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ExpressVPN Review

Getting down to ExpressVPN reviewGetting down to ExpressVPN review, I had analyzed dozens of sources on the Internet but didn't found practical information collected in one place to be useful for both nooblets choosing the best VPN service and mature users willing to change a VPN provider.

Pretty much everybody state that ExpressVPN is the best VPN service, one of few providers which can be used for Netflix streaming. Its security level is supreme, and the reviews are generally the most positive.

проверка сохраненияFor this reason, I have decided to carry out tests and check the information declared by the service itself and independent experts.

Well, what's the plan? First, I'll provide examples of ratings where ExpressVPN is rated number one, then I'll specify the important information I have found through the Internet (pros and cons), verify each item while describing installation and customisation step-by-step processes of ExpressVPN software for PC and smartphone. I'll carry out special checks, analyze all data, and finally draw a conclusion and make expert evaluation.

1. ExpressVPN – the leader of VPN reviews websites

reviews websites


ExpressVPN – the leader of VPN reviews websites


As you can see, the VPN service is well-liked

As you can see, the VPN service is well-liked. And based on my observations, it has been a leading player in online ratings.

2. What do ExpressVPN and other sites guarantee?



Characteristics Source
  1. Easy to set up and use
  1. Incredible speed
  1. Offshore privacy protection
  1. Strong security level
  1. 30-day money-back guarantee
  1. Large number of servers in many countries worldwide
  1. 24-hour live chat support
  1. No activity logs, no connection logs
  1. Apps for most platforms
  1. Works with Netflix
  1. Unblocks Hulu, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and other streaming services
  1. Works with P2P (torrenting)



Characteristics Source
  1. A bit expensive
  1. Up to 3 simultaneous connections
  1. The power-users settings are a bit limited


If you are not interested in the software installation, you could just jump to point 4. Check out the Internet claims.

3. Step-by-step installation of ExpressVPN Software

Well, with this theory, I have restored to the practice. As usual, I'll use PC running on Windows 10 for my tests, as I reckon this system is the most relevant for the moment, and iPhone to check the work of a VPN on a smartphone. Software installation on Android is similar.

After passing the registration on the website, I got an email with the offer to start the installation of the VPN.


Пошаговая установка программного обеспечения ExpressVPN

3.1. ExpressVPN installation on PC (installation on MAC is similar)

I download and launch app for Windows:

Я загружаю и запускаю приложение для Windows

When the app is installed, I continue with the settings:

Когда приложение установлено, я продолжаю с настройками:

Copy and paste the activation code:

Скопируйте и вставьте код активации:

Confirm you are to agree with “Launch on Startup” and “Help Improve ExpressVPN”, choose the necessary location (1) and launch the VPN (2). Ready!

Подтвердите, что согласны с «Запуск при запуске»

For full instructions, check the ExpressVPN setup guides: Setup for Windows 7 & above or Setup for macOS 10.10 and above.


3.2. ExpressVPN installation on a smartphone or tablet

To install the VPN on a phone or a tablet, it's required to download and install ExpressVPN app. You can do it on AppStore for iOS or on PlayMarket for Android. But the easiest way is to install the app following the instructions described in the letter from ExpressVPN.

When the app on iOS is installed, you will be asked for an email account and a password. Don't bother with this and click on “Tap Here”:

Не беспокойтесь об этом и нажмите «Нажмите здесь»

When ExpressVPN notifies ''Would Like to Add VPN Configurations'', tap ''Allow''.

If you did everything right, you would manage to choose a location and switch on the VPN as shown here:

Проверьте интернет-претензии

4. Check out the Internet claims


4.1 Easy to install and use

I've been delighted to install ExpressVPN app on all interesting you gadgets so fast, easy, and fail-safe.

I was in tune for no end of trouble.

Due to the detailed hacks, highlighted in the email, it'll be dead easy for the people who will decide to make use of a VPN for the first time to cope with the software installation.  

I was pleased to see that the app recommended the location upon the first start-up after installation, and all I needed to do was to tap on the power button of the VPN.

The list of countries is divided into groups in the most handy way. It allows choosing the country you need and the region inside it quickly.

The speed test of locations is conveniently integrated.

For as long as I was carrying out tests, which would be presented further, the app didn't hang up, didn't back off and didn't shut down itself. 

It is especially great for iPhone, as the apps in standby mode are often force closed.

I have found a very beneficial function in the settings – the app can be configured so that not all programs use the VPN. It's useful for people who cannot browse sites for specific regions with a foreign IP, but along with this, the facility to bypass website restrictions should be retained.  

One might make use of two different browsers. One of them is to be included in the exception, as indicated in the screenshot:

But there is a tiny inconvenience. When I chose another protocol in the settings, the location was always changing into ''Smart Location''. It doesn't imply any inconveniences as there is every likelihood you'll use the automatic configuration and the app will set optimal parameters.

