CasperVPN is a reliable provider offering a no logs privacy policy and unlimited bandwidth. It’s a good choice for unblocking American streaming services.
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Last updated: 18/03/2019

CasperVPN Review

Every time we visit different pages on the Internet, we put our data at risk as the World Wide Web is no longer a secure place today. There are a lot of perpetrators who want to do harm to your sensitive data, steal or just found it out for their own purposes. For this reason, VPNs have become extremely popular these days. They help us to mask our IP, avoid censorship and protect our personal data.

The market offers a great variety of VPN providers today. But how to know which software is worth trying? Today we’re going to test CasperVPN for you, to see its advantages and disadvantages as well. Stay with us and you’ll learn:

Tariffs and prices of CasperVPN

As many other VPN providers, CasperVPN offers several plans for its customers, you can choose the most suitable for you. Let’s cover each of them in detail.

1 Month Plan you have to pay $5.90 every month for this plan. You will get 3 connections and unlimited bandwidth.

6 Months Plan – this plan is more profitable. If you are going to pay for 6 months at once, you’ll save 16,9% of the whole price. It will cost you $4.90 per month. Moreover, the plan offers 4 connections and unlimited bandwidth.

1 Year Plan – with this tariff, you will save 33.9%. $3.90 per month is quite an affordable price for 5 connections and unlimited bandwidth as well.

LIFETIME Plan is the last tariff. If you are sure that you’ll use CasperVPN for a long time, you can buy the Lifetime Plan. Its price is $349.99. The main advantages of this plan are: you will save a lot of money and 6 connections will be available for you.

Tariffs and prices of CasperVPN

The good thing is that CasperVPN offers a free trial for a new customer. As soon as you create your account on the official website of the provider, you will get a 15-days free trial.

You can cancel your subscription to the service at any time. However, you will not get a refund for the subscription.

The service offers you to pay for it using cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum). It can give you an addition level of security.

Info on servers in different countries

CasperVPN has servers in Germany, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, France, the UK, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Sweden. All servers are optimized for speed and secure broadband connections. 

What does it mean?
Every time you want to connect to any CasperVPN server, you will see the health indicators of every server in the application. Green health means that the server is fast now, redslow. The calculation is based on location, bandwidth, CPU, and server load.

Security and privacy

“In CasperVPN we believe that the privacy and security of our users are of ultimate importance. Therefore we procure strict administrative policies to protect your privacy and security.”

These words can be found on the official website of CasperVPN. Indeed, the company tries to do its best for the highest level of customer’s security and safety.

Casper VPN uses 256-bit encryption. Moreover, you may choose one of the 5 giving protocols while using the service. The VPN also gives the information about each protocol for each platform.

Look at the table too choose the most suitable protocol for you.

choose the most suitable protocol

The company also adheres to the strict no-logging policy, that’s why CasperVPN doesn’t keep any logs.

Support service of CasperVPN

Support service is another featureSupport service is another feature that makes this service number one for a great number of customers. CasperVPN provides support to all kinds of questions related to the use of their VPN. You can contact them via e-mail, live chat or even phone call. They serve 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


CasperVPN runs on all popular platforms: iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Android. The provider also offers the VPN apps for Android, iOS and Windows. All of them are user-friendly and have high ratings in users’ reviews.

CasperVPN runs on all popular platforms

Functions of CasperVPN

Let’s have a look at other functions that haven’t been mentioned in our article above.

  1. User-friendly software: The software is really easy to use. You don’t have to be a technically advanced customer to use it.
  2. 5 encryption VPN protocol: Casper VPN enables you to choose between 5 encryption protocols to ensure maximum security and high bandwidth.
  3. Kill Switch: The function is highly helpful. It ensures an encrypted tunnel between your device and the servers. It also prevents your sensitive data from leakage.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth: the feature is available even with the cheapest CasperVPN tariff.

Client Account procedures

We think that the service has a lot of cons and some of you maybe have already decided to try it. Let’s have a look at what you have to do to get CasperVPN on your device. It is really a cakewalk to do this.

  1. First, visit and create an account.

We think that the service has a lot of cons and some of you maybe have already decided

  1. Fill in the form and confirm the registration via your e-mail.

Fill in the form

  1. Go back to the website and sign in to your account, using the created password and login. Choose a platform. We’ve tested CasperVPN on Windows.
  2. As soon as you click on the needed platform, we will be redirected to Here you should choose the solution. We’ve selected consumer VPN.

As soon as you click on the needed platform

  1. Click free VPN trial and the download will begin.

Click free VPN trial

  1. After setup, the software will require to fill in your e-mail and password again.

After setup

  1. Choose one of the giving servers.


  1. That’s it. Now you run through a secret tunnel.

That’s it

The process is really simple and intuitive. You will hardly face any difficulty while installing CasperVPN on your device.

Speed test and IP Leak test and for CasperVPN

Now we have CasperVPN on our desktop. Let’s test its speeds first. Here you may see speed results without the VPN.

Let’s test its speeds first

Now, let’s connect to Monreal. As you can see, the VPN slowed down the Internet connection.

As you can see, the VPN slowed down the Internet connection.

We’re glad to inform you that IP Test is successful. There is no any DNS leaks.

We’re glad to inform you that IP Test is successful

Summary for CasperVPN

Let’s sum up our review.

CasperVPN is undoubtedly worth trying. It is able to mask your IP making your invisible on the Internet. Moreover, the provider offers servers in the UK. It means that it is a nice VPN for Netflix, Sling TV or other American services.

Other CasperVPN advantages:

  • Easy to use;
  • No logs;
  • Kill Switch;
  • Reliable customer service;
  • Cross-platform software;
  • 15 day free trial;
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

CasperVPN disadvantages:

  • Reduces speeds;
  • No refunds available;
  • No free plan.

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i have tried Casper and it works perfectly especially in UAE

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