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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Boxpn VPN Review

The Internet is not safe anymore. The thing is that today cyber attacks keep on the alert all the Internet users. Every day we learn more facts about one’s cracked accounts, online thefts and data leaks. Mindful users come to subscribing to a qualitative VPN services. That’s why we wish to draw your attention to Broxpn VPN. Boxpn VPN is a simple solution for VPN needs one can meet. Boxpn VPN is considered to match all your demands when talking about online privacy, security and anonymity.

Tariffs and prices of Boxpn VPN

tariffs and prices of Boxpn VPNWhen speaking about tariffs and prices of Boxpn VPN, they hardly differ from those on the market today. Boxpn VPN has three packages:

  • 1 month package — $9, 99;
  • 3 months — $6, 66 (save 34%);
  • 12 months — $2, 99 (save 70%).

The only feature which significantly distinguishes Boxpn from other services’ packages is that all of them are the same in the quality characteristics. The difference is that when subscribing to the 12Months package you can save much money.

Info on Servers for Boxpn VPN

Boxpn VPN is probably one of the best services for avoiding geo-restrictions. Boxpn holds 27 American servers, 34 European servers, and 4 Asia/Pacific servers. The number of server locations is a positive demonstration of possibilities Boxpn can give. If you are a subscriber of Boxpn VPN you can watch any streaming resource without any hits. And, which is more important, Boxpn VPN continues expanding.

Functions of Boxpn VPN

boxpn vpn serviceBeing an up-to-date service presented on the market, Boxpn VPN has made a good showing due to its functions:

  • Boxpn VPN uses OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP VPN protocols, which allow creating a defensive tunneling passing through which all your transferring traffic turns to be thoroughly encrypted;
  • Boxpn VPN has unlimited bandwidth and high speed performance, which allows watching and downloading anything you wish without any hits or delays;
  • Boxpn VPN provider keeps no logs, which means it’s a qualitative service providing you with a high level of anonymity;
  • Boxpn VPN supports Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, iOS and Android, also it can be used for multiple devices simultaneously;
  • Boxpn VPN works well without extra charges and provides you with 7 days money-back guarantee for any package you choose.

Security and Privacy

boxpn vpn secureBoxpn VPN is struggling for private, secure and anonymous network, which is obvious due to the protocols it uses and the facilities it gives. Boxpn offers free browsing without leaving any traces, which can be of a high use for adversaries. Boxpn encrypts all your sensitive data and hides your true IP address, thus concealing your online activity from government agencies, ISPs, hackers and other interested third parties. The fact that Boxpn VPN doesn’t keep any logging data or metadata sounds anonymously.

Support service of Boxpn VPN Bonxpn VPN is an easily installing service. Moreover, on the main website you can find a section called ‘How to Set Up’ and ‘Contact Us’ where you can find all the answers for your questions and contact the support team to get a professional support.

Client Account process

Signing up is pretty easy. There is nothing difficult about that and it will take you less than 10 minutes. All the needed information is your VPN account username and email address. In addition, the service accepts various payment methods including Bitcoin, which is especially useful for those who concern over their anonymity.


Boxpn VPN supports Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. Thus Boxpn VPN can be used for many devices. Moreover, the service permits to use a VPN for multiple devices simultaneous usage.


So, when speaking about Boxpn VPN, it can be stated that the service has a variety of advantages. Boxpn VPN is a qualitative service that uses the latest protocols for encryption and provides a pretty wide variety of server locations. Boxpn VPN has no bandwidth or speed limitations, and logging data storage. The only questionable matter is 24/7 customers support absence and that only three languages are used on the official site (EN, RU, FR). Nonetheless, Boxpn VPN is a qualitative service for your online life protection.

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reply October 18, 2016

This is an amazing service I’ve been lucky to use. I like the security level, have tested it on many websites and no one showed my real IP address. This is a premium service at low price. There were no troubles using servers in other continents. To be honest, speed results were unchanged with active VPN connection. I set my heart on Boxpn.

reply October 17, 2016

I’ve used it for about a month and think over renewing my subscription. Fast speed, unlimited bandwidth, awesome support. That’s what I really need! You are the best, guys. It would be a good thing to see i2p support in the next upgrade.

reply October 14, 2016

This is my first VPN I’ve ever tried. From the beginning, I decided to pay for a year because they offered unusual pricing that is comparably cheaper than other providers proposed for 3 months’ term. It was horrible at first: websites did not open, persistent disconnections and possible info leakages put me out. I’ve addressed to customer support and they promised to fix the problem. Indeed, they updated an application and now it works flawlessly. Many thanks!

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