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Cienen VPN service is safe enough to use as the provider does not keep any logs, what free VPNs do.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Cienen VPN review Review


From time to time, attentive users notice a point of interest: if they visit the forums dedicated to cats and comment something there today than the browser will definitely show the information on new cat food tomorrow.

It means that people around the world are monitored whatever they do on the Internet. It is really threatening that absolutely any information we share with our nearest and dearest may find itself at adversaries’ disposal. It is not paranoia, but a reality and it may cost a lot.

Cienen solves such problems successfully.


Tariffs and Prices of Cienen VPN


The pricing policy of Cienen service differs from other VPNs. Not only prices are distinct, but the facilities as well. Cienen VPN service does not offer any discount system. It means that even in case a user wants to pay for a one-year subscription, it will not help him to save money.

1st package – MikroTik Router

This plan is an ideal variant for those who want to try something new. It is not simply a VPN service, but a tool that makes routers absolutely safe to use. The price is high enough as compared to other security services – $19 a month. It is explained by the fact, that Cienen allows running a unique VPN server. Becoming Cienen subscriber one has a chance to become the VPN service provider as well. This package is a great solution for small and big companies. There is no need to pay for such services if there is an opportunity to become independent in this sphere.

2nd package – Dedicated IP VPN

This plan is a bit less expensive and costs $14.95 a month. Apart from the functions described in the package above, a user benefits from the possibilities to estimate the best security. It is achieved by means of a strong ciphering. The IPs of only two countries are available: the UK and the USA. But that is enough to enjoy the best services all over the world.

 3rd package – Shared IP VPN

Having decided to subscribe to this plan, one is to pay only $9.95 a month. This is the lowest possible price a user is to pay for Cienen service. At the same time, a user is supplied with numerous facilities: servers in seventeen countries, unlimited bandwidth, the possibility to use up to 7 gadgets at a time, reliable encryption.

The pricing policy of Cienen service differs from other VPNs.

Info on servers of Cienen VPN


The number of servers plays an important role in the issue of security. First of all, it allows masking user’s IP in a reliable way. IT-specialists advice to use as many IPs, as VPN service allows doing it. Thanks to it a person can become absolutely anonymous while surfing the cyberspace. Thanks to Cienen VPN servers you will know how to torrent securely. 

Besides, a big number of servers are used to access services and websites around the world without any limits.

The list of Cienen servers is not so impressive as compared to other VPNs, but it is not bad for a new service to start with 24 servers. They are located in Australia, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, the UK, Switzerland, the USA. The countries possess only one server except for the UK and the USA.

There are six servers in the United Kingdom and three in the United States of America. 

In such a way, Cienen is a good VPN for Germany, France or any other country from the list, as it provides the subscribers with the opportunity to surf the Internet as if they are at home even being abroad.

Functions of Cienen VPN


Being a new security service Cienen spins up and offers a wide range of opportunities:

  •  Anonymity is the number one Cienen aim.

The IP a user possesses is not shown to third parties. Nobody knows who is visiting this or that page, even the ISP.

  •  Tunneling protocols for online protection.

Two protocols serve to make Cienen subscriptions’ internet activity safe. Only PPTP and L2TP are used by this security service. Nevertheless, it is enough to be a happy user of fast and secure access to the internet.

  •  Be private while visiting websites.

The search engines like Yahoo, Google and what not keep logs and as a result, the history of user’s searches is known to the service. On the one hand it simplifies the process of search in the future, but on the other hand, it may bring a lot of troubles. Some enterprising people start using search engines like DuckDuckGo, as it is safer. But it can’t provide the adequate level of privacy, as Cienen VPN service does.

  •  Speed is not a weak side of Cienen VPN service.

The speed plays an important role for any modern internet user, as everyone wants to stream video and audio without pauses.

  •  Geo-restriction is not a problem with Cienen VPN.

It is unnecessary to be a adult service to be blocked. Some websites are forbidden because of the local censorship. Besides, the access to some services is restricted. For example, the Netflix library is not the same in different countries.

Security and Privacy of Cienen VPN


Cienen VPN service is safe enough to use as the provider does not keep any logs, what free VPNs do. The data kept by Cienen are bandwidth, duration of sessions and the access to the service.

It can mean that Cienen service cares for its users’ security and privacy like ExpressVPN does. 

Client Account procedures for Cienen VPN



To start using Cienen VPN service one is to visit ‘Login’ page and use the E-mail to get a username and a password.

Then, it is required to download the installation file to start using the Internet securely.

The user is to choose the file and install it manually. The system is not smart enough to identify the OS of a device. That is why a user is to visit the ‘Settings’ of the gadget to identify it.

After the installation, a user can use this service and enjoy the safe and unlimited Internet.

Platforms provided by Cienen VPN


Cienen VPN is available on numerous devices including those running on Amazon, Android, Chromium, DD-WRT, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

 In such a way, it is possible to protect not only a portable gadget but routers, TVs and what not.



Cienen is not the most well-known VPN service, but it offers 24 servers around the globe and is possible to be used on 7 gadgets simultaneously.

In this regard, Cienen VPN is worth using notwithstanding its high price.

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