Conclusion: Is it easy to install and use? – A definite YES!


4.2.  Incredible speed

Oh well, convenience, good interface, application stability – are not yet the software highest quality metric. One of VPN's main characteristics is its speed. Especially if you want to use the Internet securely without experiencing any troubles.

Don't simply connect to the VPN and make use of the service which measures the speed of the incoming and outgoing traffic. First, it's required to define what encryption method is the fastest and hereby secure.

Then you are to choose a protocol. ExpressVPN offers on default autoconfig which establishes a UDP connection in the first instance. This is the fastest connection however it is not always allowed by the internet service provider. In this case, a TCP connection can be used. TCP is as secure as UDP but more slowly (approximately by 40%).

ExpressVPN has simplified and combined the settings for the choice of encryption method and a tunneling protocol. It's impossible to choose the length of a ciphering key and cryptography algorithm. That is why I've set up OpenVPN (UDP) protocol manually. If everything is fine regarding the ExpressVPN servers, the speed shouldn't be much slower than without the VPN with such settings. First, I check the speed of fiber optic Internet without a VPN by dint of the service:

Я проверяю скорость оптоволоконного интернета

Now I check the speed when the VPN is switched on. The distance to a VPN server is 500 km.

проверь скорость

The VPN is on again, but this time the service is located over a distance of about 20000 km.

VPN снова включен

Don't think the speed is slowed down because of the VPN provider and its network speed only. It is influenced by the remoteness from the VPN service. The closer it is, the faster the speed is. 16Mbps exceeds the minimum speed necessary for Streaming HD video (for example, Netflix) in 2-3 times.

To put that in context, I've carried out the same tests on a smartphone that supports the 3G connection. But the results depend on the network meltdown and signal intensity so that I haven't noticed ExpressVPN to influence inbound or outbound bandwidth.

Is the speed of ExpressVPN servers awesome? It is just very high. And that's fine. I've taken dozens of tests on different servers across the world but haven't found the ones the speed of which would be poor.


4.3. Offshore privacy protection states that the company is registered in an offshore zone. The advantage is that the commercial details of the company in non-public. In an offshore zone, there's the potential for hiding the company owners' personalities. It makes the works of the service less dependent on the law-enforcement authorities of the countries which would like to monitor online activity of their residents or to bar from the company work by dint of legal pressure. 

I made use of a public service to find any information about the company which possesses the domain, but the information concealed:

Простота установки и использования

According to as well as the information published on the official website of the service, ExpressVPN International Ltd company is registered on the British Virgin Islands.

There is no other information to be publicly available. In case it was a start-up company, it would be disturbing. But considering the fact that ExpressVPN has been in the market for 10 years already, it's obvious that the increased level of security is the mission of the company regarding sensitive data.

Turning to Wikipedia, I've also found some interesting facts that prove the company reliability. In December 2017, ExpressVPN was in the high light resulting from the murder investigation of the Russian ambassador to Turkey. Then the Turkish server of ExpressVPN was impounded because Facebook and Gmail member accounts of a murderer were deleted through it. However, no log files were found by the Turkish authorities. It proved the policy of ExpressVPN – '' No activity logs. No connection logs.''

Could I confirm that '' Offshore privacy protection'' works? A definite YES!


4.4. Strong security level

I've already mentioned that ExpressVPN application offers different server connection protocols, auto-config of connection type is active on default. But what does the service offer? How well does its auto-config cope with information and sensitive data interception?

The ExpressVPN website says it uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys — also known as AES-256, to encrypt traffic. I consult Wikipedia to get in-depth information:

  • This encryption algorithm is accepted as a standard by the USA government. Furthermore, the National Security Agency (NSA) resolved that AES ciphering is reliable enough to protect highly classified information and AES-256 - TOP SECRET.
  • The support of AES was introduced by the Intel company to the family of powerful processors.

However, it's not enough just to encrypt the data. One should be convinced that adversaries won't undertake any actions when a user is connected to a VPN server. To check it a man might make use of authentication by means of a unique CA certificate.

Historically, ExpressVPN used a 1024-bit CA key for OpenVPN standard. But in 2016 a blog, engaged in security, criticized ExpressVPN as it used a 1024-bit key.

There was no scrap of evidence that it could lead to the security level decrease of VPN connection. Nevertheless, ExpressVPN lengthened the key up to 2048-bit. 

I open ExpressVPN configure file on my PC and check the settings. Indeed, it turns out to be the truth.

Сильный уровень безопасности

проверить настройки

Действительно, это оказывается правдой

The tests on a PC were successfully passed. ExpressVPN prevented 3 leaks. My IP and country remained hidden. Thus, ExpressVPN gets with the times and uses a strong data encryption algorithm, has increased the certificate’s key length and developed its own software that prevents any leaks.

