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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Acevpn Review

The American Broadcasting Channel is one of the TV channels that have the biggest targeting rate to hackers who interrupt shows by playing something that was never meant to be viewed. The scary part about this is the fact that this channel has great online security and is still being hacked. Just think of what hackers can do to you when they find your private IP address. All your online activities can be monitored, all of your private conversations can be checked and all of your online accounts can be hacked from just your IP address.

Acevpn  - vpn service

If a hacker is good enough, he or she could even have access to personal information on your computer or phone! 

This is exactly why you need a good VPN service like AceVPN to keep you safe when you use the internet. 

With this secure VPN software, you can use the internet anyway you like without putting yourself at risk because your IP address and all your online activities will be hidden from the wide world.

Tariffs and prices of Acevpn

Acevpn offers three different types of memberships that have different functionalities and different benefits. 

UnblockTV / SmartDNS – This is a free service that is added to memberships. With the Unblock TV / SmartDNS membership, you can unblock shows, videos, and movies and stream in HD. There are also some other benefits such as unlimited bandwidth, faster speeds than VPN, access to more than 110 channels and it works on just about any internet device without the need to install software.

PremiumVPN – This membership allows you to access servers in more than 20 locations, gives you protection through multiple protocols, allow you to transfer unlimited bandwidth and switch between servers as often as you like. You also get free SmartDNS and no logs are kept. There is also a 7-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the services. You get all these benefits at only $5.95 per month.

UnlimiteVPN – UnlimitedVPN is the perfect choice for internet junkies because they allow torrenting and P2P. You will have access to servers in more than 50 locations and all your online activities will be encrypted. You can transfer unlimited data and the network speeds are fast. You also get free SmartDNS and free remote installation. All these great benefits, as well as all the benefits of the Premium plan, are yours at only $15.00 per month.

Info on Servers for Acevpn

With the ultimate membership, you can use this private VPN service and access servers in more than 25 countries or 50 locations. The main reason why it is so great to be able to access servers from other countries is that you can have full access to geologically blocked websites like Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, BBC and much more so you can enjoy the best and latest content and information.

Functions of Acevpn

Security – You can be ultimately secure because all of your online activities will be encrypted and your IP address will be hidden. No one will be able to log into your accounts or access your private information. You will also stay safe from censoring software when you access geologically blocked sites because the virtual tunnel makes it impossible for anyone to see what you are accessing or downloading.

Fast network – The security protocols enhance your overall security without affecting your connectivity speed. You can still download and upload at fast speeds and stream without hiccups.

Internet freedom – You can stream from popular sites like Netflix, Eurosport, Sky Go and much more from anywhere in the world because the VPN unblocks all restrictions.

Anonymity – You can surf the web and read whatever you like without feeling embarrassed because no one can see what you are doing. 

Protect multiple devices – Acevpn can be installed on multiple devices so you can get your entire home protected and you can also be protected on the go because you can even access public hotspot networks without putting your personal information at risk since the VPN will protect you.

Security and Privacy

Once you have bought the USA VPN, you will be completely protected because Acevpn supplies VPN clients with the best security thanks to protocols like OpenVPN, IPSEC, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP. All of your online activities will also be encrypted so no one can tell what you are doing which is perfect for people who love torrenting or P2P file sharing. Acevpn does not just protect your online activities, it also protects all your online accounts and information, gives you complete internet freedom and it shields you from junk ads and commercials that are only going to take up all your data.

Support service of Acevpn

Acevpn has great customer service. You can scan through the FAQs to get your own problems solved or you can email technical support or the billing support team and get the best possible advice and assistance. Only the best technicians will assist you whenever you file an inquiry. However, in contrast to TorGuard VPN, for example, Acevpn lacks the live chat support.

Client Account process

Setting up your account is incredibly easy because all you have to do is select the plan that you are interested in online and continue to fill out the registration form. The form does, however, ask a lot of personal questions that many people would rather not answer, but once that is done the installation and setup process can be done within a matter of minutes.


The availability of software for multiple platforms is one of the reasons why Acevpn is one of the best VPN services. You can download AceVPN for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox, and so much more.


If you want complete internet freedom and security at an affordable rate then Acevpn should definitely be on the top of your VPN list. You can download the software for multiple devices and be protected no matter what device you use and you can enjoy the best online security even if you do torrenting or P2P. With Acevpn all your private information will remain completely private. 

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reply September 10, 2016

I had issues with BBC. I’ve had an access but it took several tries to connect. Plus, I wasn’t completely sure that my ip was hidden and changed. But thanks to the customer support, all my problems were solved by qualified members. Answers were quick, understandable and effective.

Rachel Wood
reply September 07, 2016

Here’s the deal: pros of the vpn are pretty wide servers’ location (22 countries), up to five encryption protocols, qualitative technical support; cons are speed performance, free package limitations. I rarely use it for streaming channels, so it doesn’t disturb me.

reply September 01, 2016

Great job! There are servers all over the world, any customer is supplied with a variety of strong protocols and I can choose the protocols I prefer. Bad news is that the app seeks payment. Good news is that the payment for starting package is only $ 3.89, which is comparatively cheap.

reply August 27, 2016

When I didn’t understand how to install the ace vpn I contacted the group and got the answer on the spot, which was very nice. Now, I’ve used it for a month and will continue the subscription. The main bonus is that it supports the most popular protocols, such as open vpn, ipsec, l2tp, and works with many devices and platforms, so I can use it for all my devices simultaneously. An additional function unblocktv is not for me, but for those who like watching tv it will be extremely useful.

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