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The settings of Avira Phantom VPN allow choosing the fastest or the nearest location. Besides, it is possible to connect to a server from the list provided by this VPN.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Avira Phantom VPN Review


Avira worked out a VPN service known as Avira Phantom VPN. The developers of Avira give the chance to both use this VPN free and buy a subscription to it.

The word “VPN” became very popular recently. After the story about Edward Snowden  people were frightened in earnest. Internet users understand that they are monitored by third parties from the ISP to the government.

The info about them is generally used for commercial activities. But there are the cases when people are monitored for criminal purposes.

Therefore, the demand for VPN services increases. Nowadays, the companies that worked out antivirus soft started launching VPNs. Avira Antivirus organization was the first to make a go of it and launched out Avira Phantom VPN.


Tariffs and prices: Is there any chance to download Avira free?


 In contrast to numerous analogues, Avira Phantom VPN offers both paid and free versions. Free VPN is restricted in traffic, though. Only 500 MB will be protected. If you use the Internet quite often, this variant is not for you.

However, in case of registration your account on Avira official website, 1 Gb of your traffic will be protected by Avira Phantom VPN. Besides, the functions of paid and free VPN plans are different:

It is obvious that free version of Avira Phantom VPN is not without disadvantages, but it may be used by those individuals who browse the Internet not very often. Streaming and torrenting are not for you with Avira VPN.


Free version

Pro version





up to 1000 MB





Switched on automatically while connected to Wi-Fi



Protection of your privacy



Access to the blocked websites



Fail-safe function



Support service




But if you want to protect your correspondence and banking accounts, Avira VPN free plan will manage to protect you.

If you want to use Avira free VPN download it on the official website for Windows or in Play Store of your portable gadget.

Avira Phantom VPN prices

 1 year plan – This plan is the most advantageous in case you are going to install Phantom VPN on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Save 37% paying €59.95 at once. One month subscription will cost no more than €5.00.

1 month plan – Avira Phantom VPN may be used on the devices running on different OSes. One month subscription costs €7.95, but it is possible to pay 40% less (only €4.95) in case a person is going to use Avira VPN on your smartphone.

Info on servers of Avira Phantom VPN


Avira Phantom VPN possesses 20 servers around the globe, which helps Avira VPN subscribers to bypass censorship  of the regions they live in.

Choose the country through which the traffic for your anonymity will be transferred and access favourite websites without limits.

Previously, Avira Phantom VPN had servers in European countries chiefly, but nowadays, the servers are available in North and South America, Asia and Oceania (See our VPN rating for Australia).

servers of Avira Phantom

Functions of Avira VPN


Apart from impressive server locations, Avira Phantom VPN is used on account of numerous tasks it manages to accomplish:

  •  Access to blocked sites and services

The IP of a Phantom VPN client is not simply masked, but changed into a necessary one. It means that if a person wants to access the service available in the US only, it is required to use American IP. (Check out our rating of the best VPN services for the USA.)

  •  Anonymity

It is achieved by means of IP address masking.

  • Contemporaneous connection of several devices

One of the best Avira strong sides is the facility to use Avira VPN on several devices at one time.

  • Free Wi-Fi use

Avira VPN protects users’ data by means of AES 256-bit key and end-to-end encryption. It makes all your information almost 100% protected against hacking attacks and data leaks.



 One of few disadvantages of Avira VPN is that Phantom VPN may protect only Windows and Android devices. Update: It is available for Mac and iOS as well.

Client account procedures for Avira Phantom VPN


There are two ways to install this VPN on a device.

If you are a lucky owner of a Windows device, it is necessary to install Avira Launcher beforehand. Otherwise, Avira products may not be installed.

Then the system will install the application on your device automatically.

Do you want to use Avira VPN on Android?

Avira Phantom VPN support service

It’s great, as this platform suits this tool perfectly. Except for the low price Android person pays for the subscription, he will manage to install Avira VPN in a matter of seconds.

Avira Phantom VPN gives its subscribers the choice: whether to register in the system or not.

If a person has already registered on Avira, it will be necessary to use the E‑mail address and a unique password.

In case a user does not have an Avira account, it will be proposed to register.

Besides, it is possible to skip the registration and use the VPN without it.

The settings of Avira Phantom VPN allow choosing the fastest or the nearest location. Besides, it is possible to connect to a server from the list provided by this VPN.

The speed decreases while using Avira VPN, which is explained by the fact that the connection is to go through other servers located far from a client.

The speed without Avira Phantom VPN 

Avira phantom speedtest

The speed with Avira Phantom VPN ►

The speed with Avira Phantom VPN

Security and Privacy of Avira Phantom VPN


During the process of VPN choosing an important question appears – What data does the company collect? Avira Phantom VPN does NOT record the websites users visit.

Support service


Have you faced any trouble connected with Avira VPN? The best assistance will be rendered if you did not skimp to pay for a pro subscription.



 Avira strives for the privacy of its subscribers. Its aim is to protect all Internet users around the world. The company offers a broad range of various products and Avira Phantom VPN is one of the most popular.

This VPN is compatible with Windows and Android. The service guarantees free connection to the World Wide Web. In such a way, you will not have to think about hackers while being connected to public Wi-Fi .

Avira Phantom VPN is a new fast and easy-to-use service. Free version is great for a moderate surfing because of traffic limits. Pro-version lifts restrictions, but is quite expensive as compared with other VPNs.

Notwithstanding the minuses of Avira Phantom VPN, this service is worth using to be protected against hackers, information leaks and other kinds of troubles processing from the World Wide Web.

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