In view of my long experience of VPN use on a smartphone, it’s worth noting about the work stability of the software. I was changing 3G networks many times and often was in places with no 3G signal, but ExpressVPN software was reliable in its functions.

I confirm that security is at the highest possible level!


4.5 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN claims not only about money refund if something goes wrong but also about a money-back guarantee if I cancel the subscription within 30 days after registration with no questions asked. Well, it seems that this VPN provider is confident. It’s been a few months since I subscribed for the service, that’s why I’ll try to find the proof of that statement on the Internet.

On the website of I found the article  about that. Indeed, you need to contact ExpressVPN’s customer support and request a refund. A specialist will ask you about the reason, but accept the request and inform you that it will be processed for 5-7 days. The money was refunded to the author of the article in five days, and he could use the VPN for those 5 days.

Excellent! Another advantage of ExpressVPN has been confirmed!


4.6 Large number of servers in many countries worldwide

In this ExpressVPN review I want to explain why the number of servers worldwide is important for a VPN service. Firstly, it’s choosing of an uncommon location. It seems that almost all VPN providers offer locations in the USA and Germany.  But what if you need VPN of a small country for some reason? ExpressVPN offers the services of Virtual Private Network in 94 countries! And there are 195 countries in the world.

И в мире 195 стран

Secondly, the closer a VPN server is to your location, the higher the speed is. ExpressVPN will recommend you the most suitable server, taking into account your geo-location, even if it’s hard to decide to choose the best route of connection.

There’s another reason why a large number of servers is considered an advantage. Every day millions of people around the world use VPN. That’s why the larger number of locations a VPN service offers, the more evenly the users are distributed, and the server load is spread more evenly as well. Thus, the quality of a VPN service is improved.

ExpressVPN is not the best in the number of countries, but it is absolutely among the leaders!


4.7. 24-hour live chat support

It’s not easy to imagine the situation in which you would need ExpressVPN’ s customer support. All possible difficulties are covered and described in details when installing, configuring, or using of the software. I have been using the service for a long time and making notes for this review. But once I had a problem. When I was trying to stream on Netflix, I received the following message:

Я получил следующее сообщение

It was a weekend, moreover, night-time. But I kept in mind ExpressVPN’s claims about 24/7 customer support. I contacted customer support via online chat, and a specialist replied at once. He asked about the details of the problem and recommended to use another VPN server for watching Netflix. It took a few minutes, and I managed to stream.

That’s incredible!


4.8. No activity logs, no connection logs

I have already told you about an occasion in Turkey, when the authorities failed to find any information on the arrested server of ExpressVPN. What can be the best proof of ExpressVPN’s claims?

Нет журналов активности, нет журналов подключения

What they really may collect is possible errors of the software, activation date, subscription period, and traffic volume. This information doesn’t reveal your geo-location, data transferred, and websites visited, which can’t do harm.


4.9. Apps for most platforms

Just have a look at this!

Приложения для большинства платформ

That’ why ExpressVPN is believed to be the best VPN in the world. Try to find an Internet device that is not included in the list above! If you do find it, «Manual Config» will help you to configure a secure and anonymous connection to the network.



4.10. Works with Netflix

It’s not a secret that many people look for the opportunity to use Netflix without regional restrictions. Netflix providers are aware of that and do everything to protect their policy. And VPN services compete for clients and try to find new tricks to unblock Netflix. You can find more information about VPN service vs Netflix confrontation and solutions in our dedicated article.

ExpressVPN is one of the few services that really solves this problem. Not all servers work with Netflix. I had to change locations many times to stream online. For the first time, a specialist from its customer support helped with it.

But, in my view, it’s easier to find the locations working with Netflix on ExpressVPN’ s list than on others’.

I tested US, GB, CA–locations and found the servers that work with Netflix and doesn’t pop an  “Oops” error.


4.11. Unblocks Hulu, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and other streaming services

Everything I have told you about Netflix is relevant to other Video Streaming Services as well. Having set up ExpressVPN, I managed to stream any video with no difficulties.

Read further in our reviews:

That’s why I confirm that ExpressVPN is good for Streaming Video.


4.12. Supports P2P (torrenting)

Torrents. There has been such a fuss around it. Nevertheless, torrent trackers will help us for a long time. It’s worth noting that VPN services don’t promote P2P support for torrenting, some of them even ban it. That’s why not all services are suitable for that.

You can learn more details from our reviews dedicated to torrents, in this article I’ll tell you only about ExpressVPN.

What’s its policy as regards torrenting? It’s restrained. At first glance, one may think that it isn’t mentioned about torrents at But actually, there’s a dedicated web page for those who want to subscribe to use torrents securely and anonymously.

