RarBG for fast and free torrenting

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 20/09/2018

RarBG for fast and free torrenting

Torrenting nowadays is extremely popular. There is a huge amount of trackers on the Internet and one of them is RarBG. Today we're going to cover its advantages and alternatives. You'll also read about measures which can be taken for downloading files from this tracker safely and anonymously.  

Is it always safe to use torrent websites? Today we will try to answer this question.

Let's start:

RarBG: What do you need to know about the website

Having been created in 2008, RarBG is in the list of best torrenting sites today. The website uses domain name rarbg.to, previously it was rarbg.com.


Rarbg.to is a torrent website for P2P file sharing. By means of this platform it is possible to exchange torrent files easily. Rarbg.to operates on the basis of uTorrent client. It is visited by more than 300 thousand people daily.file sharing. By means of this platform it is possible to exchange torrent files easily. 

Facilities of RarBG

With an ulterior motive RarBG assumes № 2 spot in the rankings of our website. The website rarbg.to contains over 700 thousand files for torrenting, among them a user can find movies, music, software, games, TV shows, 18+ videos, etc.

Before starting downloading rarbg.to proposes to watch a short trailer, which is very convenient if a person doesn’t know exactly what to choose.


RarBG has a plugin allowing its users to download media by means of uTorrent and FireFox browser. It makes the use of rabg.to really user-friendly and fast, as not everyone has enough time to use torrent client for downloading movies.

RarBG blocking


As any other torrenting site rarbg.to was subjected to illegal activity and banned in 2008. Blocking lasted only for 7 days, but rarbg.to is now banned in 5 countries: the UK, Denmark, France, Italy and India. If the residents of these countries try to visit rarbg.to, they will face the problems with the access to it as local Internet Service Provider blocks it.

3 effective ways to unblock RarBG

To evade blocking of particular services and websites modern Internet consumers use different ways:

  • Tor Router
  • Proxy servers
  • A VPN

Select by criteria

How to unblock RarBG using Tor?


The first method we are going to cover is Tor. Though the Onion Router or Tor in short has, in general, a bad reputation on the Internet, it is widely used for some right-minded purposes. It can also be used to get access to rarbg.to from the UK, Denmark, France, Italy and India. A great advantage of the first way is its affordability, as it is absolutely free. To bypass geographical restriction for rarbg.to, the Internet connection routes through three volunteer-run servers (minimum). The user’s IP is encoded several times. For instance, if the connection routes through four servers, it means that the IP will be encoded four times.

What is the real story?

Despite the foregoing, Tor is far from being a perfect way to unblock any torrent website. The Router is mainly used by people to avoid violent authorities and speak freely on the Internet. It is not designed for a peer-to-peer connection. Tor's bandwidth is extremely limited and it is inappropriate to use it for torrenting.

Moreover, Tor sometimes makes anonymous only connection to the tracker itself. Peer connections can be routed outside the Tor. All this makes your data vulnerable and your IP can be easily disclosed. 

Finally, the last feature which makes torrenting via Tor challenging is that Tor doesn't handle UDP connection.

The truth is

All BitTorrent clients support UDP protocol and magnet links cannot work without it. Unfortunately, Tor doesn't handle UDP connection. As a result, your torrent client can just ignore your internet connection via Tor and rout it out of the tunnel. It isn't safe for your data at all.

RarBG proxy list: 5 best variants

  • The second method to unblock RarBG is a proxy server. It allows changing an IP into an appropriate one, which will not be blocked by ISP. To provide RarBG users with the content of this platform RarBG developers created a proxy list:


Choosing a good proxy server it is strongly recommended to be careful to proxies with http:// as they are not safe to use.

That's not all:

A proxy is undoubtedly a reliable way to change an IP, but as well as Tor Router it has its own disadvantages.

Let's take them up.

Unfortunately, proxies won't manage to encrypt your data. It means, it can be easily intercepted by a third party. This is the first and the foremost minus of this method for protecting. Needless to say that taking a certain measure against perpetrators, we all want to hide not only our IP but sensitive data either.

If we speak about torrents, proxies are not always good at fighting with viruses and unblocking torrent trackers. They slow down internet speeds, making downloading inconvenient.

Moreover, you have to be technically advanced user for trying proxies because it isn't always easy to install them.

Best VPN for torrenting on RarBG?


Let's cover the third and the last method - a VPN. A VPN is the abbreviation for a Virtual Private Network. It allows to chang client’s IP into a necessary one as well as a proxy. What is more, it makes a user absolutely confidential, as all data including visited sites, passwords, torrenting movies are encoded. This is the main distinction between a VPN and a proxy.

The best part?

A VPN is not only extremely suitable for torrenting but also has a lot of extra functions which you will find highly helpful. A huge amount of trustworthy VPNs have such functions as a Kill Switch or DNS leakage protection and can protect your computer against viruses or malicious software. Moreover,  it will be a great bonus for residents of many countries to unblock youtube or other social media.

5 best features for your VPN RarBG


A lot of people have already known the answer because they have to use a VPN every time for bypassing geo-blocking . In fact, there are a lot of countries nowadays where privacy policy is very strict. It is crucial to get a VPN for the UK as well as for Denmark, France, Italy or India if you want to get access to RarBG or other trackers.

But still, let's take up the main features a reliable VPN should have.

