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Last updated: 19/02/2019

E-VPN Review

The internet space is full of obstacles and threats, such as geo-restrictions, censorship, data surveillance, malware and many other things that we can face when connecting to the network. How to avoid them and overcome restrictions imposed by the governments of some countries?

Virtual Private Network is an awesome tool used by thousands of netizens around the world to bypass internet limits and protect internet connections.

E-VPN is one of those top VPN services to use for the purposes. Our E-VPN review will tell you about:

Tariffs and prices of E-VPN

The first thing you take into consideration is the price of a VPN service. Everyone wants to subscribe for a decent VPN without paying too much for it.

It is worth mentioning that E-VPN is billed in GBP, as it is based in the UK.

The provider offers the tariff plans for three different periods:

E-VPN Monthly

The plan is perfect for a beginner looking for a VPN service to try or use while traveling, for instance. It will cost you 2.5GBP or about £ 2.50 per month.

E-VPN Semi-Yearly

If you decide to obtain a VPN for a longer period, you will save 12 GBP or about $15. You are not paid monthly, but semi-early. One payment and use E-VPN for 6 months!

E-VPN 3 months

With a 3-month E-VPN tariff plan, you will be billed four times a year. It will cost you 28 GBP (about $36).

E-VPN 6 months

All three plans offer OpenVPN, limitless speeds and server switching and usage for all compatible platforms (iOS app is being developed now). Previously, the only difference was that together with a free 1-day trial money refund is accessible, not for the equal period of time (see the screenshot for more details).

But now the refund is available for all 3 E-VPN packages. Moreover, now it is not 1 but 7 days! This period is enough to evaluate the service!

They say that for the reason of no-tracking policy they can refund you a full sum of money. But in case of technical problems, they ask you for 48 hours for resolving a problem. If they fail to do it within this period, you will take back a full refund.

Info on servers in different countries

Info on servers in different countries

As far as the server park of E-VPN is concerned, it is not as rich as one would expect. They have their servers in 14 countries: the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, France, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, and the USA.

Functions of E-VPN

Encryption of military grade – to avoid data interceptions E-VPN will codify the traffic transferred via Virtual Private Network.

Speedy VPN servers – the bandwidth is not limited, internet connections via E-VPN are not expected to be slower than without it.

Multi-compatibility – E-VPN works on various platforms.

No-logging – period logs are not gathered by the company, so privacy is prior for them.

No limits to server changing – you can connect to any server you want with no limits.

P2P connections – E-VPN allows downloading torrents anonymously via their servers.

NAT Firewall – a user has an opportunity to decide what traffic will be transferred through VPN. It is convenient when one needs to open some pages by means of a real IP, and others through a VPN connection.

2 gadgets per 1 account – E-VPN provides its subscribers with a unique chance to safeguard not 1 but 2 devices with one client account.

IPV6/DNS leak protection – users' data will be reliably protected against leaks thanks to this beneficial feature of E-VPN service.

AD blocking – its subscribers will not have to watch ads when using the service.

Security and privacy

the information is encrypted with a 256-bit key, which is hard to crack

Why is E-VPN secure for connecting via its servers?

Firstly, E-VPN provider applies OpenVPN TCP 443 and UDP 443 to pass the data, which is believed to be both safe and fast. (Still, OpenVPN protocol is the only VPN protocol available).

Secondly, the information is encrypted with a 256-bit key, which is hard to crack. That’s why you may stay away from online snoopers.

Thirdly, the provider of E-VPN claims about never logging on the website and in Privacy Policy. IP addresses, time logs and other information that can tell anyone what you do online are not collected.

Client Account procedure

It is quite easy to create an individual account on the website of E-VPN. Follow a few steps below:

  1. For registration on the site, you need to have a username and password.

Then log in your personal account

  1. Then log in your personal account and you will see the following data as it is on the screenshot below:

E-VPN and its free trial during 24 hours

  1. You may first try E-VPN free of charge during 24 hours: choose ‘’Free Trial’’ and wait for the confirmation.

Now you are ready to download and install E-VPN client on your device.

Now you are ready to download and install E-VPN client on your device. We downloaded E-VPN client for Windows OS. Just click ‘’Download’’ and select the appropriate platform.

Downloading of e-VPN app for Windows

  1. It's worth saying that it was installed automatically, which is a big plus. For some reasons, our free account was activated only in a day after registration.

To start using E-VPN Windows client, you need to type in your login and password.

  1. To start using E-VPN Windows client, you need to type in your login and password.

E-VPN client looks like that on the screenshot.

  1. E-VPN client looks like that on the screenshot. You can see your old and new IP address, protocol, and encryption. You should choose either OpenVPN TCP or OpenVPN UDP.

E-VPN app: manual server choise

  1. Then select the location of E-VPN server you want to connect your device through. Now you are connected via E-VPN server. Your internet connection is secure and private.

It was not so easy to connect via E-VPN

Test result: It was not so easy to connect via E-VPN. It is required to install the TAP-Windows adapter. When we consulted E-VPN’s specialists via personal account why we couldn’t connect to E-VPN, they explained that TAP was integrated into the client. The specialist offered to install it once again, and finally, we connected to the server.

E-VPN is efficient to unblock geo-restricted sites, such as Netflix, Pandora Radio, Hulu and HBO.

Speed test for E-VPN

With E-VPN


Without VPN



E-VPN is compliant with multiple operating systems. Among them are Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. There are also easy-to-use customer apps for all the platforms, except iOS (it is currently in development).

Support service

The way one can get assistance is very important. Support service is usually remote, so it should be highly-qualified and immediate.

If you have any questions about E-VPN service, you can ask their specialists online on the website. This way is the fastest.

It’s worth saying that E-VPN’s online specialists work very well and we didn’t have to wait for the reply for long.

Why E-VPN? The provider offers a set of basic features for security

Besides, you can make use of setup guides to configure an internet connection with E-VPN. Contacting via email is also available, but it seems that online chat is much more convenient.


Why E-VPN? The provider offers a set of basic features for security and no-logging policy for online privacy. It is compatible with all operating systems and not difficult in usage. The VPN is good for unlocking geo-restricted streaming sites.

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