Offering its service for the users of torrent trackers, ExpressVPN points out:

Supports P2P (torrenting)

As for me, one of my first tests for ExpressVPN was torrents support check. I tested several locations and confirm that using ExpressVPN with P2P is efficient and secure.

5. Check out the cons


5.1. A bit expensive

When I saw the price for the first time, I thought ‘’Really?’’

When I saw the price for the first time, I thoughе ‘’Really?’’

It’s sure that the company is trying to promote a 15-month subscription that lets you save almost 50% and costs $6.67 per month. Still, $12.95 is expensive for those who can’t afford to pay about one hundred dollars at once.

Let me point out that during the first month you can refund your money with no questions asked.

I have chosen a one-year subscription for $6.67 per month and pleased with the quality of ExpressVPN services and their “No Logs” policy that has been confirmed. That’s why I didn’t cancel the subscription and have been using this VPN for work and my personal needs so far.


5.2. Up to 3 simultaneous connections

I know that there are VPN services allowing 5 simultaneous connections. But in my experience, 3 simultaneous connections are quite enough. Usually I use only two connections: my PC and smartphone. That’s why it’s not a disadvantage for me.

But if you need to connect even an iron to VPN, I recommend not to look for another service with other cons, but set up VPN on a router (that thing in the corner that distributes Wi-Fi). In such a case, any device connected to that network will go through VPN. I can’t tell you how to do this in details as the configurations are different for any other router. Still, a specialist or ExpressVPN’s customer support will definitely help you.


5.3. The power-users settings are a bit limited

In my opinion, the limits are minimal. In the course of my practice, I was configuring VPN servers many times. It was the time when VPN services were unreliable, and there were few of them. For my company, it was easier to configure its own VPN. That’s why I know everything about OpenVPN configurations and encrypting. What other features, that aren’t offered by ExpressVPN, can be useful for a power-user? To be honest, I don’t know.

I’ll be glad to hear from the one who needs more configurations in the comments.

I’d recommend to use automatic protocol configurations.

6. Realtime test for ExpressVPN

Well, I’ve checked the pros and cons of the service and apps. But I have another test that I developed on my own. It identifies if the app for a PC remains secure when reconnecting to the Internet, and for a smartphone app – with sleep mode on and when changing 3(4)G networks to Wi-Fi and vice versa.

I created a script for that. The core of it is that a browser once per second contacts the server where an IP address is identified and returned, and WebRTC leak check is done. Then the results are displayed, and one can see what was happening to the connection during the test.

I’ll start with the test for PC:

As you can see from the screenshot, at first, the connections to BestVPNRating were through an Australian VPN ( Then I disconnected the Internet for 10 seconds and saw the following messages: ''connection error'' and ''off''. You can see that the connection was restored in about 20 seconds. Thus, ExpressVPN app was connected to the server in Australia and was blocking the connection of the browser for a certain period of time. Then the correct IP address was identified again, while my true IP was still hidden.

Now it’s time for doing the test on my iPhone. I chose a VPN server in Germany  (

I chose a VPN server in Germany

As it is seen from the screenshot, the IPhone reconnected to VPN correctly. Let me explain. Sleep mode on the smartphone was on for about an hour, but the iOS system stops the work of all pages opened in a browser while it is disabled. That’s why there are only 6 seconds without connecting to the Internet on the screenshot (1).

When changing Wi-Fi network to 3G or vice versa, the situation was the same – temporary disconnection and reconnect to VPN (2).

WebRTC is not available for iOS, that’s why leaks are impossible.

But there’s one thing to mention – when changing Wi-Fi network to 3G and vice versa via some countries, IPs were changed, though the country remained the same. It’s seen from the screenshot. It wasn’t observed during the PC test. Still, my real IP remained hidden, so I believe it is just a distinctive feature of work of the app for iPhones.

The test made me convinced even more in the opinion that ExpressVPN took into account all unexpected situations to provide the highest possible level of reliability and security.

7. Conclusion. Expert recommendation

Thus, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services. It’s time-tested, and it’s undoubtedly one of the leaders on the market. I’ve checked its pros and cons, conducted additional complicated tests, and I’m pleased with the results. As an expert, I believe, that the work stability of the apps, verified “No Logs” policy, and excellent customer support are worth paying the money asked for their services.

I consider that ExpressVPN fits all. It’s very good for home use, including web surfing, streaming video, and torrents; for using on a smartphone, including VOIP; for other devices and companies concerned about safety of their information, in particular, Top Secret.

So, is ExpressVPN worth choosing? YES, of course.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply January 17, 2019

Hi! Why pay for a VPN if you can always use proxies? I have been using them for a long time. I don’t watch any TV shows. So, I’m completely satisfied with internet connection speed. I can easily communicate on the Internet using proxies. Besides, there are a lot of other reasons for viruses.

