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Astrill Review

China has one of the best censoring software to monitor all online activities that happens in this country. China is also the country with the strictest rules and regulations regarding websites and social media sites. The government has restricted a lot of websites, including Gmail and YouTube and also has restrictions on lots of social media sites such as Facebook in an attempt to make their country safe from terrorists. If a VPN service is truly good, it can give you protection from China’s great wall censoring software and provide you with undetected access to restricted websites. And this is exactly why Astrill VPN software is one of the best VPN services on the market.

Astrill gives users from China and across the globe the secure network tunnel that they need to enjoy the internet to the fullest and do whatever they like completely anonymously. Some of Astrill’s leading services are the high speed connectivity, the vast VPN technologies and the easy plug and play systems. 

Tariffs and prices of Astrill

This reliable VPN service offers a discounted rate for the duration of your commitment. The VPN service offers three different packages that include all the benefits that the VPN service provides as well as a business VPN solution and Astrill VPN routers.


  • One-Month Membership – At $15.90 you can enjoy all the benefits of Astrill such as unlimited speeds, unlimited internet and unlimited bandwidth for one months. The rates are equal to a $15.90 monthly fee.
  • Six-Month Membership – The six-month membership allows you to save $25.50 or 26% by simply taking out the bigger package that has a total cost of $69.90. The six-month option has the same benefits as the one-month membership.
  • One Year Membership – This membership costs $8.33 per month, but allows you to save 47% or $90.9 of the amount that you would have spent by taking out the one-month membership plan.

This reliable VPN service offers a discounted rate for the duration of your commitment.

How to pay for Astrill VPN?

Any of three plans allows VPN connections on 5 devices simultaneously.

Is a free trial available?

Unfortunately, Astrill VPN provider doesn’t offer the opportunity to refund money. Still, it has a 7-day free trial and in a week you are to pay for the service according to one of the plans offered. Despite the fact that Astrill VPN provider mentioned in their Refund Policy about a free trial for all newcomers, it would be better to ask support service for a free trial. Experience has proven that free trials are not available for all regions and depends on some factors. When you ask Astrill’s specialist for a free trial, He or she will provide you with the link which should indicate it. If it is not, then you will be offered to purchase a paid plan.

How to pay for Astrill VPN?

 There are quite a lot of options to pay for the VPN: credit cards, e-money and bitcoins.

Business VPN solution by Astrill service

  • Business VPN solution – This membership gives you discounts for multiple licenses, so you can create a tailor fit option to optimize your business’s online activities.

The routers are shipped internationally.

  • VPN router – These routers are available from as little as $50 or $219 and can help you connect multiple devices to a single VPN connection. The routers are shipped internationally.

Astrill VPN add-ons

Nat Firewall add-on:

A basic packet filter can be added to your VPN plan with the use of the NAT Firewall extension. The firewall is used by the most advanced VPNs for preventing outside connections to your host through creation them illegally.

What does it make for your home network?

  • Your system can’t be reached by adversaries and hackers from the internet, as long as your NAT operates with the traffic only, which is being started by your system exceptionally;
  • In case you send a response to some inbound traffic the firewall won’t prevent you from this. However, it stops all the incoming unprotected traffic;
  • Such traffic is not allowed for accessing your system, which leads to prevention of being hacked or infected by the malicious codes embedded into it.

How does it operate?

Having connected to the internet through Astrill VPN, you are assigned with a public IP address.  This very address is not private and therefore you need a VPN to create tunnels through your router’s NAT protection.

However, this public address can be attacked by an adversary. For instance, a hacker can send a packet with malicious code to a public address or server you are connected to.

Being unprotected your system is to receive it and unpack, which is to result in infection. Astrill’s NAT is supplied with the same features of a filter, as your router’s NAT.  

Thus, being added by the company the NAT firewall doesn’t allow any malicious or unprotected traffic accessing the public IPs or the servers. The servers are set in such a way that they accept only the traffic being routed from your connected device (devices).

To get the extension you need to choose the same-named function on the official website here:


astrill vpn 


Then you’ll need to fill in the form and being connected you have a chance to enjoy an absolutely secured connection created between your device and a VPN server:

astrill vpn 


Home Plan add-on:

We live in smart homes filled in with smart TVs, fridges, doors, etc., if not mentioning about an average number of devices per person in one home. Therefore, Astrill VPN offers the add-on to be able to protect all the devices at once.

