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Last updated: 09/01/2019

ColanderVPN Review


Attention! This VPN service is not active anymore :( Still, we won't remove the review from the site for internet users to know about that.

At the age of highly-developed digital technologies, one’s personal data traveling within internet space can be easily intercepted by hackers, snoopers and others who lurk on the net. It is vital to prevent cyber troubles, but you never know when you manage to bypass these strangers on the network. 

There is a sustainable service for keeping your online activity free from web dangers and private. That is a VPN which creates a virtual tunnel for encrypting the data. It is impossible to steal the encrypted information and you may feel safer when surfing the net. 

Besides, a VPN makes you invisible even for the ISPs as your IP is hidden which makes your internet activity truly anonymous. 

A VPN is a sustainable instrument, which is recommended for internet users even if they do need to codify a web connection every day. It not only secures your traffic, but also provides such benefits, as geo-restricted content streaming, and remote accessing.

ColanderVPN is believed to be one of the greatest representatives that guarantee strong protection, access to geo-restricted content and high speed for a good price. 

Tariffs and prices of ColanderVPN


If you decide to subscribe for ColanderVPN, you will have the chance to choose from 3 packages for 1, 3 or 12 months.

A plan for 1 month will cost you $3.33 per month. If you desire to obtain a 3-month membership, you are to pay $7.99 or $2.66 per month. And finally, the price for a year subscription is $23.98 ($1.97 per month). As it can be seen on the screenshot, one can save up to 40% if purchasing a tariff of the longer duration. By the way, all the features are available for any of three plans.

Thus, ColanderVPN is in the list of the best paid VPN providers. 

What might appeal a customer is that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which gives you the opportunity to test the plan. Unless you are satisfied with the service within 30 days, the provider promises to return the money. That would make you more confident in the purchase. 

It is offered to pay with one of the credit cards (for example, Visa or MasterCard).

Info on servers in different countries


One is able to have a device connected through one of the servers in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. All the servers support OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols. The number of servers allows you to access the sites which might be confined in your country for some reasons. After the secure connection is established, make use of our What's My IP service and see what happens to your virtual location.

Functions of ColanderVPN


For providing the service of high-grade ColanderVPN presents a wide list of features which can be offered to their followers. All the essential functions will be introduced below:

1.  Anonymous surfing

ColanderVPN makes your online activity anonymous, as your real IP is hidden from anyone who could steal your personal data. One can see only the IP address of the server through which you perform your internet connection.

2.  No-logging activity

For preventing any surveillance the company states that it doesn’t keep any logs about the virtual activity of their users. It does not collect any data about the sites you visit or how long you surf on the net.

3.  No NAT

It is one more point aimed at preventing the intervention of outside agencies and protecting the users’ security.

4.  High-speed

ColanderVPN is provided with fast speeds (up to 10Gbit/s), which allows you to stream or download the content without any troubles and restrictions.

5.  Multiple devices using

With ColanderVPN having one account, any individual is able to connect 3 gadgets in the same period of time. That is very convenient if you want to use a VPN on your PC and mobile phone without any additional payments. But in case, you want to protect more than 3 devices, opt for CyberGhost VPN, as it allows 7 simultaneous connections.

Security and privacy


The developers of ColanderVPN care about the security of their customers and try to contribute to this. The data transported via a VPN tunnel is always codified with 2048-bit encryption and its decrypting will probably take milliards of years. One has no need to worry about the fact that any personal data can be caught by cybercriminals.

ColanderVPN provides modern protocols of connection, such as PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. You can choose any through which you would desire to connect to the network. 

Support service


Once there is a problem or question, it is quite easy to find the answer. One may take advantage of ColanderVPN support, the specialists of which will send you a letter with a substantial answer as soon as possible. Anyway, you can read guides on installation process or find the problem similar to yours in the troubleshooting guide.

Client Account procedures


The process of subscribing doesn’t seem very difficult. Firstly, you should start with choosing a tariff plan and paying for it with the help of your credit card. Then continue the procedure by creating an account on the website. You can download OpenVPN client and make all the necessary configurations following the guide which you can read on the website of the VPN service. In case you choose PPTP or L2TP protocols, the connection in a manual way.



ColanderVPN is compatible with various accessible operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Unix/Linux
  • Mac OS
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android 

It is also possible to make a VPN connection on your router if it has VPN support. Thus, you may enjoy the freedom of internet connection on any of your personal gadgets. 



ColanderVPN can be named with confidence as an effective tool for keeping security and privacy within reasonable pricing. ColanderVPN is focused on the reliability of protection which is achieved through strong codifying methods. It will keep your internet connection private because the providers appreciate the right for being private and follow no-logging policy at all.

The developers of ColanderVPN can be proud of the high speeds they provide. It is known that VPN slows down internet connection, but one can meet plenty of good reviews about connecting via ColanderVPN with minimum loss of internet speed. So, taking into consideration its pros, one may stay under ColanderVPN protection without a doubt!

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