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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Blockless Review

Whenever we use our phones, computers and tabs, we surf the web, download emails, and receive notifications and many more. The websites, passwords, and links that we click are used by hackers. However, with the use of Virtual Private Network, you may manage the task of watching you online. While you make use of public Wi-Fi systems, this is an important tool. A Canadian corporation, Blockless offers reliable VPN service, besides allowing you to get to the geo-limited substance from some streaming media suppliers. 

In 2016, they have revised their website and their objectives with the much distinct path towards security and privacy of the users. They started beta testing Virtual Private Network solution for Mac OS X and Windows client and the formation of mobile applications.

Tariffs and prices

There are only two Blockless VPN plans: Basic and Premium. In fact, Basic plan is a free and limited tariff which offers only one location, one connected device, and basic ad blocker. It is available free without any time limits. Thus, you can enjoy USA VPN completely free of charge. On the contrary, Premium Plan is paid and has some extra features such as ultra fast speeds, streaming smartDNS, etc. The price for the Premium Plan is $7.50 per month.

There are only two Blockless VPN plans: Basic and Premium

Info on servers

The company has placed the servers in nine countries, like Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Brazil and many more. The most suitably distributed server system allows you to release services, such as, Facebook, Netflix, Google, Hulu and some more. Just have a look where Netflix is blocked, and you'll understand that a VPN will solve the problem.


The Smart DNS solutions provider, Blockless has the aim to help all users in browsing and enjoying the streaming content of media with no regional boundary, utilized by most of the providers. The service of Blockless functions by altering the address of DNS server in your own device. This helps to stop authorization appeal from the providers.

Unlike conventional VPNs, in which the traffic of the service and the device gets encrypted or delivered to the web, just a slight level of traffic crosses via Smart DNS. When the introduction portion of interaction of provider and server is over, the remaining part of traffic is transmitted straight to your gadget.

Security and privacy

As Blockless has the target to offer very high-quality streaming system and applies SmartDNS tools, it doesn’t offer much from the standpoint of security. However, it comprehends this fact, and thus, it has not claimed anything about it. The SmartDNS may not give very high security. But, it denotes that you may get the most excellent speeds for streaming. There is also a service, known as SmartVPN. However, it is believed that this wording is little ambiguous because this is not, in fact, any private network. The reason, behind this view is that:

  • It applies a PPTP link that isn’t much protected.
  • The settings, used for PPTP also signifies that this isn’t encrypted by any means.

Blockless can provide an Ad Blocker solution with the DNS arrangement. Thus, you never need to be concerned with all the annoying ads, appearing on the website. Although many VPNs do so, they are actually executing this for SmartDNS link.

As far as keeping logs by the provider of Blockless is concerned, they keep IP addresses (Check if it is in our zero log VPN list). Still, it is important to know if the provider is trusted to avoid data leaks.

Support service

While you have any query that needs to be solved, the customer support group of Blockless is accessible all the time to assist you with the email. Blockless provides two major categories of support. One is FAQ, while the other one is ticket tools. The FAQ has included all the vital subjects, whereas the ticket system is presented to solve more complex issues. This ticket supports team answers within the right time period and seems to be friendly and knowledgeable. There is also support file, in which you may get responds to lots of questions on the SmartVPN and SmartDNS solutions. 

Client account

The initial process for signing up to the website is extremely simple. Blockless involves a 2-step sign up procedure. You should, at first, build, and free account for trial with the use of your email password and ID. While you own that trial version, you may register for any of the premium package.

You can choose to sign up by means of PayPal and credit card. They recognize the main credit cards, such as, MasterCard and Visa. Those people, who register with PayPal, can get the opportunity to deal with the subscription via the website of Blockless or through PayPal.


As one of the good VPN providers, Blockless can back up a range of devices, such as desktops, game consoles, Smartphone, smart televisions, routers and media players. Access your Blockless account and select the help menu for the setup system in case of Windows platform. The site has also software for Android version like 2.1. This enables you to control the account from Android handset. There is an area selector, which allows you to link to the preferred nation. Thus, it becomes very simple to switch areas while linked to the service. Blockless has also Google Chrome extension that has same performance as Android application. You can also download Blockless VPN for Mac.


Blockless can be the best option for those, who are searching for Smart DNS. They enable the users to download Blockless VPN for Windows as well as Android. The custom programs help to control the regions and renew your USA IP VPN. The site offers well written instructions to assist you in getting started. So, buy VPN USA from Blockless and get more security at high speeds.

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reply August 21, 2016

Blockless vpn provides a great streaming speed. Now my family watches abc channel even being far from home. Children are thrilled and I can do my business online under the guarantee of strong defensive measures.

Buddy Owen
reply August 02, 2016

I like travelling and my journey planning includes many things comprising a vpn. I want to be confident that my private life won’t be brought out. I’ve tried blockless vpn and I’m happy because with this service I can access public wifi without any risks, also I can easily change my virtual location. I will continue using blockless even at home.

John Wilson
reply July 13, 2016

At first I’ve been skeptical about blockless vpn. It’s really pricy compared with other services of this level. I tried blockless vpn but I refused of using it because its American servers are often overloaded, as a result, I couldn’t watch videos at ease. I’ve downloaded blockless vpn this month and now I watch what I want nice and early.