Being an attentive reader you might have already noticed that the app is allowed for multiple devices connections by default. However, it’s not allowed for simultaneous usage on numerous gadgets. Therefore, the company has supplied the service with the extension, which offers a great solution for the issue.

Having subscribed for Astrill’s Home Plan you have a possibility to use the service on up to 5 devices at the same time. Also you won’t have to logging all the time and will stay protected 27/7.

Besides all the enumerated add-ons, the company offers StealthVPN add-on and ProAddon add-on, as well as Sharing add-on, Private IP add-on, and CryptoPlus add-on.

Therefore, having decided to subscribe for the service, you will be supplied with all these additional features, which can be of a critical use in case you want to protect any device connected to the internet.

General information on Astrill’s reach

Astrill has 331 servers in 50 countries. You can access the internet and enjoy the best protection from anywhere in the world. A single account can give you access to all 279 servers and you can switch between servers to your heart’s content and enjoy the internet from each server as if you were there in that very location which makes it a good VPN service to invest in.

What to expect from this VPN?

  • This private VPN service enables you to feel safe whenever you use the internet in public areas such as cafes, libraries, schools, hotels and airports because no one can log in to see what you are doing.
  • You can connect your entire office to the VPN.
  • Connect all your household devices to the VPN with the help of a router.
  • No one can trace your internet activities so you can browse and stream what you like anonymously.
  • You can access this secure VPN service from multiple devices or on the go.
  • Access VoIP and P2P applications without restrictions.
  • Enjoy the internet as if you were home from even the strictest countries.

Astrill VPN’s Privacy Policy

The service is claimed to be committed to providing you with strong privacy protection. Besides, the service offers great experience they provide on the website. From the perspective of the customer taste and needs the service promises to enhance the VPN. However, you need to read all the Privacy Policy attentively to achieve a comprehensive view of the company’s product and the website (source).

What data does the service store?

The service assures to collect various data from different parts of the website.  Moreover, some personal data is to be collected by the company when accessing the website for the first time. According to your interaction with the website, you may be asked for giving your name, email address, and some other personal information. The measures are applied for making the website and the service bettered in compliance with your needs.

Besides, when making purchase through the online store, entering promotions or contests, survey responds you will be also asked for some addition data on you. When subscribing for the service you will be asked for such data, for instance, as your billing and shipping address, phone number, credit card info, and any other relevant materials required for committing the transfer.  

The good news is that every time the company asks for some personal data it includes a link to Privacy Policy. This is one more basis for delving into the policy details.

The usage of ‘cookies’:

In order to track visitor interests and activity on the website the service uses ‘cookies’. The small bits of data are transferred to your browser and stored on the hard drive of your connected device. They can be set several times while your surfing the website. Some customized information can be delivered basing on the data stored on your cookies. In order to administer the system, the company stores IP addresses of its visitors. The measures are accepted for making the business more enhanced and boosted in comparison with the competitors.

What happens to all the collected information?

The option of data collection provides all the followers with such opportunities as personalized services and communications, interactive communications, online shopping. The metadata is also used for counting the audience number and traffic patterns. It also helps with measuring the number of entries in company’s promotions and contests, tracking business at the online store and notifying the followers with some new add-ons and updating. The service can also send you some information on Astrill’s event, but in case you don’t want to receive it, you can unsubscribe for it on the official website. What is really great is that the company assures its customers to sell, rent or trade NO data with other interested parties.

Security Policy

There are several ways you can pay for the service subscription including CashU, which is great for your anonymity. However, if paying with your credit card, you should know the service provides the process with additional protection fulfilled by 128-bit SSL encryption.

Security and Privacy

Astrill VPN for Mac, Windows or whichever other device you prefer supplies you with the most secure online presence. Astrill has taken the right security procedures and methods to protect your connection from hackers and third-party snoops who can get access to all your personal accounts such as emails. With this service you can use Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular networks and private wired networks securely. Once your Astrill VPN software download has been completed, you will be able to create a secure connection at any location from any device, secure your personal online accounts and block out all censoring programs that might be tracking your URLs for inadequate behaviors. 

What protocols are applied by Astrill VPN?


It is developed by Astrill and not easy to detect by DPI. The traffic can’t be revealed or identified. AES-256 encryption makes it hard to crack. The protocol is accessible for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.


