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Last updated: 19/02/2019

CargoVPN Review


Surfing the Internet today is as unsafe as going for a walk alone at night. Similar to robbers, computer fraudsters are on the way to crack your internet-enabled device via the network and steal the data interesting for them. Private Virtual Networks hasten to save you.

Cargo VPN is a good solution for security and privacy if you are in search of the best VPN for Mac. It provides you with unlimited access to the Internet without being determined. Blocking of malicious websites, numerous servers around the world, and absolute anonymity is among Cargo VPN facilities. 

Tariffs and prices of Cargo VPN


As any other reliable VPNs, Cargo VPN is not free. Before paying for service, a VPN free trial is available. A user may test Cargo VPN for 1 day and then make a decision, how long does he or she want to be protected by this VPN. 

There are three variants to subscribe:

 1-month package- The subscription costs $9.99. It is available for an average user, who can’t afford to pay a lot at once.

1-year package - A customer is to pay $49.99. This variant is preferred by those, who appreciate saving money. In this case, the monthly use of Cargo VPN comes to only $4.17.

 3- year package - Cargo usage is the most money saving method. It allows saving up to $259.65 paying $99.99 at a time. What can be better than be protected in the cyberspace and use savings sparingly? 

It is evident that all three variants are oriented on different categories of users that makes Cargo VPN attractive in consumers’ eyes.

Info on servers in different countries


Cargo VPN provides its users with more than thousand servers in 70 locations (among them you may find Australia, Belgium, Canada, Bulgaria, and many others), making your IP difficult to catch. Besides, such a vast number of servers makes it easy for Cargo VPN clients to travel without any difficulties with Internet use. Thus, it is strongly recommended to install a VPN for traveling to China to prevent VOIP apps blocking and other restrictions. 

Functions of Cargo VPN


Facilities of Cargo VPN are unlimited. Furthermore, it makes your Internet use really user-friendly. Now, let’s study them:

  • Privacy.

It is not a secret that your ISP follows hard behind you on the Internet. They might be aware of the movies you watch, messages you send or receive, web pages you visit, people you communicate with, and even when you go to bed. Cargo VPN allows hiding your Internet activity from your ISP by means of more than one thousand servers all over the world.

  • 24-hour trial offer up to 5 devices.

Nobody wants to buy shoes without trying them on. The same situation is about VPNs. After testing Cargo VPN you will be definitely sure about your choice.

  • Safe torrenting.

 Now it is secure to download any content you like without being revealed. Thus, you will not be punished for torrenting, as local authorities have no chance to trace you anymore. Cargo VPN will provide you with safe torrenting wherever you are. 

  • DNS Firewall.

 Lack of such function makes your Internet activity full of pop-up windows. Cargo VPN is here to protect a user from such troubles. Besides, it blocks malicious web pages, and as a result, it makes your Internet faster.

  • Personal IP and VPN Server.

These facilities allow users having dedicated IPs and Servers in order to be absolutely anonymous.

  • Super speed.

 Cargo VPN developers created this app extremely fast because of headmost servers that allow transmitting data in a flash-like way.

  • No censorship.

It is not a problem with Cargo VPN to get access to any content restricted by censorship because of religion, policy, economy wherever you are.

  • Safe use of public Wi-Fi hotspots.

 Using Cargo VPN for public hotspots make all transferring information, including your name, passwords, credit card data, safe and private.

Security and privacy


 Cargo VPN follows its Privacy Policy. Generally, it lays in the following:

  • secure online payment for the service;
  • optional concession of clients’ sensitive data;
  • your personal information may be used only to make your offer about the service:  updating and that sort of things.

Cargo VPN method of cyphering traffic is more reliable and more difficult to break than usual 128-bit encryption. This provider uses AES encoding with a 256-bit key, which is thousands of times more difficult to decode.


Support service


Round-the-clock Cargo VPN support is based on Eltima Software. All possible questions connected with Cargo VPN service are usually answered within no more than 5 minutes. Besides, you may leave a message by means of email [email protected]. EltimaSoftware stuff is always ready to help you and solve all possible problems.

Client Account procedures


Studying the facilities that Cargo VPN possesses, one must decide to choose it for the protection. To download Cargo VPN there are three variants:

1. Mac App Store for Mac users

2. App Store for iOS users

3. Visit the official website and double-click the inlay Download

After downloading and installing the app on Mac device, a user is to follow simple instructions (such as fill in some user's information).

Next, it is necessary to turn Cargo VPN status on and choose a server. Now it is only the user who will be able to know both real and virtual IP.

The app shows more details about the level of protection, available servers, duration of VPN use and other information.



For some, it is a minus that Cargo VPN is available only for Mac and iOS. But for these users, it is a great advantage. Cargo VPN developers take into consideration every detail of Apple devices. Thus, Mac and iOS users can enjoy all facilities of Cargo VPN use.



With Cargo VPN your Mac devices will be under a strong defense. Data leak becomes impossible because of strong encoding methods (256-bit encryption). Geo-restricted websites are at the disposal of Cargo VPN users now. Thus, one may evaluate all the beauty of ITV Player, HBO GO, Netflix, and others online services restricted for some areas. Securing your data with Cargo VPN, you make your life free of troubles.


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