David Balaban
reply January 17, 2019

Hi, Ali. Being a cybersecurity expert, I cannot recommend you to use proxy servers. They do not encrypt traffic. Therefore, your messages can be easily intercepted. Moreover, your real location can be revealed as well. Beware!

reply January 16, 2019

I know nothing about technology. That’s why I couldn’t choose a reliable service for a long time. There’re so many reviews on the Internet and they all so complicated for me. But your review is clear. I have already installed ExpressVPN. Everything is fine. Thanks!

reply January 16, 2019

Whoo, I’ve finally lived to read an up-to-date review! Next week I’m going on a business trip where a reliable VPN is a must! I just need a provider for my smartphone. However, I worry that my IP won’t be so protected as on my PC. That’s why I have a question. I’ve heard that ExpressVPN may not be available in that country. What should I do?

David Balaban
reply January 16, 2019

Hi, Mike. It’s better to install the app before your trip. Then, you won’t have to visit the website of the service from the country you are going to. Have a nice trip!

Javed Khamisani
reply June 26, 2018

Not working in UAE any more. Been running after Customer Support but no solution. Finally asked for my refund for the remaining months as they confessed that they do have problems with service in UAE. I have the chat with the customer support guy who said this.

Ronald Adamson
reply June 27, 2018

Hi Javed, I guess the troubles with the ExpressVPN in the UAE were temporary. Our specialists have checked it and the service works perfectly well in the UAE. Any additional information from the support service?

reply February 25, 2018

Hi! After IPVanish version for Windows 10 OS was updated the things became bad to worse. The system lagged all the time. I had to switch of and then on the VPN several times a day. Of course it was inconvenient for me, as I had to repeat such unnecessary and at the same time annoying actions too often. So I started looking for a substitute for IPVanish. And the situation turned to be that I had to opt for ExpressVPN. And there was no any single thought to cancel my ExpressVPN subscription, as I’m totally satisfied with it! Absolutely non-logging policy. For me it is number 1 feature a reliable VPN should supply me with. We are clearly visible by the government and for me it’s the minus of course. The attacks to the governmental agencies aren’t rare, and one day all the data on us may become available for the criminals. I don’t want them to use my data. Even the most honest, law-abiding and respectable person can be compromised. The information can be shown not in the way it should be. Moreover, many companies as well as individuals store significant information on digital devices because of the convenience and convenient and quick access to it. But, what if such data will be stolen? As for me, it’s a total failure. I’m fed up with such digital wars, and that is why I prefer entrusting my privacy as well as important data into ExpressVPN. Conclusion: ExpressVPN will suit for those network users who strive for security while web browsing. However, not all sites are unblocked by means of ExpressVPN provider. Also I dislike ExpressVPN support. Before subscribing for this VPN I decided to collect some information that wasn’t presented on the site. So I asked the support service specialist and to be honest I was discouraged by the obtrusiveness of a guy that tried assisting me… as all the time he made attempt to made me buy ExpressVPN subscription.
reply February 25, 2018

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that after the OS's update, the problems with a VPN client take place. Thus, it is recommended to check whether you use a licensed version of Windows or not. Besides, IPvanish is also a reputable VPN provider to use in 2018.

reply February 01, 2018

No problems I have observed either!

reply February 01, 2018

ExpressVPN was downloaded in fall 2017. But very soon I got troubles with it. Don’t know what was going on, but not all servers worked. Thus, I couldn’t connect to Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong ExpressVPN servers. At the same time, US ExpressVPN servers functioned without any problems. That’s why my mark is 4.

reply February 04, 2018

hmmmmm… it’s strange enough… i use express vpn longer that you do and faced no problems. maybe it was the cause of troubles with the device you used or the internet? you’d better check it.

reply January 26, 2018

I haven’t heard anything about free ExpressVPN use. But being Express client I want to add that this service works with Kodi. It made many useful Kodi addons unblocked for me.
reply January 27, 2018

Hi uno17, thank you for sharing your experience with our readers. As it is stated on the official website of the provider and in this ExpressVPN review, the service has neither free VPN plan nor free trial period. In such a way there is no way to use ExpressVPN free. However, the VPN provides offers 30-day money-back guarantee. This, in case you ExpressVPN subscriber is not utterly satisfied with the functions, servers or system crash of the provider, it is necessary to inform about it ExpressVPN team to get the money back. I hope my answer was informative for you. If you are interested in free VPN use, it is recommended to read the article “Best VPNs with Free Trial 2018” on to learn more about the best Internet privacy tools.

reply January 22, 2018

ExpressVPN app is easy to install and use. I use Android. So to run the app, I opened Google Play and downloaded it there, registered and… got fast and stable access to all sites I wanted. And there’s good news, it’s possible to use ExpressVPN free for 30 days if you invite a friend of yours to run the app. Who tried?