It is also made by Astrill. It I especially reliable for overcoming firewall systems. It is worth mentioning that StealthVPN as OpenWeb is available with official Astrill app. You can use it for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and routers.

Cisco IPSec

It was modified from IKEv1/IpSec. It works in two ways: content encrypting and entire data packet encoding. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and routers (especially with iOS and Linux).

It is a standard protocol, but what is worth noting is that for Blackberry it is the only way to connect via VPN. Astrill’ s version is encrypted with 2048-bit 256-bit keys. It is available for the same platforms (and Blackberry) as the abovementioned protocols.

It is recommended to use for the platforms which are not provided with Astrill VPN software. Still, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, routers, Blackberry and Chromium.


It is a very strong protocol compliant with Windows, Android and Linux.


It is one of the most standard VPN protocols and now it is not considered to be strong enough. It is a kind of basic VPN protocols.

Astrill’s customer services

You can enjoy fully dedicated support 365 days a year from this VPN for free. The support email generates tickets that will be answered as briefly as possible. You can also enjoy 24 hour phone support and the website offers a function that allows you to meet the trained specialists, so you can refer back to the right assistant. 

Astrill’s client account setup

Follow our step-by-step instructions for Astrill client account procedure (you can always watch the provider's video instructions):

  1. To setup your very own VPN, you can simply download the app from the Astrill webpage.
  2. Then sign up for the VPN service on its official website.

2)	Then sign up for the VPN service on its official website.


3. The next step will be to choose the plan and create your own account. You have to your name and e-mail for ending a confirmation letter. Type in the password for the account. Continue to payment. 


4. Your subscription will be activated as soon as your payment has been received and your account has been set up. The setup process is quick and easy to understand. 

The setup process is quick and easy to understand.

Platforms that use Astrill

You can connect any device you like, including your home computer, laptop, Smartphone, tab or iPhone to the VPN and enjoy protection no matter where you go or what you do online. Even P2P applications are allowed with Astrill, which is restricted with most VPN. With the help of a router, you can even get all your home communicative and internet systems connected to a single VPN membership and enjoy great flexibility for all your devices or for all your families’ different devices.

Have a look at the platforms Astrill VPN is compatible with:

  • Windows;
  • Mac;
  • Linux;
  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Routers.


All in all, Astrill is a great USA VPN to buy because they offer all the services that you will ever need from a secure VPN service.


  • The service provider keeps no user logs and allows P2P which is restricted by most VPN services who want to avoid the plagiarism issues related to P2P completely.
  • The prices are steep, but good considering the fact that you can contact them at any hour and get the technical support that you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Astrill is a reasonable solution for businesses and is also one of the few VPN that actually allow discounted rates for companies.

Astrill pros

  • Free trial
  • A lot of servers
  • Limitless speeds and bandwidth
  • Compatible with all major platforms
  • Multiple protocols
  •  5 devices per subscription
  • Various tariff plans, even for enterprises
  • Free server switches
  • Online chat

Astrill cons

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Free trial is available for some regions
  • A little expensive

Do you agree that Astrill a reliable VPN service to try in 2019? Do you find Astrill expensive?

 Leave your comments and share your ideas with bestvpnrating in our comments section! Any opinion is accepted and appreciated.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply June 02, 2017

I’d like to say that Astril VPN is quite ok. It is useful for me when I travel and I do it very often. It keeps me in touch with my family when I am not in the country. I can easily choose any server (they offer them in 49 countries!). With this VPN I feel safe as there are many encryption options for Open VPN. Well-done! I am so amazed by customer support, how they cared about me, they gave me useful instructions. I find it very easy to use and I appreciate it, because I don’t like complicated apps. I have no time for it. Well, I wish good luck and new creative ideas to the team of Astrill VPN!

reply September 06, 2016

It keeps my isp from inspecting my private data and protects my online activity from any interference. But I like it even more for its nice going. Many thanks!

Connor White
reply September 01, 2016

I can say that it’s quite pricy for me. But astrill makes its best, I suppose. With its reliable protocols I’m not afraid of being traced any more. I can watch BBC even being away from home. So, if you can afford $6 per month, be sure the vpn is great.

reply August 28, 2016

It gives strong encryption methods if you pay more. Its support can be messy and some features are locked if they are unpaid. But the speed is great. And also astrill provides some extra services, such as nat firewall, home plan, and etc.