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blackVPN Review

The virtual private network service has become the best means, which is used very often nowadays for protecting the confidentiality of all the users, while browsing the websites. They are able to do it with the creation of a type of encrypted channel, in which all information, which you have submitted on internet world, may pass through. As this is encrypted, it is not possible for anyone to capture the records to interpret and recognize it. In fact, you can find lots of VPN service providers, and it is very difficult to select the most excellent one.

However, from VPN review, it is seen that BlackVPN offers all the standard features to the users and tries to give the best solution.

Tariffs and prices

Unlike many other common providers of the VPN services, BlackVPN gives 3 offers, from which you can choose any one. They also offer some discount, depending on the time for which you have signed up. As there is an opportunity to stream from any place, the VPN may be acceptable to most of the people. It also helps to set the price at very low level. The packages of BlackVPN range from average to cheap ones:

  • Privacy Package-

Rate of price- 30 days (at €5) to 90 days (at €13).

For one year, this package costs €49.

This package is suitable for the anonymous or safe browsing and P2P users.

  • TV Package-

Cost- One month duration (€7.50) to three months (€20).

Here also the for one year subscription, the price can be €75.

Strategically, the servers are placed for giving you the most excellent thing in the matter of broadcasting. They also support very fast speeds for any streaming.

  • blackvpn - vpn serviceGlobal Package-

The price for one month is about €9.50, while for three months, this is €27. The yearly subscription is at €99. The plan combines TV and privacy packages of BlackVPN.

  • Single Package-

Here, €49 is charged for one year plan. The charge for one month is nearly €5, while for ninety days, it is €13.

Info on servers

BlackVPN presents a small list of servers. However, they control each of them and make certain of very high bandwidth for matching the unlimited rate of transfer. In total, there are thirty servers in twenty-one locations around the world, placed in different countries(total number of countries is 19), the USA, the UK, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Estonia and many more. However, on the basis of the plan that is chosen, you can get the limited access. All of the packages consider three real-time connections.


BlackVPN is one of the reputable private VPN providers that can offer you all the things, such as security and streaming. You will perhaps be pleased with the improved level of services, provided by them. This service provider has the aim of offering you the first class anonymous solutions to all those people, who have a plan for getting around some GEOIP limitations. At the same time, they are also helping those, who need VPN for some special purpose.

On the official site, the company has also offered a solution, known as ReadThenBurn that help in the delivery of the zero-knowledge encrypted texts to your associates.

blackvpn - vpn service


Privacy and security

BlackVPN is a company that was founded in Hong Kong. And this is the major advantage to the company because this remains outside the jurisdiction of EU and USA. In fact, the experts at BlackVPN know about the fact since they decided to get transferred to that place in the year 2012 for keeping away from all the secret court instructions about monitoring.

Besides having 4096 bits key BlackVPN has AES OpenVPN of 256bit, and this is quite the safest option in the marketplace. In many cases, it is seen that the extreme encryption gives some impact on the speed of the connection. However, being the best VPN service, BlackVPN is able to manage it. Besides, PPTP and L2TP are also available. There is also L2TP and PPTP available. In the context of logging, this service provider has presently changed to the idea of not keeping logs.

In order to keep up the anonymity of the clients, BlackVPN does not include any client part on the online site or on secure VPN software, used by them. Rather, they offer random password and account number to all the individuals, who are registering with their service. For such system, the detection of whether your VPN has expired may seem to be troublesome. However, this is a small transaction for to make a positive step.

Support service

BlackVPN has tried to do everything in order to provide the best level of the customer support system in the relevant industry. It covers every major kind of the support, such as, FAQ, Live support and Ticket system. The FAQ part remains always updated. You can get the answers of all the common queries and problems that you may have. Besides ticket support system is also extremely efficient. You can get the fast reply and find the solutions for all the concerns that you are experiencing presently. Moreover, BlackVPN also presents a wide-ranging base of knowledge and also a guide section in the website and it may also give you the solutions of some common issues.

Client account

The process of signing up with BlackVPN is very easy. What you need is only the email address. When you want to pay them through Bitcoin, there is a need of some other information regarding the payments.

Platforms for installation

The company has done a wonderful task to make certain that they offer you all the details, which you want to set up a VPN properly. They give instruction for installation on an extensive variety of the platforms, such as, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, pdSense and Boxee. For this reason, it becomes very simple for you to make sure that you are able to utilize the VPN solutions with all the various operating systems, with which you are using.

It is already stated that BlackVPN makes use of the PPTP and L2TP type of connection to link to the services. All of these different methods of connection comprise its individual guides for every platform, which you want to choose (Read more about VPN protocol differences).

All the guides are quite uncomplicated and straightforward. You can understand the procedure of arranging the windows system to link to the servers. In addition to it, these guides incorporate the screenshots, and thus, it is very simple to deal with the settings, related to your OS.

BlackVPN also makes an attempt to guarantee that their every VPN client has received the tools, which are needed to build the system or do the installation easily as much as possible. The guides may also be the best assets to troubleshoot all issues in the future.


BlackVPN has thus established itself as the genuine VPN solutions providers. They offer outstanding security and speed for the servers, along with multiple options for package options. Besides, their guides are also helpful to all for solving problems.

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reply August 26, 2016

It’s definitely the greatest service I’ve ever used. I installed BlackVPN to watch Netflix’ series in the UK. As you know, full library content is available only for the USA users. But I can’t live without TV shows and I’m ready to pay for such services, especially when the price is not so high.

reply August 09, 2016

This is the best service I’ve ever tried. It’s fast and cheap. And the privacy is at the highest level. What else could you ask for a VPN? I highly recommend to use this service.

reply July 03, 2016

I use Black VPN on my iPad to watch streaming TV while traveling and it's a life-saver for me. It gives impressive speed results and give me access to many restricted websites and their content. For me it’s a definitive feature to pay for such services.

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