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Faceless.me VPN Review

It is the day and age of the internet and everyone is making use of the Internet for various activities. While some use it to chat with friends, many use the internet to carry out online bank transactions. There are people using the internet to watch movies, listen to music as well as to explore the social media platform. But, do you know that you are always under the threat of being tracked when using the internet. There is also a constant threat that your online activities are easy to access for the internet hackers, government snoopers, and trackers.

In order to escape from the threat of being under watchful eyes when accessing the Internet, you can make use of VPN service. It will help in hiding your IP address whenever you get online and encrypt your personal data, passwords and credit card transactions online so that no one knows your online identity.

Faceless is a VPN service that does the job of encryption and anonymous web surfing to perfection. The many advantages of using this service are tension free Wi-Fi and hotspot use, no regional censorships, no firewall, no log maintenance, free download for Windows, affordable premium plans, quick and easy setup, and more.

Some of the issues that users have faced using this service include varying performance results, some issues with website and difficulty connecting through iPhone sometimes. It is a secure VPN software to try out for free on Windows PC and is ideal for first time VPN users.

Tariffs and pricing

  • Free version

This service offers up to 2GB of free VPN traffic for any user. You do not need to register or sign up to get access to Faceless.Me VPN software for Windows. The mobile users will only get one GB of traffic monthly. Its features are anonymity, no logging, and secure encrypted channel.

  • 3 months premium package

This plan costs $19.95 for three months and is billed once in three months.

  • 6 months premium package

This is the most suitable are: online anonymity, unlimited speed, secure encryption, no log maintenance and free switching between servers.

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Server locations

This VPN service does not mention a plan for regular internet users as it comes at $29.95, billed once in 6 months. You save 25% when you choose this plan.

The features of the premium plan on about the location of the servers on its website. At present, during registration, you will have the option of choosing your servers located in the Netherlands, Russia and the USA. Thus, you will manage to bypass the restrictions of Canada, for example.


The following are some of the features you get through Faceless.Me VPN download on your computer. 

  • Easy and quick installation

You just need a minute to install and carry out Faceless.Me VPN software download on your computer. Once installed, it will start to work in the background like antivirus software. It will keep your computer safe and secure whenever you access websites.

  • Protection from your ISP

Your internet service provider will keep a history of the sites you have visited and the data that is going to and from your IP address, as it is done through their servers. With this VPN service installed, the outgoing and incoming data gets encrypted and your ISP will not know what you are doing online.

  • No log keeping

Your logging details are not maintained by this service. So, any authority or government agency seeking a report on your internet activity will not get anything from the service as this it does not keep logs of your online activities.

  • Secures your bank account

If you have the habit of carrying out bank transactions online, then doing it through the servers of Faceless will prevent anyone from accessing your bank information and other sensitive information. It offers round the clock online protection for its users.

  • Unblocking all websites

If there are certain sites that are blocked in your region, then you have the full freedom to access these sites anonymously. No one will be able to trace out that you are accessing these geo-restricted sites. You can also use Skype and other VoIP applications without any restrictions through this service.

All you need to do to make use of them is to set up a VPN and connect to the nearest server. 

Security and privacy

All data that goes through the service is passed through the encrypted tunnel. This means that both your outgoing and incoming data are fully protected and no one will be able to steal your valuable data. You can also work on your computers from public Wi-Fi hotspots without any fear of being traced. This SSL VPN service offers support through OpenVPN and PPTP with 1024 bit RSA encryption.

Support service

The support service is decent. There is a detailed FAQ section offered on the website. You can as well get support through email by making use of the ‘contact us link’ on the website. It will lead you to a support ticketing system.

Client account

All you need is to download Faceless.Me VPN for Windows and you will have access to the VPN service for free. You need not have to register or sign up. If you are opting for the premium plan, then you need to choose either the 3-month or the 6-month plan and click on the ‘buy now’ option. This will take you to the order page. You make the payment and get a voucher code. Use this code on the software you downloaded or any other software depending on the device to access unrestricted version.


The VPN software will work with the following operating systems: Linux and Windows and on the iPhone and iPad devices. There is also an Android app.


The main attractive feature of this VPN Faceless.Me review is the free VPN service it offers for Windows PC. Apart from this, you will enjoy great encryption, decent internet speeds, and quick customer care support through email. This reliable VPN service might not be ranked among the best. But, it has decent features to impress everyone who is looking for a good VPN service at affordable prices.

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Adam Henderson
reply August 24, 2016

I know that pttp protocol is quite outdated but this vpn uses 1024-bit rsa and openvpn as well, which is rock-solid. It has a free service but it is for those who want to use vpn in certain situations, but not always. The free app has speed limit up to 2 gb and you won’t be able to change locations. I use paid content and I’m absolutely satisfied. Many thanks.

reply August 11, 2016

It’s one of the most ‘open’ services! I mean it allows you trying it before a subscription for an unlimited period, BUT the restriction is that you CAN’T choose other servers manually. I’ve got a hidden IP address without using my e-mail, which confirms once again that this service is reliable unlike most of vpns I've tried.

Caroline Livingstone
reply July 01, 2016

Faceless is quite fine. Having paid for a subscription, all limitations have gone and now I can make free use of it including file sharing and work with torrents. The only thing I’d like to mention is that it’s available only in the US, Russia, Netherlands.

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