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Last updated: 01/03/2019


While choosing a computer or software utilities you want to be sure that the device you buy is safe and protected against cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, software providers are not able to supply with everything you need compelling to download and install additional tools.

Being considered as one of the extra security software, VPNs are applied for using the web and Wi-Fi with confidence that your sensitive information will remain secure. 

A VPN is an essential tool, which should be used by internet surfers even if they have no need to encrypt a web connection every moment of every day. It not only secures your traffic but also provides such benefits, as firewalls bypassing, geo-restricted content streaming, remote accessing.

CELO is a great example of a reliable VPN service, which uses simple software for securing your web connection and providing direct access to various restricted sites and services.

Tariffs and prices 


CELO offers four paid packages and a free 2-day trial subscription. All the membership plans provide similar VPN features including unlimited traffic, multiple server locations, a high-speed connection, data encryption, identity protection, online security.

  • Monthly subscription costs $7 and in comparison with plans developed by other VPN providers, it is supplied with the best possible VPN features.
  • Quarterly subscription allows paying $6 per month that amounts to $18.
  • Semi-annual plan is meant to be used within six months at $35 in total.
  •  Annual subscription requests $66 payment that comes under $5,50 per month.

CELO VPN accepts different payment methods including PayPal and PayPal Express, various credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Payza, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge etc.).

The company is prepared to refund a payment within 10 days from the date of the purchase if the service does not impress you.

efund a payment within 10 days from the date of the purchase

Info on CELO’s servers 


CELO locates its VPN servers in different parts of the world offering high-speed connections and providing you with access to geographically restricted sites and services. The server park comprises 16+ servers operating in 13+ countries:

CELO locates its VPN servers in different parts of the world

  • the USA (3 servers),
  •  Canada,
  •  the UK,
  •  the Netherlands (2 servers),
  •  Sweden,
  •  Germany,
  •  Switzerland,
  •  France,
  •  Romania,
  •  Russia,
  •  South Korea,
  •  Japan,
  •  Australia.

VPN servers are available to connect from any part of the world performing secure and blazing-fast networking. Depending on the chosen server location, you are able to stream and download content inaccessible in your country whatever the reason. 

The functions of CELO VPN 


  • Security – Protect your internet connection against government surveillance, ISP tracking, and hacker attacks and data leakage by utilizing CELO VPN technology.
  • Privacy protection – Surf the Internet anonymously by replacing your IP with an address assigned by CELO VPN.
  • No logs – Visit any web page you need, download any video you like and feel certain that this information won’t be transmitted to a third party.
  • Two-factor account authentication – Login to the CELO personal account securely being supplied with a solid layer protection.
  • Ad/Malware blocker – Browse the net avoiding ads banners with a built-in Ad/Malware blocking feature.
  • Internet freedom – Unlock geo-restricted or limited content from any spot of the Earth by connecting to a proper CELO VPN server.
  • DDoS protection – Protect your device against DDoS attacks with the technology, which is included in all CELO subscriptions and activated after connecting to a VPN server.
  • P2P connectivity – Protect your identity when torrenting and keep your activity unmonitored by copyright holders.
  • SOCKS5 proxy protection – Configure the technology within the application in order to secure data exchanging. The traffic directed through a proxy server is not encrypted that allows saving speeds and accepting more simultaneous connections between users.
  • IPv6 support – Keep up with the times and connect a wider range of devices to the Internet.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – Upload and download with no traffic limits at a red-hot fast speed.

Security and privacy 


Having subscribed for a CELO VPN, you are provided with the most reliable encryption protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec (for Windows OSes only). Being one of the most flexible and secure protocols, OpenVPN uses AES encryption and transforms your traffic making it unreachable for prying eyes. 

The company logs the date and time a customer access to the client area. User activity and server logs are left unrecorded. Any personal info is not transferred to a third party unless CELO is ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction. 

Support service 


The site presents the FAQ section and the Knowledge Base where you can find detailed info about the service and step-by-step set-up guides. If you still have questions and want for additional assistance, you can contact the customer support via a live-chat or ticket system. 

Client account procedures 


As soon as you register a CELO personal account and make a payment, you are able to set up a VPN connection. In addition, having accepted a CELO VPN membership, you are provided with all necessary information sent with a personal e-mail that simplifies configuration process.

The company does not provide a customized client but requires downloading and installing dedicated software. Having installed OpenVPN software on your device, you can choose a proper server to connect and start private and secure internet browsing. 

Platforms of CELO VPN


CELO VPN is compatible with almost any platform. You can install its software on different OSes (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome), mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), routers (DD-WRT, Tomato, Asus). What is more, CELO supports Apple TV.

The service makes it possible to set up Firefox and Maxthon web browser with a SOKS5 proxy server in order to enhance the security level while surfing the net.

You can use the same account for connecting 5 devices simultaneously, be it PCs, mobile devices or tablets. Thus, CELO is a good VPN for Apple TV, as it was primarily worked out for iOS gadgets. 



CELO is one of the VPN providers that protect your online activity regardless of which content you want to access or download. The VPN software is easy to set up and configure on up to 5 devices according to the OSes requirements. Having selected an OpenVPN connection, your traffic is protected against a third-party penetration and possible data leakages. What is more, CELO is a good choice for netizens that aim at bypassing geographical restrictions and unblock online content limited in their country. 

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