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Last updated: 09/01/2019

CitizenVPN Review

Nowadays, the internet space is considered to be unsettling and overloaded with multiple dangers. That’s exactly why internet surfers should have experience using a VPN to protect their privacy. The technology has been designed to keep web browsing secure and private while surfing the Internet. This applies to all who connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots that lack strong security protection, making it easy for hackers to steal finances and identities.

Besides accomplishing security functions, VPNs assist with bypassing regional restrictions for video and music streaming, help you evade a government censorship control.

Today’s internet users come up with supply overhang and may face problems choosing a proper service.  Nearly every VPN provider offers a custom one-click client, which encrypts your internet connection in seconds. What is more, they usually provide mobile apps for keeping your gadgets secure over public Wi-Fi.

CitizenVPN is one of such services that spoof your location and build a secure tunnel between your device and a source you visit on the Internet. By doing so, CitizenVPN guarantees a high security and anonymity level no matter where you are located and which device you use.

Tariffs and prices

CitizenVPN offers two types of membership plans. One of them includes unlimited traffic for streaming and downloading heavy traffic, the other requires payment only for the spent traffic.

Unlimited plan offers CitizenVPN customers three types of subscriptions that terminate after the subscription period:

  • A one-month membership, which costs €9;
  • A six-month membership, which requires €48;
  • A twelve-month membership allows for protecting your network throughout the year and paying €84.

A twelve-month membership

If you have no use to download a lot of video files, then look for a service, which sells a limited amount of data. You can choose one of the following CitizenVPN plans that are valid through a year:

  • 10GB cost €9;
  • 60GB are available at €48;
  • save 46% and purchase 120GB at €62.

Having picked a suitable plan, you are able to pay with PayPal and different credit cards settling in Euro, US Dollar and Danish krone. An exact price of such payments is indicated on the CitizenVPN website. In addition, the company allows paying with crypto-currency, which is stated to be one of the most anonymous ways. 

Having picked a suitable plan

Unfortunately, CitizenVPN does not provide free VPN trial accounts, but it keeps up with a money-back guarantee policy. In such a manner, if its customers are not satisfied with the service, the company refunds a full value even if the service has been used. This principle is valid within six months of a purchase. 

Info on CitizenVPN's servers


CitizenVPN has 8 servers located in Europe, North America and Asia. You can switch between servers as often as you like and access any restricted web content with newly-appointed IPs from Denmark, the UK, the US, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain and Singapore.

The functions of CitizenVPN

  • Connection security – CitizenVPN establishes an encrypted connection, through which your data is transferred securely and untraceably.
  • Privacy protection – The service hides an actual IP address by replacing it with one of the servers’ ones. In such a manner, if you download files through file-sharing protocols or simply surf the Internet, nobody can identify you and trace your activity back.
  • No logs – CitizenVPN assures of respecting privacy rights and does not keep customers’ logs.
  • Internet freedom – Every customer is able to access YouTube and other blocked services from its location depending on which VPN server is chosen for the connect.
  • P2P usage is permitted including BitTorrent and other filesharing services.
  • Fast speeds – Despite the fact that VPNs usually reduce connection speeds, CitizenVPN shows fairly good results maintaining fast and stable internet connection.  All accounts run high-speed servers with 100 Mb/sec connection capabilities that are hosted in one data-center.

Security and privacy


CitizenVPN comes with three security protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN and Tunnelblick for MacOS. As far as PPTP is concerned, it provides 128-bit encryption. If you look for the most secure connection, you should choose OpenVPN protocol, which provides 256-bit AES encryption. What is more, L2TP/IPSec encryption is being worked at by the company right now.

CitizenVPN is based in Denmark, but it’s also registered in the Bahamas, from where the actual service is delivered. This is a way to avoid EU regulations in terms of internet activity logging and provide 100% anonymity to its customers.

Support service


The CitizenVPN official website provides a decent FAQ section, where you can find a solution of most problems encountered in the client installation period and configuration. If FAQ does not offer an answer you need, then you can contact the customer support via a live chat or e-mail. You can also contact the support team by phone, but this method is recognized as not the most secure one.


Client account


In order to create a personal account, you need to pay for the chosen package and confirm it by following the link sent to your email. With the confirmation link, CitizenVPN provides you with automatically generated credentials and instructions for installation. An account is accepted by all VPN servers and can be used on one device.


Having selected one of the VPN protocols, you need to choose a proper VPN server for connection. By doing so, you change your IP to the server’s address and create an encrypted connection for secure data transferring.



 CitizenVPN is compatible with the majority of OSes and mobile platforms. It can be also installed on your router and operates on DD-WRT firmware.

The list of supported platforms includes:

  • Windows (XP, Vista, 2000, 7, 8);
  • Mac OS X;
  • Ubuntu;
  • Linux/Fedora;
  • iPhone;
  • iPad;
  • Android;
  • various routers.

They have their own native Android app, 100% programmed in-house in Denmark. This app connects with the OpenVPN protocol, so it is very secure. Furthermore it requires zero configuration and just works straight away. It comes with a 1-day unlimited free trial. 



CitizenVPN is a decent service, which is easy to install and use whatever device you have. The company offers six different packages for both unrestricted and limited data transferring that is definitely a great suggestion for anyone who wants to browse the Internet boundlessly without the risk of being hacked or monitored. A provided number of servers is not the biggest one, but it allows surfing the net boundlessly from around the globe. When it comes to VPN protocols, the service is supplied with a reliable OpenVPN, and the whole set of useful bit-keys.

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