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Cryptostorm Review

Any good VPN service will prove itself unique by claiming to have servers with fastest speeds worldwide and fully protected privacy. While the former is most of them tend to live up to, the latter is always a bit harder to assess. The best way to assess this factor is to look for two things: No logging and acceptance of cryptocurrencies such as Darkcoin, Zetacoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin.

To this, how about adding a revolutionary idea of not linking your payment method or your personal details to your VPN account? It will simply increase the privacy level by two-fold, isn’t it? While no other SSL VPN service provides such an option, Cryptostorm does offer it! This is exactly the most persuasive reason to choose Cryptostorm, a Canadian based service provider originating from now-defunct Crypt Cloud service.

It has taken privacy protection to a new private level with three functional pillars namely, token-based authentication (a revolutionary way of payment), acceptance of alternative cryptocurrencies, and Torstorm.

Based in Quebec, this revolutionary service is just two years old but it is quickly becoming the most reliable VPN service for all those who love and trust token-based authentication system and stronger privacy through a ‘seppuku pledge’. This pledge insists to stop all operations before disclosing any customer details to authorities. Another big differentiator is the plugging of DNS leaks, which is something that a majority of VPN services do not offer for preventing the authorities from tracking you. It offers a special DNS utility to avert any DNS tracing your location. 

Plans and Prices for VPN Client Service

Well, users subscribe to the CryptoStorm VPN service through its token-based authentication. This means that the provider does not sell its subscriptions directly. Rather, you are required to purchase tokens from different resources for connecting to its network for some fixed time. In this way, you do have given out your payment or personal information. You can buy these tokens from third parties, which you can sell. This certainly adds an additional layer of anonymity and privacy protection.

Because you are not buying from the provider directly, it takes some time to get notified. This means that you need to wait for up to two hours to obtain your tokens. Taking it a step further, this private VPN service supports payment via digital currencies apart from credit card and Paypal payments.

If you wish to pay through credit card or PayPal, tokens cost you $6 CAD per month, $28 CAD per six months and $52 CAD per year.

While there is no money back guarantee, the provider offers a free trial capped at about 160 and 130 kbps of download and upload, respectively. 

Server Location Details

Because this service is in its beta stage, their network of servers is sparse with limited options. Right now, the provider has its servers only in Canada, Iceland, and Germany. However, the provider is trying to have exit nodes available online, in the United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Panama, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. 

Functions Rendering CryptoStorm as the Best VPN Service

Well, the Cryptostorm service is accessible through its client available for Windows. The download Cryptostorm VPN for Windows link is available right on the home page, which is a widget. It is easier to install it; all you have to do is download the zip file, unzip it and run it, and provide the token code before clicking ‘Connect’. For a free trial, you just have to go for Cryptostorm VPN download of the widget and select Cryptofree from the drop-down menu. That’s it! For non-Windows users, you need to download the OpenVPN config files from the third party site, with the help of given instructions.

You do not have the option to select your server location but the connection occurs without any issues. However, you can use the geo-restricted services from Canada, Iceland, or Germany, although it is not possible currently to do so for US or UK services.

The provider manages its own servers and does not impose any bandwidth limit for its paid plans. It even allows Point to Point (P2P) sharing for hiding torrenting activities from the concerned or spying agencies. Furthermore, you will access services like RarBG easily with the VPN installed on a device.

A commendable functionality of this VPN service is Torstorm scalability. You can now access .onion sites by replacing the ‘.onion’ a portion of the URL with ‘’. This is something that not all best VPN service providers offer. 

Security and Privacy of the Secure VPN Software

Right now, the Cryptostorm VPN software works only via OpenVPN but with some strong security features. It relies on the underlying encryption technique of RSA-2048 asymmetric key, SHA-512 hash, and CBC 256-bit AES authentication. In short, all of these are highly infallible encryption methods, which keep all your business, financial, and personally critical data safe even from the worst attack possible. Along with the strong pledge mentioned above, the provider also promises not to log or monitor activities.

Another commendable aspect is that they need you to hash the token before using it. For this, there is a calculator to generate the SHA512 hash key for encryption, for non-widget users. Even if the exit node is being attacked, the unauthorized entity cannot use the hash key to get the original token. 

Support Service

The service provider offers customer support through forum, e-mail, voicemail, and Twitter. There is a wealth of information on a forum to explore the service as well as troubleshoot common problems. While this can help one instantly, the use of technical jargons seems to make it challenging for non-technical people to understand and follow stuff. However, the response time through forums and emails is good. 

The Purchase Process via a Client Account

Once you subscribe to a specific plan for tokens, you need to wait for some time to get the tokens. The token is sent in an email, which is not a security issue as it is ‘one way only’ use for ensuring anonymity. 


The software is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and DD-WRT (learn more about what is DD-WRT).


Although in the beta stage, this VPN service ensures the highest possible security and privacy coupled with efficient performance. However, it is expected to be more user-friendly as it turns into an official version.

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reply September 22, 2016

I don't give a sh~t for the following:
-long support wait times
-only compatible with Windows
-no money back guarantee (srsly?)
What is important to me:
+Token based payment --> super anonymous browsing
+Low prices
+Very easy use and set up

reply September 07, 2016

Their website is incomprehensible for me. They write using technical language that makes me confused. I read that this service is equipped with excellent encryption technology that provides total anonymity for its customers. As a new user, I don’t understand how it works. But it looks interesting. I decided to use this vpn and learn more about such services.

Ben Harmon
reply September 06, 2016

It’s really easy to use! All you need is to choose a server location and click connect. Cryptostorm provides amazing performance. I recommend you giving it a try.

reply July 12, 2016

This is a super anonymous tool for Windows OS only. Cryptostorm doesn’t need your username or other information to secure your net activity. I’ve never seen such secure connection.