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Any connection will be secure with Avast VPN, whether it is public or home Wi‑Fi. You will not have to worry about fake hot-spots and “evil twins” with Avast SecureLine VPN.
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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Avast SecureLine VPN Review

Avast SecureLine VPN is the most efficient VPN service for online activity in almost 100% anonymous environment. Avast VPN is an easy-to-use VPN client created by Avast Antivirus developers.

This application for Windows, Android and iOS allows ciphering the Internet connection, making your web-surfing anonymous, hiding your real IP from third parties and the ISP.

Who would be enthusiastic about the adversaries operating by means of public Wi‑Fi(sniffers, evil twin, sidejacking), advertisers monitoring your activity on the Internet and continuous content blocking for this or that country? No one!

Don’t change your habits with Avast SecureLine!

Tariffs and prices of Avast SecureLine VPN


Avast SecureLine VPN may be used on various devices. And the gadget you are going to protect by means of Avast SecureLine calls forth the tariff plan you are to subscribe for.

In such a way, the VPN provider offers 5 plans at user’s discretion:

Android package – This plan is ideal for Android holders, as it allows protecting your device for quite a moderate price. For one-month subscription you are to pay $2.99 only. What is more, it is proposed to save 44% in case of one-year subscription.

iOS package iPhone and iPad holders can also protect the data stored on their portable gadgets for $2.99 per month and $19.99 per year.

Mac package – The bigger is the device, the more its user is to pay. The price is adequate. Mac holders have the choice to choose among 1, 2 or 3-year subscription. The more the time you are going to use Avast VPN, the more the discount.

PC package – This package is very flexible, as it offers to protect from 1 up to 10 PCs. One-month protection for one computer costs $5.99 per month. And again, the more you pay, the bigger the discount is. The period of subscription for 3, 5 and 10 devices starts from 1 year. The most advantageous plan presupposes the protection of 10 PCs for $7 per month. We all can count and may come to conclusion that the price is fantastic. The sum of less than $1 is to be spent to protect 1 gadget. But in this case you are to pay $259.99 at a time.

Multi-device package – Having chosen this plan one may protect up to 5 devices simultaneously. The OS, your gadgets are running on, are unimportant. Furthermore, it is possible to take out a subscription to Avast SecureLine VPN for 1, 2 and 3 years.


1 month

1 year

2 years

3 years





1 PC




3 PCs




5 PCs




10 PCs











iPhone, iPad




There are two variants to pay for the service: Credit Card and PayPal system. Unfortunately, Avast VPN does not accept Bitcoins.


The period of free trial is offered for Avast users. It is possible to use this VPN for free. One may use Avast SecureLine free for 7 days in case of further subscription to one-month plan. 14 days of free trial are proposed for those who are going to subscribe to 1 year.

Why to choose Avast SecureLine?

Avast SecureLine will let you:

✽ Get more freedom on the network

Having installed the VPN app, you online activities will be hidden from ISPs, hackers and other third parties. Besides, internet connections will stay dead defended against outside interventions. More than that, the service will unblock access to restricted content, and all this is performed at fast speeds.

✽ Secure internet usage

With this VPN your network using is encrypted with a bank-grade codifying tool. You gain additional protection while using free Wi-Fi networks.

✽ Unblock any restricted content

Avast SecureLine VPN will help you accessing your favourite sites that are geo-restricted to be able to stream or download torrents, for example.

✽ Use the Internet at high speeds

The provider of Avast SecureLine doesn’t impose limits on the bandwidth and offers fast speeds (up to 2 Gbits/s), which is excellent for streaming, online gaming and torrenting of ‘’heavy’’ content.

Got interested? Keep on reading further and learn more details!

Info on servers of Avast SecureLine VPN


Superfast Avast VPN servers are located in 34 countries of the world, among them one may find Finland, Netherlands, Germany and other countries with minimal restrictions.

Avast SecureLine VPN developers took the question of server locations seriously and chose the best countries for server placement.

Avast VPN servers may be used for torrenting by two reasons:

  • Firstly, the company proposes double-quick servers.
  • Secondly, P2P file-sharing technology is supported by this VPN.

Functions of Avast SecureLine VPN

Functions of Avast SecureLine VPN


Many users ask themselves a question “Do I need Avast SecureLine on my laptop or other device?”

The question is definitely “yes”. The positive answer is explained by a set of functions it offers its clients:

  • Private surfing

No one wants to be monitored by any entity in the world. With Avast SecureLine it is possible to keep your privacy.

  • Watch anything you like

Are all the streaming services available in your country? Perhaps, they aren’t. Otherwise, you wouldn’t read this article. Avast VPN unblocks banned websites and services for its consumers.

  • Safe network

With Avast SecureLine VPN one should not be afraid of paying for services, as such data as credentials are encrypted.




 Avast SecureLine VPN is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices.

Platforms compatibility is the weak point of this VPN, as other popular platforms and gadgets like routers, Chromebooks and TVs running on OSes not from the list cannot be protected by Avast VPN.


Client account procedures for Avast SecureLine VPN


The VPN created by Avast team is very easy to download and install. It does not require any additional add-ons or extensions.  

