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Last updated: 09/01/2019

FinchVPN Review

There are many people who find it difficult to access all websites on the internet because of internet censorships in their country. This is a common problem faced by most of the internet users. Along with this, there are many countries that keep track of the online activities of its citizens. Many online users find this quite annoying as their activities online are never private. It is also never safe to use your mobile or other devices to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi hotspots. With so much of the difficulty faced by people using the internet, it is only normal for internet users to think of ways to protect their privacy online.

The best option is to make use of a good VPN service. This is what services like FinchVPN offers. This reliable VPN service will offer 100% online privacy and help in bypassing any website blocks. You can enjoy complete anonymity while using the web. You can have metered as well as unlimited account for using its secure VPN software. You will be able to protect your data from sniffers and improve the internet connection and surfing speed using this best VPN service. With the software offered, you will be able to establish an encrypted and safe interconnection between Android and Windows devices and the internet, irrespective of your location and time. Nobody will be able to track the websites you are surfing or the videos you are downloading. You get the freedom to watch any content on the web or send and receive all sensitive information through your email through an encrypted VPN tunnel.

Tariffs and prices

You can find different convenient pricing plans and payment options for using this service. 

  • Free plan

It comes with limited access of 3 GB per month. The features you get include: limited PPTP and OpenVPN protocol support, multiple free server support and live chat and email customer support. It's worth noting that this free plan is quite better that other VPN providers offer. In comparison with VPN Unlimited, which a 7-day free trial, the plan is completely free.

  • Pro or light surfer plan

To avail this pro-plan, you will have to make a payment of $1.61 starting from a month based on a yearly plan. The features you enjoy are: 25 GB data quota a month, free and paid VPN server access, limited OpenVPN and PPTP, remote support, multiple servers and email, live chat and ticket customer support.

  • Premier plan

This is the best value plan that you can use to make the most of the FinchVPN software. This plan offers unlimited usage and also offers port forwarding apart from all features you get using the pro plan. The pricing of the premier plan is USD $3.21 per month.

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Info on servers

With the FinchVPN software download, you can access any of the 53 servers located in 20 different countries of the world. The maximum numbers of servers are located in the Netherlands followed by the USA.

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The FinchVPN download offers easy and quick internet connections and maximum uptime for the clients. Its popular features are:

  • It comes with easy to use control panel for web access and surfing. The traffic usage counter helps in understanding the traffic.
  • There is no logging of users' activities maintained by the service. Still, connection logs are collected by the provider.
  • Customers will receive live support when using the paid plans.
  • Every activity on the web gets encrypted.
  • It is easy to locate and connect to the different servers of this service.
  • The gateways of this service are connected to ports of size 1GB size and this allows the users to communicate using VOIP, stream videos play games and download the files without any delay. Still, it doesn't work with BBC iPlayer UK.
  • The servers with P2P allow the users to share or download the web contents without revealing their identity, so Finch VPN can be used as a VPN for torrenting.

Security and privacy

It is possible to cover your identity on the web to an extent of 160-bit using the AES encryption offered by this VPN. The customers will be able to use computers as well as mobile devices as the service offers OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. Not bad, but most of the advanced VPN providers, like PureVPN, apply not only OpenVPN. Such VPN protocols as IPSec/L2TP, IKEv2 or SSTP are used as well.

The use of API keys offers maximum security to your data. When you are a VPN client of this company, you can expect complete protection from any kind of surveillance and monitoring and eavesdropping. Your bank credentials and passwords will remain secure, even when you are using the Wi-Fi network in airports, malls, restaurants and other public places. This VPN does not store any identifiable data of the customers on their servers and hence there is no chance of your IP address reaching to any third parties.

Support service

You can get technical support through the email support service. The customers can also use the live chat and the support ticket option offered for the paid subscribers to get any support from the company side. The Google+ community page and Facebook page are also available for contacting the company. The step by step setup guide offered by this VPN service on its website will be useful for customers using different devices.

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Client account (purchase process)

You can start using the FinchVPN by ordering the plan of your choice through the website. You need to provide your username and password and your email ID to register as this VPN user. On the pricing page, you can select the plan you need and order the service.


The VPN software of FinchVPN supports different platforms. You can download FinchVPN for Windows if you have devices with Windows operating system . If have a Mac based system, then you will have to download FinchVPN for Mac (read what features VPN for Mac should have). This software also works on platforms such as iOS, Android and Linux. The instructions for configuration of different operating systems are provided in the setup guide and hence installing the software and using it will not be a problem for the clients. The OpenVPN on iOS And Android systems offers enhanced security for the mobile accessing devices.


With many server locations and free plan to test the effectiveness of the service, this is a good choice for VPN needs. The privacy features and security of the mobile devices by OpenVPN makes it more popular among the users. There are servers located in different countries in this private VPN service. It supports different types of encryption protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. With all popular features on offer, FinchVPN is worth trying out.

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reply September 04, 2016

Unlike any of the other free vpns, finch vpn offers a really wide variety of servers’ location and additional features, which, to my mind, makes it competitive even with paid services. Such facilities as unblocking regional restrictions, stopping data sniffers, hiding identity make me feel free via the Internet.

Andrew Reed
reply September 01, 2016

Finch vpn says once again that paid products don’t have to be of high quality. I mean, when I’ve downloaded it I haven’t bargain for its good work, because, you know, it’s a free vpn. And having experienced its defense on the internet, I see the contrary. Hindering my personal data, avoiding blocked sites and censorship, speed improvements, all this is really fine. Thanks for free finch vpn.

Jesse Hill
reply August 26, 2016

A great job! You can choose from three different packages. It has a free trial but it doesn’t provide you with all the facilities, there’s limited bandwidth and only free servers’ choice. With my package I have e-mail and chart support, besides its openvpn, which make me confident in my privacy.

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