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Last updated: 09/01/2019

AzireVPN Review

A desire to secure your privacy with a VPN is the right way to provide your network with a high level of defense. In this age of the Internet when our physical lives have partially transferred to the virtual estate the threats have penetrated theirs too. Therefore such dangers as malware, spyware, data storage for targeted ads, fraudulence, identity thefts, and others are come across to by many customers.

The service being observed is one of the multiple outputs of the current market. It’s regarded as a service with strong encryption, no logging storage, and fast speed performance. You can see for yourself whether it’s true or not while reading the review. Well, the article is devoted to AzireVPN, a top VPN provider.

Tariffs and prices of AzireVPN

Azire VPN priceThere are four packages with the same functional characteristics: 5 devices, unlimited server switching, and access to all features.

  • 1 month costs €5/mth;
  • 3 months costs €4,3/mth (total 13 EUR);
  • 12 months costs €3,75/mth (total 45 EUR);
  • 24 months costs €3,25/mth (total 78 EUR).

All the packages possess 7-day money back guarantee, which is pretty enough when comparing it with those providers who give only one day or even 20 minutes to try the service.

If talking about payment methods, the diversity is not big but contains advantages. The service accepts credit and debit cards, PayPal, swish, bitcoin. The last one is considered by many privacy experts as the most reliable one, as you can pay in an anonymous way.

Info on Servers in different countries

24+ servers in three countries are available for connection. The countries are Sweden, the UK, and the US. With this VPN US content can be easily unblocked. All the servers obtain the same qualitative characteristics: AES-256-CBC, IPv4/IPv6. The most (16) quantity of servers are located in Sweden, which is pretty good for those who look for avoiding ‘five eyes’ countries.

Functions of AzireVPN

No logging: the provider assures the clients to store no logging or metadata that can be further hand over to any interested party, which is highly anonymous.

No restrictions from ISPs: although the server park is not big, the VPN gives a chance to make a connection to one of the servers and feel free when using the Internet.

No bandwidth limitations: the characteristics are especially useful for those who tend to send a huge amount of data while networking, as you can send as many GBs as you need and more.

The lack of DNS links: according to the latest researches being made in the sphere of Internet protection, DNS links are one of the main threats used for money thefts or fraudulence. While using the VPN, your money and any other personal data are under protection, as DNS leaks are impossible due to strong protective measures.

Multiple devices: conforming to the provider, practically all the most popular devices are compatible with the service.

Security and Privacy

Depending on your requirements, two different connection methods can be used, either OpenVPN or Web proxy. The best encryption possible is offered by the VPN on OpenVPN servers with 256-bit key and TLS auth. No IPv6 leaks can be experienced as the service uses IPv6 support. The topic seems to be the most important as your security and privacy depend on this very feature. Being a qualitative service, a VPN should create a secure tunneling passing through which all your traffic should be encrypted. When talking about AzireVPN, the methods used for encryption are good, but too little data is given in details.

Support service

When turning to support service, it should be mentioned that AzireVPN uses several approaches to the issue:

  • Guides are offered to the customers for giving a possibility to look through the data concerning OpenVPN and Web proxy usage for different purposes.
  • Files containing essential information on configuring recommendations can be downloaded here.
  • Technical documents can be used in the case if you use a device that hasn’t been mentioned in the guides.
  • Frequently asked questions can be also looked through to gain fast assistance.
  • Contact the provider can be fulfilled through the email where you can contact them from 8 till 21. For sending an email you need to enter your email and question.

Client Account procedures

To set up a VPN you need to manage your own account on the website. After that, the process of app installation comes. As it stated by the service provider is as easy as one, two, three. The dashboard is used for informing you on the service while giving you data on the account status, editing of your account, old transactions and new information adjustment. The satisfying thing is that the pricing you see on the official website is the latest data on the pricing as there are no fees or any other takeouts.


As it has been stated earlier, AzireVPN is compatible with all the most popular devices based on Windows, iPhone, Android, Mac OS X, and Linux. The provider updates the client regularly so that there are no problems with the VPN usage.


A VPN is the right way to provide your network with a high level of defense and any customer who prefers different VPN has a right to this. But before making its final look at the main functions of AzireVPN.

Although the customer support may seem to be irrespective and not efficient due to the lack of live chat, basing on the latest experience it can be noticed that the letter that has been sent to the support team at 10.00 has been answered at 14.00, though they could have answered in 24 hours if relying on the rules.

In spite of the fact that the service is easy to set up, all the files for the operation have to be downloaded separately from the website, there is no developed app. In addition, to switch from one server to another one you need to switch of the previous connection in advance, which can be pretty insecure, and to put in your user’s data, which is pretty time-consuming.

The speed test has shown good results, so both upload and download speeds are enough for listening to Pandora or watching BBCiPlayer (many factors depend on your Internet connection speed).

Anyway, the service is pretty qualitative and provides protection, which is the most valuable in the case. It’s up to you to decide whether to use it or not, but it is really worth a chance.

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