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Last updated: 14/02/2019

CyberSilent VPN Review

For the purpose of making your network protected you need to be well versed in web security issues, risks and threats or you can choose one of the much-touted up-to-date defensive tools. But even if you have an idea what a VPN service is, you might have no notion of what makes the service ‘the best’.

The main problem of today’s consumer choice is that the internet resembles a certain information dump from which it’s highly difficult to single out a reliable source. That’s exactly why having looked through the most popular online stores noising for credible information, you may stay dissatisfied either having subscribed for a not ‘fully-fledged’ service or spent too much money in vain.

For these and many other reasons, we have decided to test yet another service and present the results in the new CyberSilent VPN review (don't confuse it with CyberGhost VPN review). 

Tariffs and prices of CyberSilent VPN

The Poland-settled VPN service is supplied with a standard number of packages:

1 Month Plan costs $9,90/mo and billed monthly. The package provides a basic set of useful features like no logs, limitless bandwidth (limitless data transfer), 100+ servers, PPTP/Cisco SSL/OpenVPN + 256-bit encryption, 24/7 support and up to 5 simultaneous connections.

6 Months Plan costs $7,92/mo or $47,52 in total.  In addition to all the listed functions for a one-month plan, the package allows 20% saving.

1 Year Plan costs $5,64/mo or $67,71 billed annually. The package is supplied with the same features and offers a 43% discount.  

Tariffs and prices of CyberSilent VPN

Besides all the mentioned characteristics, the plans are supplied with unlimited server switches, limitless speed and L2TP/IPSec, SSTP protocols and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

What is more, the company offers a Free trial version (so you know how to use this VPN free), which is available for 1 day only with a 300mb limit in the download. The plan provides you with access to any of the company’s servers and protocols without limitations or logging storage. 

Info on Servers in different countries

CyberSilent VPN

One of the most high-priority features for many customers is a number of server locations hosted in different countries. CyberSilent VPN provides you with 192+ servers in 52+ countries. All the servers support the full list of provided protocols except Texas S3 (no PPTP/SSL VPN (Cisco)).

The service allows for numerous servers placed in different cities of the US, which can catch the interest of those who look for a service to unblock US-based streaming services or run the home networks while being outside the country.

Also, you will be happy to learn there are several Spanish, Swedish and Russian servers, which can allow you for legal torrenting. Pandora and BBC lovers will definitely find the service to be useful as well. 

CyberSilent VPN featuresFunctions of CyberSilent VPN

The self-managed service performs a vast variety of helpful features:

  • Fast-speed servers/limitless bandwidth & speed

The feature is highly essential for those who eager to run the service for transferring heavy data online. Having decided to subscribe for a VPN service for unblocking and watching streaming services in a high quality as well as enjoying multi-player computer games, CyberSilent VPN is an appropriate variant, as long as the average download/upload speeds are great even with OpenVPN usage for encryption. So that, it is a good VPN for gamers

  • No logging

While looking for a reliable service, which is to provide you with a high level of anonymity and privacy you need to read the terms of usage and privacy policy for not to end up empty-handed. The CyberSilent company assures to collect and store no logging data on its clients’ online activities.

  • Authentic address shifting

While using the service your true address is to be substituted with one of the servers’, thus allowing you to stay unidentified online.

  • Geo-restrictions avoidance

As long as you can hide your true IP, your actual geo-location will be hidden as well. Due to this possibility, you can watch any geo-restricted for your region content or run any off-shore services.

  • Censorship avoidance

Due to the fact that your physical location is hidden, you are able to get access to any censored online materials while staying anonymous in such countries as China or India, for instance. 

Security and Privacy

Another key question is security technologies used by the service for making your network protected from any unauthorized interference. CyberSilent VPN makes all your generated traffic encoded and thus unreadable with the help of up-to-date protocols: PPTP/ Cisco SSL/ IKEv2/ OpenVPN + 256-bit encryption.

Having established a VPN connection through one of the listed servers, CyberSilent creates a secure tunneling between your connected device and the service. While passing through the tunneling all your confidential data becomes encrypted and thus unavailable for all the prying eyes.

Besides, as long as your authentic address is invisible, you stay protected against cyber threats and malware. 

Support service

The support team is stated to operate fast in 24/7 mode. You can reach out to the customer support with a question via the live chat on the official website. In case there isn’t an available support agent, you will have a possibility to send your message by filing the form there with your name/email/message. Besides, you can avail of the ‘support’ section and contact the team through the ‘my account’ area.

In this case, you will have to define a subject of your question as well.

Besides, you are highly recommended to visit the FAQ section where you can find ready-made answers to some challenging questions. 

Client Account procedures 

Being a newbie of the service you need to visit the ‘pricing’ section and choose a suitable plan first. Then you will have to fill in your email address, country, and password. According to the country selection, you make you may be charged with tax. If you have a promo code, you can type it into the same-named bar.

After that, you should choose the most convenient payment method. Luckily, the service offers one of the most various payment method lists among all the VPNs on the market today:

Client Account procedures

Don’t forget that payments made in Bitcoins are considered by many security experts as the most anonymous. Once the confirmation letter is received, you are welcome to run the service. Being dissatisfied with the service, you can ask for a money-back guarantee, which can be discharged for 7 days. 


At this stage, the service is being continually enhanced and the company plans to release the app for iOS in ½ months.

Today the service is compatible with Windows and MacOS. You can also install the CyberSilent VPN client on Android mobile platforms, which is available on Play Store and Amazon Store. 


CyberSilent VPN is a good service, which has already carved out a niche on the up-to-date market. The basic showings, such as NO logging policy, three same-function basic packages provided with a free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee, as well as strong encryption methods run by the service make the VPN a way-up decision for different needs. However, the service is still being improved and we hope the iOS-based app is to appear soon, as well as fast-operating online support and even some additional features like Kill Switch, etc. As for now, the service can be stated as one of the best in terms of speed, despite the strong level of the applied protocols, and reliability.

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