reply January 18, 2018

We use ExpressVPN for more than a month already. Well, I think it’s time to leave my review about the service. Maybe other users will be interested in it. I’m not a professional but those who use it either. Let’s start: 1. Price: affordable. The VPN provider allows paying almost half the price in case of 1 year subscription. Besides, the subscription will not be cancelled in 12 months, as 3 additional months are proposed. 2. Services: fast and divers. I haven’t notice significant changes of speed after VPN connection. Streaming is possible. Also I like the diversity of server locations. It’s definitely a plus, as such server geography allows bypassing any possible restrictions (I haven’t noticed any sources that would be blocked for me with a VPN. A user is to know what country is better to choose to access this or that website). 3. Payment: various methods. The payment methods are diverse, it’s even possible to pay with bitcoin. But I’ve chosen habitual paypal. 4. Support: a big PLUS. In spite of easiness in ExpressVPN setup I faced troubles with installation it on my home router. It was a good ground to contact ExpressVPN support team. They helped me very quickly and I didn’t have to spent hours checking my email. They instructed me via live chat. Minuses: The service is really worthwhile but I dislike such a limited number of devices per account. 3 is not enough. But in general, ExpressVPN is worth using. It copes with all tasks I want.
reply January 18, 2018

Thank you for your comment. I am convinced readers are always interested in the comments of non-tech ExpressVPN readers. Such comments are always written in a comprehensible language. Find more information about cybercrime statistics and be safe online!

reply January 18, 2018

Hey, what’s the best Netflix unblocker? If VPns are so good, then how to watch Netflix with VPN? And if ExpressVPN is ok for torrents, then what’s the lowest possible ExpressVPN cost?
reply January 19, 2018

Hello Farrad, we have written an article dedicated to the best VPNs for Netflix. You may find a lot of useful information about what is the best VPN for Netflix, the reasons to use a VPN for Netflix and the tips that describe how to use Netflix with VPN. You will find this article in the “Feature” section. Although ExpressVPN is not on the list, it is possible to use it to unblock Netflix. However, it is better to use ExpressVPN for torrenting, as due to its numerous servers located worldwide. You are to know that ExpressVPN offers its subscribers neither port forwarding nor NAT firewall. Nevertheless, it is still possible to download torrent and access restricted torrent websites by means of ExpressVPN.

reply December 29, 2017

Express is under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands? Isn’t Britain in 5 eyes countries. Whose laws do they actually follow? So I wonder: 1) Do they have data retention laws on the Islands? Is it a part of the UK? 2) Can I use this VPN for torrenting? How safe am I with ExpressVPN? Could you explain in plain words as I am not technically advanced  Thanks!
reply December 30, 2017

Citizen, you are right, but only partially. The British Virgin Islands belong to the British territory from overseas, but the Islands do NOT follow the British jurisdiction. The system of legislation of the British Virgin Islands is perfect for VPN services. They don’t have data retention laws, so it means that ExpressVPN is safe for torrenting. What is more, ExpressVPN provider is known for its zero-logging policy, so there is no chance to be tracked by any interested parties. Thanks to the security system of ExpressVPN it is almost 100% impossible to identify you while torrenting

reply December 28, 2017

I always trusted Express VPN for keeping privacy. The provider really keeps a word when declares about no-logging policy. And it is proved by real actions. Recently I read that one of their server was d by the police in order to find logs for the investigation. But the police did not find any logs on users. Why? Because they don’t keep them. I do disapprove illegal actions that are done via VPNs. The privacy they provide for us is thought in a critical way. Many consider it to be illegal to hide IP address. Still, I think we (those who don’t proceed crimes) have the right for being private! I might not be right, but who knows…

reply December 29, 2017

Unlike PureVPN that was not telling the truth about keeping logs, Express VPN didn’t help the policy, not just the provider refused to revel them, but simply because caring for privacy of the of their customers, they do not retain activity logs. They are under the British Virgin Islands jurisdiction and there are NO data retention laws. I don’t believe they do it for criminals. They even write in the Terms of Use: In using our Services, you agree not to: • Use the Service for anything other than lawful purposes. They can’t foresee any misdeed done via VPN. I feel disappointed when such services are abused for these nusty misdeeds. Fucking criminals!

