BolehVPN is an Asian provider based in the Seychelles. It owns 35 servers worldwide and boasts military-grade encryption. It also provides customers with fast speeds and robust protocols.
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Last updated: 31/01/2019

BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN is owned by a company based in the Seychelles. And they have more than 7 years’ experience in the business. Asian providers are not always known for their quality VPN service, but BolehVPN is an exception. Without any doubt, it provides a solid VPN connection.

We are very impressed with their service in general. As stated before, for an Asian company, they have outdone themselves. However, it is not a giant in the business as of now. So, the small size has its own limitations. For those who are looking for a reliable VPN service, this provider is worth using. The speed and security is top notch and you should be satisfied with both.

Let’s start our BolehVPN review. It contains:

BolehVPN price and tariffs

As far as packages are concerned, the service provides monthly and yearly packages. You can choose whatever you wish. Better discount is available only for long-term plans. As far as the pricing is concerned, it's a little bit costly. It lies somewhere in the middle. 

You can also check if the service is useful for you by using a 1-day VPN free trial account. Most importantly, BolehVPN now accepts refund requests in the first 14 days of your subscription for packages starting with 30 days and above.

BolehVPN prices

You can use PayPal and all major credit cards to buy the software. Moreover, Bitcoin and such anonymous cryptocurrencies as Dash, Monero, Zcash, and Zcoin are available as well.

Info on servers

With BolehVPN you can access 35 servers in such counties as Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

Of course, comparing with other VPN providers, the amount of BolehVPN servers is not so wide. However, you can choose from Fully Routed or Proxied VPN servers. 


There is a saying that necessity is the mother of all inventions and it is absolutely true in the case of BolehVPN. It was started by a bunch of guys who were worried about their internet security and freedom. Over the years, they have emerged as a highly competent service.

Today, BolehVPN serves thousands of customers all over the world. The service provides its customers with many great features such as security, multi-logins, no bandwidth limits, and high speed.

BolehVPN today is able to hide your IP, encrypt your sensitive data with the help of BolehRoute, bypass geo-blocking and firewalls. Moreover, P2P connection is available with the provider. 

Security and privacy

BolehVPN comes with the secure protocol like OpenVPN. But they also provide L2TP. They don’t provide PPTP support at all as it is less secure in comparison. As far as the OpenVPN protocol is concerned, they provide 256-bit encryption. If you are concerned about the security, then you should definitely opt for OpenVPN. The 128-bit encryption is a big No-No.

It is noted on its official website that since BolehVPN is based in the Seychelles, it doesn’t keep any logs. BolehVPN doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of EU and US. This is a good thing for those who access it from EU countries and the US.

However, in BolehVPN privacy policy stated that they “do monitor general overall traffic of the server and number of connections in which the server is pushing through but not on an individual level.”

Support service

As far as customer support is concerned, BolehVPN provides Client Installation, Help desk, and a forum. The forum is really useful for those who are going to use the provider for a long period of time. Various topics are covered by the customers there.

Since our experience with the customer service is concerned, it went really well. The BolehVPN team was really eager to offer help. If you have some problems with software, leave your message to the team. You can find a form on the bottom right corner of the main page. 

Client account

As far as signing up is concerned, there is nothing complicated about it. You will find it really easy. It works just like regular signing up forms. But you won’t be asked to give personal information. Select your payment option and you are ready to go. You are allowed to have two simultaneous connections at a time.

The user area is really well designed. They have provided a comprehensive space for their users. As far as the Windows client BolehVPN VPN software is concerned, the installation is really straightforward. 

However, we’ve faced some problems with connection to several servers.

BolehVPN error

The Mac users can download VPN for Mac. Setting up the VPN for Mac is easy. 

IP Leak and Speed test for BolehVPN

We managed to connect successfully to the server in Luxemburg.

installation BolehVPN 1

Luckily, IP Leak test showed no DNS and IP leaks:

BolehVPN: IP leak test results

We also were satisfied with speed test results. Speeds are really fast and allow torrenting as well as watching high-quality videos online. 

BolehVPN speed test 1

Below you may see the speeds without BolehVPN application running on our Windows desktop:

BolehVPN speed test 2


BolehVPN supports most of the platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux. You will find instructions for establishing a connection via OpenVPN on BolehVPN. Moreover, BolehVPN supports DD-WRT / AsusMerlin-WRT / Tomato routers.

Can we call it the best VPN service?

Not really. But for the best price, it is a really good private VPN service. As stated before, several factors make it a very good VPN service.


Well, let’s first see what we have liked. The software is really good as it comes with exciting configuration choices. The performance is really good and it is consistent as well. The software provides optimized connection options as well. The service is transparent, which is really important. Just remember that notorious story with PureVPN. 

To our mind, the main cons of the provider is impossibility to connect to all servers. While testing the VPN some of them were unreachable.

Have a look at BolehVPN cons and pros in brief.


  • Fast download speed;
  • Military-grade encryption;
  • Home router support;
  • Torrenting is available;
  • No bandwidth limits.


  • No iOS client;
  • Some servers are unreachable.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply January 20, 2019

BolehVPN gives me the tools and servers that I need to get my internet secure. Feel much safer being on the VPN than nothing at all. Their Netflix servers let me watch US shows too!

Awesome VPN
reply December 10, 2018

I am happy with BolehVPN customer service. I am also very happy about how secure this BolehVPN, not to mention that, the price also very affordable!

reply September 29, 2016

It’s good for me. The software is easy to use. The support is really helpful and friendly whenever there is a problem. I’ve never had troubles what so ever with speeds. Well, I’m really happy with BolehVPN!

Earl Hickey
reply August 25, 2016

This service is not the cheapest one, but it offers great possibilities. The speed is better than other vpns I’ve used. I really like their customer support. Agents are professional and pleasant. It takes few hours to get a reply email. And their forum is helpful too. I recommend bolehvpn to everyone who cares about privacy and wants to save time.

reply August 11, 2016

As a professional gamer I use this service for accessing geo-blocked games and game content. Fortunately, BolehVPN provides full access for game hosting. With it I enjoy the high connection speed without any failures. In addition, the price is not so high.

reply July 01, 2016

As the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. I had great doubts about Boleh VPN. Their website is poorly designed. But it has surprised me. I use it on my PC and Android device and stay encouraged.