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Last updated: 14/02/2019

Betternet Review

Betternet is one of the few VPN companies who strive to keep their services absolutely free for internet users. Instead of receiving money from their customers, they earn money for each app that gets installed and for each video that gets watched on the app. They do plan on maintaining their free services in the future and do their best to keep the software updated and the services in good shape to ensure that their VPN clients stay as well protected as possible when they use the internet.

Some of the top benefits that you can enjoy when you use this good VPN service are, protection and security for all your online activities, the ability to stream all channels from any location and the freedom to unlock websites that have been restricted in the client’s location but what is by far the best benefit, is that you can enjoy all these benefits absolutely free of charge.

More information on Betternet’s tariffs

Free option – The free service provider allows you to download the app and software completely free. Most free VPNs in the USA would compromise on security, but not Betternet who thrive by getting more and more customers. This free VPN is believed to be rather reliable VPN service that is available completely free which a great investment is for cyber junkies who already have their hands full with the prospect of paying off their expensive electronic gear.

More information on Betternet’s tariffs

Premium package – Betternet is planning on launching a premium package that will not be completely free. The premium membership will cost about thirty dollars annually and will provide users with a more stable connection and 24 hour customer support. Premium members can also select the location and IP addresses that they want to connect with as well as other benefits that will be announced once they launch the premium membership. The free membership will, however still be available and will continue providing clients with all the current benefits that they have come to rely on and  in such a way Bettenet can continue upholding their name as one of the best VPN services. Monthly cost for Premium Plan depends on the period of subscription and varies from $2.99 to $11.99 per month. The longer period is, the less monthly price is.

Free option and premium package comparison

It is obvious that free versions always lag some features that are offered by paid packages. Let’s see how the deals are with Betternet VPN:

Free option (how it is free)

  • Slower connections
  • Only 1 US server is available
  • Ads and video watching

Premium package

  • A few server locations are at disposal
  • Faster connections
  • Without ads (at least they promise)
  • 5 devices for one subscription

Statistics of Betternet

This reliable VPN service has claimed the place of the number one VPN app on the Google Play Store and App Store. Betternet has more than 24 million users across the globe and the users consume over 1 petabyte of daily traffic. The VPN’s name is mentioned over 100 000 times on a daily basis on blogs, websites and social media sites. Betternet owes much of its success to the fact that this secure VPN software is not just free in major countries, but also internationally which really sets Betternet apart from other free VPNs (source from the site). 

How Betternet can improve your online life?

The internet makes out a huge part of our lives. Today, the internet and online companies have modernized enough to supply consumers with everything they need such as information, education, products, services, advice and entertainment. The internet is still a bit rough though and can be terribly insecure. Some companies, for instance, completely banned social media sites and YouTube in an attempt to prevent the outside world and terrorists from gaining access to sensitive information. This can be quite terrible for those living in these countries and those who travel there. Betternet VPN software unlocks a great number of restricted sites and provides internet users with an undetectable method to access geo-restricted sites like Facebook and Twitter that is currently restricted. The encryption software also provides users with confidentiality so they can do anything they like online without the risk of getting hacked or censored.

Security and Privacy of Betternet

The exact security protocols and software that Betternet use to keep your online activities anonymous is not expressed on their website, but there must be a good reason for 25 million people to keep using this software, despite the fact that it is just free. Still, according to FAQ page Betternet uses IPsec with 128-bit encryption and OpenVPN with 256-bit encoding. Nevertheless, there is no option for changing it or information on what platforms or devices are maintained by these protocols (compare all VPN protocols).

Read what information the provider collects and keeps here.

The VPN Betternet reviews and comments from clients are mostly positive which suggests that just about all of Betternet’s clients are in fact happy with the security that they enjoy after doing a Betternet VPN download. 

Betternet’s NeverAds adblocker and other features

Providing that you have decided to subscribe for this very free service and are not afraid of those warnings about free services, you need to know the company offers some more extensions that can be of a high use for your online experience.

What does the app give you?

  • Any adds embedded on websites pages can be blocked with the use of the extension;
  • It deprives you of video ads, pop-ups, banners, malware and other annoying web marketing tools;
  • With the use of the extension you are to block all the disturbing flash games posted online on your favorite websites;
  • Without the endless ads you are stated to surf the internet faster, as long as it’s known to boost your speed a lot;
  • While watching such video services as YouTube you will be able to avoid all the annoying pre-paid videos, which is to make your work with the service easier and smoother.

The app is absolutely free, which is good for your budget. If you are tired of facing all the distractive ads, you will be glad to see the extension is compatible with numerous browsers:


Thus, in case you run the most in-demand Chrome (more VPN extensions for Chrome), all you need is to choose the needed app and download it:



HEXA VPN protocol offered by Betternet:

Besides the adblocker, the company offers a new sort of VPN:


The main idea of the newly-created service is to offer its customers more than any other common provider. Thus, ordinary VPN protocols are stated by the company to prevent people from using an ideal service. Having created the bleeding-edge protocols, the company hopes to provide its customer with the best solution ever. 

