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Last updated: 18/03/2019

Anonine Review

Anonine - vpn serviceIt’s not just illegal content downloaders who want complete online anonymity. With all the scamming and illegal websites out there and all the internet hackers who can steal your money or online identity if they simply get a hold of your IP address, you also have to start moving around like a ninja to stay safe when you are using the wide internet. 

Anonine is a good VPN service that can make your online invisibility needs a reality because they help hide your IP address from the world and they also encrypt all your online activities so no one can see what you are doing or what you are downloading.

With this reliable VPN service, you can also access content that would normally have been restricted in your area and enjoy the internet as free and wide as possible. 

Most VPN who offers these services have restrictions on their speed but with Anonine you can still download and upload at fast speeds despite being connected to a foreign server and despite all the security software that is used to protect your confidential information and activities. 

Tariffs and prices of Anonine

Anonine offers various membership plans that allow you to save more as your commitment period increases. All options include great benefits like protection from various security protocols, simultaneous connections on up to five devices, unlimited bandwidth and speed, activity encryption, no logs kept and access to multiple servers in multiple countries. The best part is that Anonine also allows torrenting and P2P. So, the best torrent trackers like Kickass or Torrentz will be unblocked wherever you are.

1 Month Plan – With this plan, you have to pay an amount of $6.99 every month to have access to all the fantastic benefits that Anonine has to offer.

3 Month Plan – If you pay every three months, you save 33% on costs because your monthly costs will be reduced to only $5.99 while you can still enjoy all the benefits that Anonine offers.

12 Month Plan – Paying once a year allows you to save a whopping 55% on membership costs because you will be spending only $3.99 per month and you still get all the benefits.

Although there are even cheaper providers like CyberGhost and VyprVPN, an average internet user can afford to pay for an annual subscription.

VPN clients can also pay via different payment options such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, BitCoin and much more for complete online freedom no matter where you are. 

Info on Servers of Anonine

Once you buy this USA VPN, you will have full access to 80 VPN servers worldwide and you can enjoy a global network in 22 countries. You can access Anonine from anywhere in the world and connect to servers in any one of these 22 countries and use the internet as if you were in those very locations. There will be no restrictions on websites or content from those countries, so you can enjoy torrenting even if the sites are not available in your location.

Functions of Anonine

Anonine is one of the best VPN services because you can enjoy various benefits such as:

Unlimited data transfers – There are no restrictions on bandwidth or network speeds. You get the best each and every time you use the internet.

No restrictions – All websites that are restricted in your area will once again be available to you since you will be logging on to a different server in a different country and use the internet as if you were there.

Online protection – All your online activities are protected and no logs are kept so you can do whatever you like without the risk of being censored. Your IP address also gets hidden so you can be completely anonymous when you enjoy online content. Your online accounts and private information will remain completely confidential.

Connect multiple devices – You can connect up to five different devices and be protected on all of your devices for complete flexibility.

Availability – You can connect to servers in 22 countries that are best known for their fantastic content such as Canada, Netherlands and the USA.

Fast connection – Anonine still offers great upload and download speeds even though they have such great security protocols.

Security and Privacy

If you want the best private VPN service, then Anonine should be your number one choice because they combine multiple security protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP (over IPSec) to create the best and most secure virtual tunnel in which you can do anything you like, including torrent downloads and P2P which is usually not allowed by most VPN. 

All your online activities are also completely anonymous because the 2048 - bit encryption software encrypts everything you do so no one can monitor or censor your activities. Anonine also keeps no logs which mean that no one can pinpoint any suspicious activities to you.

Support service

Anonine is a small company with huge services and benefits but they have limited reach when it comes to customer support. You can get help with inquiries from an online email ticket system. The response is quite fast and you will always receive accurate information from professional technicians.

Client Account process

The setup process is easy and the software is incredibly fast to download and install. All you have to do is register via email and buy the package that you are interested in. You can then download the software for up to five devices and enjoy great protection thanks to the secure VPN software.


The Anonine VPN software download is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android and you can download the software on up to five devices so you can get the best protection whether you are at home or on the go.


Clients who want a trustworthy and private VPN service can definitely rely on this small but fantastic VPN. Anonine offers great protection at affordable rates and their software works fantastic and is easy to use. 

You can enjoy the best protection on your mobile even when you connect via an open Wi-Fi connection and keep nosy people out of your business wherever you go. Even small businesses can benefit from this great VPN because you can protect an entire office instantly.

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reply September 05, 2016

Nothing is logged while using this vpn. I’ve come across quite good vpns, but many of them hinder this information from their customers. Using anonine vpn I believe even my metadata is hidden from adversaries. Thanks for truly safe work!

reply September 01, 2016

Anonine is a powerful vpn. I think, everything I can say is that it’s rather fast and strong. It gives me a good sense of privacy. But this month, I’ve experienced one disconnect with a server, which destroyed my download. The rest is great.

reply August 28, 2016

When I’ve learnt that anonine vpn provides dynamic ip allocations, I’ve thought that it's like tor but for constant usage. It gives unlimited traffic for all packages’ users. It has 2048-bit encryption, so show me this computer that will crack it. I strongly suggest you trying it.

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