reply December 30, 2017

It is unfortunate we need such proves of their honesty. Express is the best for privacy, unlike PureVPN. Was dead surprised and disappointed after reading the news about Pure VPN service

reply January 08, 2018

Try PureVPN before expressing your thoughts regarding it. PureVPN is not worse than Express VPN at all! When I tried for Netflix proxy, it didn’t help me. Netflix still stayed blocked. But when PureVPN was installed on my laptop, the site became available. Using Netflix with VPN is advantageous only in case when VPN service is really good because there are some VPNs that don’t manage to go round such restrictions. I wouldn’t say that PureVPN can yield ExpressVPN in its functions as well as in its features. Just have a quick look: 1. Price: $10.95 (PureVPN) – $12.95 (ExpressVPN) 2. Servers’ locations: 94 countries (ExpressVPN) – 141 countries 3. Free VPN usage: lack of free trial (ExpressVPN) – 3 days of free PureVPN use! As for the features, they both are fine: P2P sharing, unlimited server switching, bandwidth and speed and many many other handy stuff that I adore! That’s exactly why absolutely, utterly, totally disagree with you! ExpressVPN isn’t the best VPN for a long time already. Yes, some time ago it was really a top VPN provider, but to my mind, this leadership played Old Harry with ExpressVPN. The software developers relaxed after an immediate success of the service and stopped working on its improvement. Whereas other VPN providers do their best to hone services to perfection.

reply January 11, 2018

Samir, don’t sell the idea that PureVPN is better than Express or any other VPN provider. There are many people who use various VPN services and thus there are diverse opinions! As for me, I would say that ExpressVPN is brilliant, as when I was looking for the VPN that works with Netflix, it showed its perfection in it. Maybe someone still doesn’t know but Netflix blocks many VPN services and while paying for a VPN to unblock this streaming site, people get blocking instead! And Netflix stops being available! With ExpressVPN downloaded I know how to get around Netflix block system or what a hell it is called.
reply December 31, 2017

We share your points of view about ExpressVPN. The situation is quite ambiguous as you can read in our recent news about the investigation of Turkish Police. On the one hand, the data that is sometimes collected by sites, including VPN services can help the police to find a criminal who committed a real crime. On the other hand, VPN services are primarily created for ensuring privacy and security for users. Express VPN is really great in terms of private surfing and security. Just recently they have developed a tool to check whether the VPN app leaks IPs or not. It is free and can be downloaded for testing not only for ExpressVPN’s software, but for other VPNs as well. The service is of great importance as it is able to identify the following leaks:

  • IP-address reveals when using WebRTC; 
  • Internet activities while switching from Wi-Fi (secure WiFi hotspots in public places are possible) to wired networks.

Thanks for your comments.

reply November 30, 2017

Hi! To start with, I couldn’t choose a VPN for torrenting for a long time. I considered AirVPN and ExpressVPN. But I read somewhere on the network that AirVPN is too slow for torrenting. I decided to try ExpressVPN as you reviewed it in a quite positive way. As I need a VPN mostly for torrenting, I was glad that bitcoins are available for paying. When I paid for the subscription, I installed the VPN app and stared testing it. Once I connected to a server, I decided to check whether the IP address is leaked. Using ipleak test, I found out that my real ip was identified. I consulted their online support. They answered it was an error. I provided them with more information. The specialist sent step-by step instruction and this fixed the leak straight away. I tested a few servers for speed. Swedish servers work very well for me. I get about 5Mbps download. Servers on Netherlands and Singapore are fast as well. All in all, I am satisfied with it.
reply November 30, 2017

Cooper, thanks for such a detailed comment. Your experience will be helpful for ExpressVPN users.

reply October 08, 2017

Hi, I want to write some words about ExpressVPN support specialists. They cool professional guys. Once I had problem with connecting to Netflix. I asked them online and got the answer in a few minutes later. Well-done, guys!
reply October 08, 2017

Molly, we share your point of view. ExpressVPN has nice online client support working 24 hours! Moreover, find more information on the reasons for using ExpressVPN for Netflix in our additional post. With ExpressVPN it is child's play to unblock streaming services

Juan Kauffman
reply September 15, 2017

Actually, I think ExpressVPN is a decent VPN. Nevertheless, when I used it, I had some troubles with connecting to its servers. This VPN is often unable to connect, that makes me disappointed a little bit. I am not technically advanced, that’s why I contacted their online support. They did provide multiple solutions on how to deal with it. Still, it was not the only time when it was unable to connect. The error was repeated. I decided to change the VPN actually.

reply September 15, 2017

I have the same problem as well. I don’t want to stop using ExpressVPN right now. I have a one-year subscription. What shall I do when it happens?
reply September 16, 2017

Charlie, there are several ways to solve the problem. The first you need to do is to check your internet connection. You may change the protocol, the server or enable your anti-virus software. Also, it is recommended to delete and set up a VPN again. If it doesn’t work, open their chatbox and ask their support specialists for help.

reply August 30, 2017

Hi, thanks for the good review of ExpressVPN. I have found almost all answer concerning ExpressVPN usage. I am thinking of buying a VPN subscription for this service. I looked through a lot of expert tests and reviews. There are more positive remarks about ExpressVPN. I think I’ll try! One thing I still wonder: you write that the service applies various protocols. What are they? Which of them are more reliable and strong?
reply August 31, 2017