The protocol is known to be supplied with a range of unique features:

  • Mobility:

Mobile network connections are stated to be out-of-dated and ill-fitted for mobile devices. HEXA has been specially designed to provide mobile device with essential level of protection while being connected to the internet. Besides, the creator assures you can run the protocol and don’t lose in speed even if your original internet connection can’t be called a speedy one.

  • Modernity

Despite all the rest protocols used by VPN services for traffic encoding, HEXA has been created for more flexible way of usage, which offers not only a bleeding-fast internet connection, but also a top-notch protection for all your confidential information.

  • Blockproof

The thing is that the commonest VPN protocols have been already revealed and dealt with by many streaming services and other geo-restricted web resources with the use of filtering systems. Being an all-new solution for internet security HEXA is assured to be immune to blocking.

So, Hexatech is a mobile application developed by Betternet company, which allows you for the internet you’ve never seen before. Ultimate security and ultra-fast VPN connection are the main VPN features.

The free application can be downloaded from:


The interface is simple and user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties with the settings and usage:


Betternet’s customer care and support services

You can’t exactly expect a full time technical team to be on standby 24/7 when you use a free service like Betternet but the website does have a simple FAQ section that will guide you through the most common difficulties and enquiries and if that is not good enough, you can also submit a request online and even add a screenshot or attachment of the problem you are dealing with. Betternet’s premium membership that is going to be launched in the near future will, however cover a live chat program that provides clients with instant assistance on a 24 hour basis.

Betternet’s account processes

Betternet does not have any fee which means no payment is needed to get started. You can simply download the app to your device and enjoy instant protection from the user friendly software. The downloading process is incredibly simple and you don’t need to supply any confidential information to use this service. Betternet’s premium membership might, however, require a registration when it launches in the future.


How to start using Betternet VPN?

As we have mentioned above the process of installing Betternet VPN I dead simple. You just need to take a few steps below:

  • Visit the website of Betternet and find the button ‘’Download app’’ in the upper right corner of its homepage. Press it.
  • After the app is downloaded, open the file to install it. The process of installing is automatic and you don’t have to take any complicated actions.
  • When he app is installed, open it click ‘’Connect’’. You are not able to select a server or protocol.
  • If you are not satisfied with the free option, click ‘’Go Premium’’ and choose the advanced package of Betternet which is paid.

Betternet works on multiple platforms

You can enjoy great functionality from this fantastic app because you can download the VPN for Mac, computers, smartphones and other devices. Special software is crated for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Google Chrome, Firefox and NeverAds to provide users the best functionality possible.

Betternet VPN’s Privacy Policy

The section is one of the main characteristics any customer should pay attention to. As long as the service is free, you need to keep your eyes open. It is Privacy Policy that is the key to your internet freedom, anonymity, privacy, and security.

Firstly, all the Betternet outputs undergo the same privacy policy including the official website, plugin and all the tailored devices.

So, Betternet has stated to send some metadata to third parties for making diagnosis and analytics for identifying connectivity errors and bugs. The measure is accepted for delivering better performance. However, the stored data is assured to contain no personality indentifying info and is secured by the company.

The service also says the output protects the customers from internet threats, but doesn’t excludes the connected devices from malware, which means you shouldn’t ignore antivirus software usage.

As long as the service is free, it is supported by third-parties adverts companies. The companies are provided with access to cookies for estimating the efficiency of their ads. The activity is not controlled by Betternet. Besides, it is stated that the company is not responsible for the content posted by the parties.

Betternet’s Terms of Service

The company acts in compliance with some age restrictions. Thus, a person that has reached 21 and more can run the service only. Also, the service has assured its customers that privacy is one of the main issues for the company. While using the output you are prohibited to send spam, post any pop-up from the service, commit attacks that can cause damage to the service reputation, users, etc., run the service for illegal activities.


Besides, the service has the right to modify or disconnect your from the service accessing in case of any disobedience to the rules is shown up. In this case you won’t receive any notice or warning, but will be included to the black book. Despite the service is stated as a free one you have a chance to run a paid version fully-fledged with all the opportunities it provides. All the features and ‘no-ads’ guarantee will be demonstrated to a customer before payment is required.

The payment methods accepted by the company are activated through Play Store and App Store. Therefore, the service is not responsible for any damages to a transfer action or banking information you send. This should make customers think, as there is a huge number of paid services that offer all the most anonymous payment methods, such as crypto-currency, for instance. However, the service offers 30-days money-back guarantee, which makes you protected from unexpected money losses.

For achieving the refund you need to follow several rules, such as the letter should be sent in a current month and all the expired packages won’t be bankrolled. The used bandwidth shouldn’t exceed 50MB for that month. Any customer’s request that doesn’t meet all the demands will be rejected by the company.


With Betternet you may get so much more than you would expect from a free VPN service. The VPN does not compromise on security measures, has great global coverage and is definitely one of the most popular VPNs since it was claimed to be the number 1 place on among VPNs downloaded for the Android play store. You get all the convenience from this free VPN that you would enjoy from highly expensive VPNs(check which ones are cheap VPNs) such as great security, fast network speeds, availability and software that is easy to set up on multiple devices. You can test the software any time you like without having to sign any long term contracts. 

