DefenceVPN is not just an excellent service. It win provide you with an the opportunities to get the strongest security and privacy.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

DefenceVPN Review

While living in a highly-developed digital environment any of your confidential information can be available within a few seconds by clicking a few buttons. Nevertheless, regardless of all the benefits provided for the web society, the Internet is flooded with importunate spam and malicious hackers trying to possess sensitive data and utilize it for personal purposes.

One of the most effective measures for protecting against personal information leakages is a decent VPN service (learn more in VPN reviews), which secures from malicious surveillance, traffic interception, and identity thefts. DefenceVPN is one of the best products, which can become the right choice for you. 

Tariffs and prices of ExpressVPN


DefenceVPN offers a 7-day money back guarantee, which is really useful if you’ll find the service non-compliant with the expected results. 

Every DefenceVPN subscription comes with all features attributed to the up-to-date VPN service:

  • unlimited bandwidth/speed;
  • double encryption;
  • 5 simultaneous connections;
  • OpenVPN and PPTP support;
  • P2P;
  • zero logging;
  • kill switch;
  • NAT firewall. 

The company offers three proper packages that can be paid with PayPal or credit card:

  • Monthly package costs $9.99 per month.
  • 6 Months package costs $6.65.
  • Yearly package costs $59.99 per year and is rightly considered to be the best value for DefenceVPN customers.

The service allows multiple logins

The service allows multiple logins, so it can be applied for five devices simultaneously regardless of the operating system or device’s model you use. In such a manner, there is no substantial difference between available plans, you’ll be provided with all VPN benefits available for all DefenceVPN’s users.

Info on Defence servers


The company provides a good number of VPN servers that can be used for organizing an encrypted connection from anywhere in the world.

DefenceVPN has 31 servers in 25 countries and the network is being continually enlarged. In comparison with the top-rated VPNs, the number seems to be insufficient, but its servers are located across the globe making it possible to access the most in-demand web content.

The list of available servers includes such geographical regions as:

​The list of available servers includes such geographical regions

  • Africa: South Africa;
  • Asia: Japan, China, Singapore, India etc.;
  • Australia;
  • Europe: the Netherlands, France, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Norway, Germany etc.;
  • North America: the US, Canada.

Functions of DefenceVPN


If you decide to use DefenceVPN service, you’ll be provided with such benefits as:

  • double data encryption;
  • anonymous internet browsing;
  • the highest-speed servers;
  • a three-step setup;
  • a user-friendly app;
  • automatic kill switch;
  • DNS leak protection;
  • restricted websites unblocking;
  • P2P connectivity. 

Having installed DefenceVPN service on your device, your actual address will be hidden from prying eyes and substituted to a desired server’s IP. In such a manner, you not only mask your identity but also bypass geographical restrictions and access web content and services that are unavailable in your region. So you will manage to unblock streaming services, news sites, and other services you want.

Besides, DefenceVPN offers shared IP addresses, for which you are able to ask from the technical support.

As a truly reliable service, DefenceVPN has set up a warrant canary in order to inform its customers about any authoritative surveillance or monitoring.

The VPN service is compatible with many OSes and available on several devices simultaneously(the highest possible number is 5). What is more, it’s supplied with an auto-connect feature, which initiates a VPN connection every time you open the app. 

Security and Privacy


When it comes to encryption methods managed by DefenceVPN, the service runs AES-256-CBC bit encryption on its servers, SHA-512 for authentication and RSA-2048. In addition, the company offers two encryption protocols (PPTP and OpenVPN). 

The company is stated not to log users’ traffic or internet activity via VPN, so you can be sure that data used during a session won’t be reached by a third party.

DefenceVPN keeps up with a strict Privacy Policy, which explains what data is collected and how it can be used. Having accepted the Policy, you confide personally identifiable information and permit to track cookies. The company may utilize this data to initialize backward communication with the customers concerning provided products and services in order to enhance the operating process. DefenceVPN guarantees that customers’ database won’t be sold and transferred to a third party for any commercial or profit purposes. 

Support Service


Despite the fact that DefenceVPN provides custom clients for multiple OSes, you can also set up a VPN connection manually by using provided step-by-step instructions. 

The company has developed detailed guides and FAQs for assisting its customers in service installation and configuration. In case you have troubles using DefenceVPN and can’t find a solution in the installation instructions, you should open a support ticket. The DefenceVPN support renders its services on a 24/7 basis.

Moreover, you can follow DefenceVPN on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Client Account producers



Subscribing for DefenceVPN is easy and does not cause any problems. You need to choose the most suitable plan and one of the payment methods, enter your e-mail address and password.

DefenceVPN has designed detached VPN clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The installation process is simple and accessible for every internet user. All you need is to download an app and install it on your device. Then you should fill in the fields with a username and password, choose a proper VPN protocol and a server for further connection. The whole process takes a few minutes and allows for creating a VPN tunnel within the shortest possible time. 



The VPN service is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OSes, Android and iPhone mobile platforms. If you install DefenceVPN on your router, you will be able to connect to the internet via one of the VPN servers through your SmartTV or Apple TV



DefenceVPN is a rapidly growing up-to-date company, which can render a good service for you. The company provides clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, its software is supplied with the strongest OpenVPN protocol.  In addition, the price is not so high, the server network is being rapidly enlarged and supplied with all-new technologies.

All the packages are developed for meeting customers’ needs, be it connection security, identity protection or unrestricted web streaming. On top of that, DefenceVPN offers extra features including kill switch, automatic server’s connection, P2P, DNS leak protection, a warrant canary, etc. From this perspective, all your generated traffic is to be thoroughly encrypted and thus become unreachable for malicious adversaries.

What is more, DefenceVPN helps to protect children online. What can be more beneficial? 


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