Before buying a subscription it is offered to start a period of free trial. But the system offers to pay for service almost all the time, which is very annoying.

Besides, even in case one has chosen to try Avast SecureLine VPN free, a user is to leave the credentials and only after this procedure, the free period of VPN use starts.

Also, it is possible to upgrade at any moment by means of only one click.avastsecurelinestart

Download our step-by-step instruction on how to subscribe for Avast SecureLine VPN.

Download instruction (325 KB)

We have downloaded a free trial for Windows. It is worth noting that the app is dead easy to install: just a few clicks and that’s all.

After the installation is finished, you will see the following window with the offer to activate a free trial. We clicked ‘’Activate 7-day free trial’’ and…

… it started to connect.

The service offers all in all 57 VPN server locations in different countries. A User is able to choose the server to be connected through. You are also offered the most optimal VPN server for your location so that to perform at the bet speeds.

There are also three option to protect yourself when you are connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi. They are on the screenshot below:

Speed test for Avast SecureLine

Speed test for Avast SecureLine

With the help of our special tool to run a VPN speed test we got the following results:

Without VPN

Via Avast SecureLine server in Germany:

Via Avast SecureLine server in Germany:

Via Avast SecureLine server in the USA:

Via Avast SecureLine server in the USA:

Support service of Avast SecureLine VPN

Still, the provider does everything to boost connections via Avast Secureline..

Support service of Avast SecureLine VPN



The support service is worth using in case of some troubles with the VPN.

1 – The simplest way is to use a word or a word-combination to find the information relating to the problem.

2 – Avast SecureLine support service specialists are ready to communicate with the clients by phone.

3 – The detailed tutorials are offered for Avast VPN subscribers and potential clients.

4 – Forum is a great place where Avast SecureLine consumers share their opinions and knowledge, discuss news about Avast VPN.

But unfortunately, Avast SecureLine does not offer live chat support.

Security and Privacy of Avast SecureLine VPN


Avast SecureLine VPN makes security and privacy the cornerstone. All the data are ciphered by a reliable AES-256-bit key.

What is more, the VPN uses OpenVPN protocol, which is well-known thanks to its reliability and security.

Any connection will be secure with Avast VPN, whether it is public or home Wi‑Fi. You will not have to worry about fake hot-spots and “evil twins” with Avast SecureLine VPN.

After we studied the provider's Privacy Policy, we found out that logs are partially collected. Learn more how this VPN provider is logging the users' information.



Avast SecureLine is a VPN provider that offers protection against data theft and computer crackers. With Avast SecureLine one will surf the Internet without any restrictions notwithstanding the location.

This VPN provider is an ideal tool for those who use VPN software for Android, Mac, iOS and Windows operating systems.

The prices are adequate and the discounts allow saving up to 44%.

Avast SecureLine: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Easy to use VPN software for major Oses;
  • Free trial is available;
  • Multiple packages based on the OS;
  • VPN servers in 34 countries;
  • OpenVPN and military-grade encryption;
  • Perfect for torrenting (double-quick servers and P2P).

But it seems there are a few cons such as:

  • No compatibility with routers;
  • No online support.

Feel free to ask us or leave your personal review on this VPN app! Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply May 10, 2018

Can I install AvastSecureLine on Windows 7?

reply May 12, 2018

Actually, AvastSecureLine VPN is not compatible with Windows 7, it works with a later version Windows 10. In such a case, you have 2 alternatives: If you want a VPN for Windows 7, then go to our full list of VPN services and choose the one which is compliant with this OS version. Or you can install Windows 10 in case you definitely want to make use of Avast VPN app.

reply May 09, 2018

Bad service!!!! I read you review, installed it on Windows. Everything was ok, but when I actually connect to the server located in Holland to access some services as if I were there, I failed as my ip test showed me that I was from Germany as I was assigned a German IP. I am not satisfied!..

reply May 04, 2018

I have been looking for the info on AvastSecureLine VPN and found your review. To be honest, I like it very much! I can find any information I need when choosing the service: price, features, event test results. You’ve done a great work! Go on, guys! Well-done! I think I’ll try AvastSecureLine for free first, that’s a good opportunity to testify myself!

reply May 05, 2018

Lindsy, thank you very much for such a positive feedback. We are glad to be helpful!

reply May 01, 2018

What a lovely AvastSecureline review: so detailed and informative. Real guide to the service. Thanks, guys!

reply April 10, 2018

I thought that AvastSecureline VPN is free at all, but they have only a free trial, could you provide with some details about the features and servers offered during a free period?

reply April 11, 2018

That’s right. The provider offers only a free trial period, it is not totally free of charge. While you use AvastSecureLine VPN for free, you will take advantage of all the features offered for the paid plan. The detailed information on the features can be found in our review.

reply March 12, 2018

Will Avast VPN defend against all kinds of online hacks?

reply May 12, 2018

Thanks for asking. Actually, it’s hard to predict such things. VPN providers try to develop as advanced technologies as possible, but hackers create malware even faster. Still, one of the essential functions of VPN is to maintain a private internet connection by means of encrypting your Internet connection. As far as Avast SecureLine VPN is concerned, security and privacy is provided via 256-bit encrypting and OpenVPN protocol, see more about the service in our review, section about security and privacy.