware, spyware, identity thefts, computer fraudulence or simple hacker attacks can be avoided with the help of a top VPN service. Due to the constantly growing demand the number of outputs presented on the market is being constantly enhanced by the manufacturers. Unfortunately, not all of the products can be classified as the best ones. To learn whether GetflixVPN is good or not, the overview is offered for your attention.

Tariffs and prices of GetflixVPN

The VPN suggests using one or more of the 5 packages:

  • 1 month costs $4,95 including 14 days free Smart DNS trial.
  • 3 months costs $12,95 including 14 days free Smart DNS trial.
  • 6 months costs $22,95 including 14 days free Smart DNS trial.
  • 12 months costs $39,90 including 14 days free Smart DNS trial.
  • 24 months costs $54,90 including 14 days free Smart DNS trial.

All paid plans include GetflixVPN, therefore it’s unavailable as a part of 14-day free trial. After the VPN free trial period is finished you will get a special letter. If you have decided to subscribe to the service earlier you will have to pay for its usage. In addition a commission can be earned by you for referring people to the service.

GetflixVPN service price

Different payment methods are accepted, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB through our secure payment gateway. Unfortunately, the most secure ways of payments, namely crypto-currency and digital gift cards, are not included in the check-list.

All the subscriptions are auto-renewed. A subscription can be cancelled at any convenient time for you. In addition if subscribing for two and more plans at a time a 25% discount is offered to you.

Info on Servers in different countries

Info on Servers in different countries

Getflex offers multiple DNS servers about 26+ in 20 countries worldwide. But if speaking about DNS over a VPN only 12 servers are accessible. So, therefore while looking for a detached VPN service, a service with a larger server park can be found (ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries). Only by using these twelve servers you will be able to connect to the DNS servers through a secure VPN connection.

Functions of GetflixVPN

If talking about the functions of a good VPN service, the most of them are enumerated here:

  • All your internet traffic is encrypted while using the VPN;
  • Freedom of surfing the Internet without leaving some traces after you is guaranteed by the provider;
  • Your authentic IP address is shifted;
  • All your sensitive data is protected from hackers and other prying eyes;
  • Hotspot Wi-Fi connection is secured for you;
  • Streaming services from remote country locations can be accessed by you;
  • The network doesn’t contain logs being stored on you;
  • Limitless speed and bandwidth are provided.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to choice of a VPN, the most demonstrative features of a high-quality service are security and privacy maintenance. Getflix Full VPN provides usage of four various protocols to create a secure tunneling: PPTP, L2TP (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android), SSTP (Windows), OpenVPN UDP (Windows, Mac, Linux). It depends on your needs what protocol to choose.

As far as their logging policy is concerned, the provider doesn't keep logs like VyprVPN (see VyprVPN review to get more details about it).

Support service

24/7 professional support is provided via a ticket enquiry system. The assistance operates well while answering all the questions you need. What is for other data, it can be learnt from the website’s FAQ section.

Client Account procedures

In order to get a subscription for a plan you need to enter the website and fill in your email. Via the email further instructions will be sent to you where you will be able to choose an appropriate plan and method of payment. Unfortunately,,, are not accepted.


The service is compatible with Windows 7, 8 , Mac, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, DD-WRT. 3 devices can be connected simultaneously, but you will need to connect to different GetflixFullVPN network from each device. Moreover, the chosen payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB, don’t supply a high level of anonymity.


Having decided to choose a VPN, you should beat about the bush first and learn about all the qualities, the best VPN should provide.

So, returning to Getflix Full VPN, it can be stated that the level of privacy and security is pretty good as PPTP, L2TP (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android), SSTP (Windows), OpenVPN UDP (Windows, Mac, Linux) protocols are towards your needs.

When speaking about server park, it can’t be said that the possibilities are enough for an advanced user, as the amount of locations is not big, nevertheless when using a Smart DNS, the quantity is visibly enhanced. It may cause some difficulties to those who have to travel a lot.

If being scrupulous about anonymity, the VPN is, probably, not the most suitable variant. When speaking about the payment methods it accepts, it comes to be clear why. Although the payments are accepted through a secure tunneling connection, it makes it less anonymous as such not-indentifying methods, such as crypto-currency or digital gift cards.

When passing to above-ground minuses, P2P is offered but you are able to connect to it only from those countries where it’s offered by the law. OpenVPN UDP and TCP protocols usage requires additional settings. More than that, after the servers are added the connection establishes for too long.

But the support team works well and the answers are received timely. So, the choice is after you, but it’s better to pay attention to all the cons and pros of the service for not to have a bad experience.

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