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Last updated: 09/01/2019

ActiVPN Review

As soon as control is tightened over the internet users, online market has more and more outputs to offer for your defense. Numerous customers look for protection such as trustworthy VPN services. One of such up-to-date products is ActiVPN. The service is positioned as a new one, but it has already developed a reliable reputation in France. The website of the service is customer-friendly and informative. All the ribbons of the official site are translated into nine languages, which is great for foreigners. Nevertheless, when opening different sections of the website the setting of a language jumps from one to another. Being an ordinary user you will be glad to find all the main data posted on the main page of the website. ActiVPN undergoes French legislation as it is registered as an entity in France. So, if you are interested in the service, study the service with the overview in more details.

Tariffs and prices of ActiVPN

As well as many other services ActiVPN has three main packages:

  • 1 month plan costs €9 per month.
  • 1 year plan costs €3 per month.

As well as many other services ActiVPN has three main packages:

All the packages share the same features as enhanced security and encryption methods, highly professional customer support, easy-to-use software, high level of anonymity, limitless bandwidth and speed, compatibility with multiple platforms. You can pay for the service by PayPal, Bitcoin or credit cards (Check why paying for VPN in bitcoins).

Unfortunately, the service doesn’t provide a free trial version or a money-back guarantee that is why it’s impossible to test the service before subscribing for it. If talking about clients’ comments on the service, there are few of them, as soon as the service is pretty new. So, if you decided to subscribe for it, you should remember that you place confidence in the provider. However, the company has assured that it respects money-back guarantee, but due to some crazy abuse of the terms of service like spamming it is careful with what it promises.

Info on Servers in different countries

The server park of the provider is being constantly expanded and the servers are being always enhanced in security and protection measures. The website provides full details on the number of servers in different countries and online users for each of the servers, which is highly useful for those who need a high-speed performance.

ActiVPN service flag

ActiVPN possesses 35+ servers in such countries as the US, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Romania, the UK, Belgium, Brazil,

Switzerland, Costa Rica, Algeria, India, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Sweden, Tunisia, South Africa, Singapore, Argentina. It should be stated that although the number of servers is not so big if compare it with other top-rated VPNs, the countries chosen for their locations are great and rare for others, which can hold a service for those who regularly travel to the countries for business.

Functions of ActiVPN

The French service is confirmed to be incredibly easy, fast and secure. So, if you have decided to subscribe for it to watch Netflix avoiding all the restrictions, the service is good for it.

ActiVPN hides your online identity making your internet environment free from threats. The high speed showings provide watching streaming services in a high quality and playing multiplayer video games without any hits or lags. There are also no limits for speed or bandwidth.

The efficient encryption methods make all your traffic closed from interceptions and inaccessible for adversaries. The service is compatible with numerous platforms, which simplifies your choice of software.

Security and Privacy

The security measures applied by the company seem to be reasonable and checked. Such VPN protocols as OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP and SSL 2048 bits help to create a secure tunneling passing through which all your generated traffic will be thoroughly protected. So, these high methods of security provide the clients of the service with more anonymity. The happy customers of the service assure the measures are pretty enough for watching geo-restricted content while staying defended from any interceptions.

Support service

The website is not fitted with online live chat, therefore if you decided to ask for some assistance or help, you will have to follow the ‘contact us’ section and write a message while using PGP key for more protection. For this purpose you will be required to fill in your name, email, the body of the message, and anti-flood picture. The bad news is that the answer can take up to 2 business days, which is very inconvenient in case you need to solve a problem out of hand. If you need to learn some information an average response time will take not more than 34 minutes.

Client Account procedures 

If you want to become a new customer of the service, you need to enter ‘my account’ and register as a new customer. After that you will have to choose an appropriate plan and pay with one of the methods accepted by the company. A huge bonus is that the provider accepts bitcoin, which is stated by many security experts as one of the most anonymous payment methods.


If talking about platforms the service is compatible with, the website shows that there is an app for Mac. It also supports iOS, Linux, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, and DD-WRT.


When visiting the official website of the service it seems like the VPN is good, as the company has stated to have experts in vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, when going into details there are many points at issue. So, having decided to subscribe for the service, you should be attentive to the uttermost, as the company gives neither a free trial version, nor a money-back guarantee, which makes it impossible to test the service before subscribing for it. Besides, there is lack of data about supported platforms. The good news is that the company runs up-to-date protocols for your traffic encryption, which is very commendable. The number of servers is not too big, but the countries where the servers are placed are pretty rare and may be of a high use for some clients. Moreover, the service implies no limitations for speed or bandwidth and keeps no logging data (check in our zero log vpn list), which makes the service fast enough for watching streaming services in a high quality or transferring huge data via the network. So, such as there were it’s up to you to decide whether to subscribe for the service or not.

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