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Last updated: 09/01/2019

b.VPN Review

You no longer have to sacrifice your personal internet freedom for security. With b.VPN software on your computer or mobile device, you can have both. You can browse any content or website you like, stream any movie you want or enjoy any online game you fancy without having to worry about the authenticity of the websites or about being censored. When you have the protection of the VPN software like b.VPN you can browse the internet completely anonymously, which secures you against hackers and makes your online presence completely invisible. You can also stream much higher quality content at a much faster speed rate since the network provided by b.VPN is much more rapid than your average connection. The best part is that any content you may want to watch can be viewed from anywhere in the world because b.VPN removes all internet restrictions so you can use the web freely and completely uncensored.

Tariffs and prices

b.VPN is not the cheapest VPN service out there, but it does offer some good benefits for the price. VPN clients who invest in the packages get terrific profits such as: full access to all of the b.VPN servers, great online protection thanks to secure protocols which allow you to connect to any open or public connection securely, you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously and you get unlimited bandwidth.

  • 1 Month – Those who prefer to pay on a monthly basis will get all of b.VPN’s benefits at only $9.99 per month.
  • 6 Months – You get a discounted rate when you pay $50 every six months, which brings down your monthly bill to only $8.33 per month.
  • 12 Months – Those who pay annually gets a reduced cost of $7.5 per month, which adds up to only $90.00 per year. Besides, the company offers 60% off 1 year package.

Before you can make payment, you need to register online and select the plan that you are interested in. Once the payment has been received your account will be activated and you can start enjoying the internet without any fear of being traced back and restricted.

b.VPN - vpn service, tariffs and prices

Info on Servers for b.VPN

This reliable VPN service provider has 30+ servers in 16+ countries, namely, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ukraine, France, several locations in the United States such as California, New Jersey, Florida, New York, Singapore, and etc. When you connect to the internet from these countries content downloads are much faster than with other networks such as Tor, because the connection is not redirected through other individuals. You can access any content from these countries because you are supplied with a substituted or hidden IP address so no one can detect your online presence, which also makes you safe from censorship.

Functions of b.VPN

This private VPN service has a lot of terrific benefits for you when you download b.VPN for Mac or for other devices. The main gains of using this VPN service are:

  • The software is incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • You enjoy the best online protection thanks to great security protocols that hide your IP address so you can be completely anonymous when using the internet.
  • Any connection is a safe connection when you use b.VPN because you are secure even when connecting to hotspots or open Wi-Fi sources.
  • b.VPN keeps no user logs, which mean that no one can ever trace any online action back to you or prove that you have visited certain websites.
  • You can enjoy faster streaming of high-quality content such as movies and series thanks to the faster servers.
  • When you run b.VPN all internet restrictions are removed so you can access any website you like whenever you like and wherever you go.

Security and Privacy

b.VPN is one of the best VPN services out there because it uses supreme protocols like L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and SSH for their networks which are some of the best protocols. b.VPN also keeps no logs which are terrific for those who like to download and stream anything they like. They have also layered their security with supports like UDP and TCP options for a more secure network. When you use the US VPN you are completely secured against hackers and censorship.

Besides all the enumerated advantages, the company offers Smoke VPN Tunnel, which is stated to bypass the strongest DPI Firewalls. The offer includes dedicated servers placed in 13+ geo-locations worldwide, such military-grade protocols as L2TP, OpenVPN, Custom UDP tunnel, SSH and up to 6 simultaneous connections to one account. With the innovative protocol customers can enjoy unrestricted access to the web without any fear of being traced back, censored or throttled. More than that, the feature seems to be irreplaceable for those who go for business travels to the countries that follow a policy of strict censorship. It should be mentioned that Smoke Tunnel works in China (like Chameleon technology offered by VyprVPN) among some of the very few things that can stay online for hours and stream videos. It is pretty beneficial as some other VPN services are suffering due to lack of technology that is required to bypass Chinese firewall letting down their users after initial sale and that's why they don't convert properly over the long term. The characteristic is built in trials and paid plans for different platforms. So, when it comes to how to use the function, you can find all the data in the FAQ section of the official website or contact the support team.

Support service

b.VPN offers 24/7 efficient customer support. You can call them at any given moment of the day or night and receive instant assistance through their direct landline. They also have an email ticket system, therefore you can resolve issues that require on hand support. For minor problems, you can scout their FAQ section to get some of the most commonly found problems solved.

Client Account process

You can download this good VPN service directly from their website. Instant downloads are available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android in various forms. With the direct downloads, you don’t have to go scouting for the right software on play stores. To become a full member of b.VPN you have to register online. The registration process involves minimal information such as name and contact details. Once registered, you need to select the plan that you’re interested in and make an online payment. The entire process is incredibly fast and the b.VPN software is quick to download and easy to setup.


b.VPN supports all major platforms. You can download the secure VPN software for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Vista and XP as well as various forms of Mac, iOS and for all of your Android devices. The software has a uniform functionality and is designed for all devices so you can easily switch between devices without struggling.


Although b.VPN’s network park is not the largest one (30+ servers in 16+ countries), it offers exceptional online protection for up to 6 devices connected to the service at the same time. The security level is good and the software, which is supplied with a built-in custom developed tunnel SMOKE, is compatible with multiple OSes. All in all, b.VPN is a top-notch customer-oriented VPN service that makes its best when it comes to online protection and gives you the freedom to enjoy any content you want.

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Angelina Miller
reply August 23, 2016

With b vpn it’s easy to sidestep Chinese firewall and use facebook. It accepts secure payment methods such as alipay, bitcoin, ukash, and etc. As you may know, only proven in use vpns have such support, so you can trust it. I use udp protocol as I need fast connection for streaming video. But when I make online payments using hotspots I switch to tcp protocol. All in all, thanks for your service!

Dylan Lee
reply August 05, 2016

I’ve chosen B vpn because it provides servers in the US and France, which is very convenient for me because I’ve got dual citizenship and need to have access to both French and American sites when I’m abroad. I’ve tried B vpn and want to say that now I feel 100% safe while being online.

reply July 17, 2016

Be certain, guys, I’ll stay tuned. I’ve used it for a year already and I can say you may depend upon it. Besides it provides a really good defense b.vpn is being constantly updated. I can’t wait how they’ll put a smile on my face this time.