Robert, thank you for the remark and question you asked. ExpressVPN offers the folowing protocols: OpenVPN with UDP, OpenVPN with TCP, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP. The most widely used and secure ones is considered to be OpenVPN. L2TP/IPsec is also strong enough to protect your device. In combination with 256-bit encryption, the protocols enable defense of high quality.

reply June 13, 2017

I have tried many VPNs and I could not find a good one. I had troubles with low speeds, limited number of servers, weak encrypting methods….. But at last I found Express VPN. That is the coolest VPN I have never met! I could not imagine that any provider was able to offer so many servers (94 countries!!!). It makes you almost completely anonymous with the 256-bit encrypting. That is what I have looked for!!
I am satisfied with all the features offered by Express VPN, it is difficult to say what is bad about. Once you try to connect through Express VPN, you will never want to change it. My internet connection is so fast that I do not notice that I surf via the VPN. Of course, the price is high enough, but it is worth subscribing for it. I do not regret that I apple Express VPN. Thank you very much! It is my favourite!
reply June 13, 2017

We are glad that ExpressVPN suits you perfectly. We hope that the review has proved the reliability of the service. As far as the price is concerned, it is higher enough in comparison with other VPN services. Nevertheless, you don’t have to pay this price for nothing. The VPN provider offers a wide range of features for this money. Besides, Express is in the list of the fastest VPNs. Thank you for the comment, Blake!

reply February 08, 2017

Love it! Expressvpn has exceeded my expectations. It's simple, fast, and extremely easy to use. I keep it on in the background and sometimes forget it's even on (that statement alone says a lot). In my experience vpn speeds are usually pretty hit or miss, but Expressvpn is relatively consistent.
reply February 09, 2017

Thanks for a positive comment. We would recommend you making use of Speed Test that ExpressVPN provides for Mac, Windows, and Android. If your device works on one of the following platforms, you can test the speed of internet connections via various servers.

kimberli kristin
reply December 23, 2016

I have used express its good but a little heavy on the pocket , recently i got Ivacy VPN it was the most cost effecttive VPN i could find online, so i thought id give it a try, and its working just as fine as express was !
reply December 23, 2016

It is a pity that the price made you change the VPN app. However, you may try Nord VPN or CyberGhost VPN, as they are cheaper. Still, thanks for commenting us. 

reply November 08, 2016

This vpn is not the cheapest one, but it wins by a mile among other services I’ve tried. Express vpn is the most reliable for me. The support is amazing, they are super quick and friendly. I think this vpn is a good value for such professional service.
reply November 08, 2016

Thanks for leaving such a positive remark. ExpressVPN’ s support is really quick and affective. All this due to the opportunity to chat online. It’s a big plus of the service.

reply July 28, 2016

The vpn is perfect. I’ve used expressvpn for a week now and I can say its connection speed is fast compared with other vpns and it’s foolproof. But still there’s a little problem, maybe because it’s very popular, the most of the servers’ locations are overloaded so they are quite slow. Everything else is fine the product works smoothly.
reply July 28, 2016

Lawrence, we are thankful that owing to our review you rated ExpressVPN so high. There is one pretty useful feature provided by the VPN service for Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. It is Speed Test which helps you to choose the server that will ensure the best speed you need for fast internet connections.

reply June 11, 2016

I’m not an advanced user and when the process of installation of a vpn was technical I couldn’t do anything, so with this vpn it was extra easy. I thought they were kidding me! So, if you want to feel secure at home and abroad connecting to wifi and you’ve never tried to install anything, just try it.
reply June 11, 2016

David, thanks for a comment. You are quite right that you won’t stay alone with installing ExpressVPN if you are a technical beginner. Online support specialists really provide excellent assistance for their client. We also had positive experience of getting in touch with ExpressVPN online support service.

reply June 09, 2016

You see, I’ve tried many services but only this one could impress me. One day when I was on a business trip to China, regardless all their censored sites this vpn helped me to bypass the system. I think this is due to the server location.
reply June 09, 2016

Leogrey, ExpresVPN is strong enough to unblock websites even through the Firewall in China. You are able to get plenty of websites unblocked with ExpressVPN in countries where they are not accessible. Among them are popular streaming websites like Hulu, Netflix or YouTube. Thanks for the comment!

reply June 07, 2016

As for me the service is quite pricy but I really don’t regret about it. I’ve tried many vpn services even free vpn and I can say that this vpn meets all my requirements. I’ve got qualitative safe net operation with sophisticated encryption and momentary help from the team. That’s awesome!
reply June 08, 2016

Rachael, in spite of being a little bit pricy, the service can’t be compared with free VPNs. The reason is quite obvious. No free VPN will offer this set of functions and server free of charge. Thanks a lot for commenting the review.