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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Doublehop VPN Review

It’s an open fact that websites want to know as much as possible about you, while any customer wants to share as little as possible. While the process of data collecting goes further it becomes clear that cybercriminals break into such websites and leak all the vulnerable data for their personal needs. Privacy critics have launched a stinging attack on advertising firms involved in information collection, as they consider the companies are guilty of the sensitive data losses.

But some other security experts regard the problem inessential as there are much more people on the network that monitor your online activities and the ads companies compose just the tip of the iceberg. Such as there were, it has become obvious that even the average customer’s network needs appropriate defense.

In this regard, application and up-to-date technology as a VPN has gained such popularity. Of course, you have already read Express VPN review. But now you'll get to know about another worthy provider. Doublehop VPN is one of the outputs that deserve your attention. 

Tariffs and prices of Doublehop VPN

The service provides one package with different billing periods.

  • 1 month cost $9 per month.
  • 1 year costs $33 per year.

For you to subscribe to the VPN you need to choose a billing period and pass the client-account procedure and pay for the service. The company accepts Bitcoin only. On the one side, the method is stated by many experts in the sphere of cybersecurity as one of the most anonymous, on the other side, it forces customers’ hands.

No traffic or data are stated to be collected by the company. What is more, for those who are not about to give their email address for subscribing for the service can make it via Telegram.

Info on Servers in different countries

doublehop vpn mapContent restrictions experiencing can be stopped at once, as it is stated by the provider. Such geo-restricted websites and streaming sources as Amazon Prime or Pandora Radio can be watched and listened in abundance.

Social media files that you are used to run at home, can be accessed from outside your country despite any censorship measures.

So, Doublehop VPN offers:

  • DoubleHop to the Netherland via the US; DoubleHop to the US via the Netherland;

OpenVPN UDP/1194

  • DoubleHop to Spain via Canada; DoubleHop to Canada via Spain;

OpenVPN UDP/1194

  • DoubleHop to Finland via Canada; DoubleHop to Canada via Finland.

So, a double hop is a method used by the company to double customer’s privacy and security and to disrupt potential interferences. Although the number of server locations is not big enough, it may be enough for your personal needs, provided that such locations as the US and Canada are offered. 

Functions of Doublehop VPN

A pure online privacy is stated to be gained while using the VPN. All your logging data is known to fall into oblivion, as the provider doesn’t store or collect any metadata or any other information on its customers.

A thorough encryption is used between clients and nodes for more data protection. The fact that all the traffic passing between nodes and clients is multiplexed defeats any surveillance or monitoring. The bandwidth and speed performance of the service are stated to be limitless by the company. Besides, the service is supplied with warrant canary, which permits their customers to keep the track of events. 

Security and Privacy

Your security and privacy levels are doubled with the help of double hop method. Moreover, AES-256 and RSA-4096 encryption in combination with OpenVPN protocol and P2P connection create a secure tunneling transferring through which all your traffic becomes locked from any interference. The methods used by the company seem to be reliable. 

Support service

The professional assistance from the company can be received in 24 hours. So, there are several ways how to get in contact with Doublehop VPN. You can write them via email, Twitter, or WhatsApp. In fact, Doublehope VPN manages to unblock Twitter and other social media platforms. The official website is not up to speed on any additional guides for app settings or FAQ section, as well as 24/7 online support. 

Client Account procedures

The client account procedure won’t take much time from you. Having decided on the billing period, you are to fill in your email, promo code if you have such and that is. Of course, the payment methods accepted by the company are not various, you are able to pay only with Bitcoin, but the cryptocurrency is stated to be more anonymous than other variants. Nevertheless, there is no any money-back guarantee, so you’d better think twice before drawing a conclusion. 


The VPN is compatible with most popular systems including Windows x86 and x64, Linux, iOS, MacOS, Android. 


Doublehop VPN is a good service for you if the server locations are appropriate. No third parties are involved in the process. Spark Post is used for delivering orders emails to the customers. The company provides no traffic logging, DNS request logging, metadata logging, bandwidth or addresses logging.

When your order requires more anonymity you can easily use Telegram private writing instead of email one. So, only your email address or Telegram number is collected by the company when subscribing for it. The company value freedom of the press and cooperates with journalists with delight as it is concerned the sphere is lack of freedom of speech.

The provider offers server locations in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, and Finland. The service is comparatively cheap and accessible. The official website’s design requires additional attention as it is created with irony and a good sense of humor. For example, a phrase from the support team: ‘Sometimes we're having too much fun and it takes us a little longer to hit you back’.

The encryption methods used by the company for your protection are safe and reliable as there are AES-256 and RSA-4096 encryption in combination with OpenVPN protocol and P2P connection. Moreover, the self-invented double hop method helps you to stay protected from any potential investigations committed over your online activities.

Well, Doublehop VPN is a great solution for your online protection. The fact that the company accepts only Bitcoin, Telegram writing and keeps no logging data makes it one of the most reliable services from the standpoint of anonymity. Having looked for a reliable provider, Doublehop is a good fit for you.

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