Betternet VPN pros

  • User –friendly interface
  • Free trial in Premium Version
  • Open VPN is promised
  • Free version of Betternet

Betternet VPN cons

  • Absence of kill switch
  • Ads and video in the free version of Betternet
  • Not responsible for the actions of third agencies
  • Data limit for money refund (50 MB)
  • Possible malware with a free app

Do you think that Betternet  is good free VPN service to try in 2019? Do you find Betternet weak or not?

 Leave your comments and share your ideas with bestvpnrating in our comments section! Any opinion is accepted and appreciated.

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reply November 23, 2018

Thanks on your marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back down the road. I want to encourage continue your great job.

reply November 30, 2017

I can’t say that Betternet is the worst the best VPN. It is just free and one shouldn’t expect great opportunities without paying. When you don’t pay for the product, you become a product. If you don’t want to pay for a VPN, you have to watch ads and video. Even free services are business as well s paid ones. I don’t like free Betternet, I prefer Premium package which is also not ideal one. Still, it is not bad. It makes me hidden from ISPs eyes.

reply November 06, 2017

You mentioned about the premium package of this VPN app… Could you give any more details? Is it free or paid?
reply November 07, 2017

Thanks for the question. Betternet Premium package is paid one. They do not provide the information about the price on their website as they claim it is free. Nevertheless, you have to pay to extend your opportunities with Betternet

reply November 03, 2017

I was looking the service to stop my ISP from breaking internet connections when I visit torrent trackers. I didn’t want to pay much. Once I tried Betternet, I was not pleased with it. It is not for torrenting at all. Internet speeds are too slow to download torrents. IP leaks and tracking… It was my mistake, I didn’t get to know it earlier. I will never use free VPN for torrenting.

reply October 28, 2017

I see that you reviewed this free VPN Betternet in a clear positive way. Personally, I doubt that free VPN services are worth installing. I think a VP service is something you should pay for if you intend to get decent security. What privacy are we talking about while using a free VPN? They need money and work with third parties. I don’t want to be tracked by someone. I prefer to pay for the service. That’s just my opinion.
reply October 29, 2017

Lempi, many thanks for sharing your point of view.

reply October 14, 2017

I have installed Betternet on my laptop because Wi-Fi network blocks access to Facebook and YouTube. I switch different servers (still, not all of them are available for free) and access these website. Nevertheless, it slows down the internet connection. Sometimes, it is difficult to load video. It makes me irritated…

reply September 20, 2017

I use this VPN for a year. I understand that it is free and lags many features offered by paid VPNs. Still, I don’t have to pay what I don’t need or won’t use. I just need the chance to hide my IP address, and I manage to do it. Not bad for free using.

reply September 13, 2017

My point of view is that they might be a good free, anonymous VPN service right now. And that’ s really great. But “free service” doesn’t seem to be a sustainable business model for a VPN service, so it almost doesn’t matter how dcent they are now. They certainly can’t do it forlong. As for me, I’d rather just pay for a VPN and know that they’re founded on a detailed business plan and offer concrete features without hidden ads and malware.

reply September 14, 2017

Agree with you, Grag. I believe nothing is really free. Advertising is the way to pay for ‘’free services’’. That is irritating and sometimes leads to viruses in your computer. I just don’t think that’s reasonable for a privacy-focused VPN service. They can’t inject ads without breaking security. I can’t imagine that a single ad at the beginning of a VPN session is going to cut it in the long term. Moreover, ads consume a lot of bandwidth which is not appropriate for free trials with limited data transfer.

reply June 05, 2017

What can I say about Betternet? So, I use it not long ago. I believe it is not perfect, but it is ideal for me. Firstly, Betternet is free, I do not have to waste money for packages full of features which I would not use. Of course, I care about my privacy, and that is quite enough for me what they offer for achieving it. If I decide to upgrade, I can pay for it and get some additional functions, but I do not need it now. I am pleasantly surprised to use such a VPN service for free. One moment I do not like is that the server can‘t be chosen by yourself. But… is not so crucial….All the more, I do not have any charges!!! I don’t know how long I will use Betternet, but I am sure it is a good one if you are an average internet user.

reply September 06, 2016

In spite of the fact that this is a free vpn, it has no limitations. It maintains many os, unlocks banned websites and lets me use streaming channels wherever I am now.))That’s cool!

reply September 02, 2016

Betternet is the greatest vpn and it’s absolutely free without any limits and registration. Also, I use its product ad blocker neverads for my iphone. The service is cool and it’s said to be free forever)))

Colin James
reply August 28, 2016

I think, it’s not bad at all. The app has free content, but your virtual location will be chosen automatically, usually these are American servers. If you want to choose another country, you’ll have to pay money. It’s very secure due to the encryption, even a highly interested in your business outside device will be able to see that you’re using proxy and nothing more.