  1. Speeds: As we speak about torrenting, speeds matter a lot. It is not a secret that a VPN influence on download or upload speeds while torrenting, though not significantly as Tor or proxy. Be attentive while choosing a VPN and try to find out one that allows saving fast connections.
  2. Cross-platform support: A good VPN supports any device and platform. Read reviews about best VPN for Android, Mac or Windows for choosing the best one.
  3. Number of servers and countries: A reliable VPN provides with a high number of servers all over the world. It is crucial because for getting higher speeds you need to connect a server which is relative not far from your country.
  4. Support of P2P connection: Not all VPNs support P2P technology. Be very careful with this point while choosing a provider.
  5. Simultaneous connections: It is highly convenient for all members of the family to get access to the Internet via VPN on several devices simultaneously. A lot of VPNs give such opportunity to customers.
  6. Privacy and Security: It is our last but not the least point. Read Privacy Policy of a VPN carefully to be certain you can rely on a provider. Don't forget that a truly robust VPN will protect your device from any viruses or malicious software.

The list can go on and on. We just draw your attention to the main features to our mind.

7 best VPN services to unblock RarBG in 2018

We've found out 7 best VPNs for unblocking RarBG. All of them are robust and trustworthy.


As you can see, all of the providers are paid. This is the only disadvantage of a VPN. Nevertheless, we do not recommend you to use a free one as it is impossible to know for sure that it is reliable and safe.

Benefits of a VPN while unblocking RarBG


Good features always result in good benefits, isn't it? What are the main benefits of a VPN for customers?

There are of course a bunch of them, let's cover the most useful for you while torrenting.

  • First and foremost is, of course, safety. A good VPN will protect your personal data and your device as well. It is no secret that some software or files can bring harm to your computer, so it is better to take care of safety of your device before torrenting. 
  • It will help you to bypass censorship and access any torrent website you want. You can also choose a VPN for Netflix or for unblocking another social media.
  • It will hide your data not only from your ISP but also from other tracker users. A reliable VPN will hide the very fact you are downloading something from a tracker.
  • A VPN will help you to avoid being caught by your ISP or your authorities for downloading files. In many countries, people are afraid of torrenting because the government adheres to an extremely strict policy. A VPN will mask your IP, making it impossible for authorities to track you.

We've checked out 9 amazing RarBag alternatives for you

9 amazing RarBG alternatives

We've checked out 9 amazing RarBag alternatives for you. If for any reason you don't satisfied with RarBg or just want to find out more trackers.

The Pirate Bay

Every avid user of trackers knows this website very well. It contains stuff for any tastes. Not surprisingly that The Pirate Bay is one the most popular trackers all over the world.

This website is extremely popular among anime fansTorlock

This website is extremely popular among anime fans. The website is convenient for its main page where all popular torrents are mentioned.

This tracker is to the liking of the USALimetorrents

This tracker is to the liking of the USA, China and India residents. Besides, dwellers of other countries appreciate it as well for its minimalistic design and fast downloading speed.

is not so popular as other trackers


Torrenz2 is not so popular as other trackers. Nevertheless, if you want to find a certain music album, Torrenz2 is just what you need!

Kickass probably is one of the largest trackers at the moment


Kickass probably is one of the largest trackers at the moment. It is popular all over the world. Users like it for regular updates of serials and movies. The website contains a huge amount of latest movies, they appear on this tracker very fast. It is not necessary to register on the resource, but registration provides a number of advantages, for example, the ability to comment on torrents.

YTS is a real finding for movie fansYTS

YTS is a real finding for movie fans. It provides the internet users with a huge amount of torrent files.

YTS.ag offers over 4thousand movies of all kinds. Moreover, it caters for children of any age. This torrent tracker is popular worldwide for easy navigation.

Demonoid is extremely popular in the USADemonoid

Demonoid is extremely popular in the USA, though residents of other countries like it either.  Demonoid as well as The Pirate Bay contains thousands of files that many seeders find useful.

he experts state that 70% of new users find torrenting sites via search engines. And this fact explains such measures.Rutracker

This is a Russian website which contains a bunch of stuff: music, movies, e-books, games and others. Though it is available only in Russian, it is popular worldwide. It can be explained by the fact that this tracker contains a lot of rare stuff. Ironically, but this tracker is banned in Russia as well.

If you are tired of intrusive ads and pop-ups, we recommend you to pay attention to this tracker1377x 

If you are tired of intrusive ads and pop-ups, we recommend you to pay attention to this tracker. This service is extremely user-friendly. It has a simple and intuitive interface. Long time ago website had some security issues. Luckily, all problems have been solved.


Torrenting is undoubtedly an awesome technology which allows people to share files and find useful information. Unfortunately, more and more countries block trackers, making access to such websites harder for residents of certain countries.

Luckily, there is a way out. We aimed to help you to make torrenting available and safe by means of our article. For sure, it is up to you what method to choose, but all of them will serve to give access to rarbg.to content.(в этом предложении я поменяла цвет и жирность шрифта).

If you don't want to use RarBG for any reasons, look through our list of RarBG alternatives.

We hope the information was useful for you.  Don`t forget, share it on social media and leave comments below!! Best wishes!

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September 13, 2018 0 

I have a problem with a captcha on rarbg website.. I'm tired of this. Does anybody know how to avoid it? Should I run an anti-virus? There are also numerous scripts software which can change appearance of websites, improve them and even add new features or hiding unwanted things. I don't know if they can solve my problem...

September 13, 2018 0 

Hey! I've faced this problem once and I drawn a conclusion that it is about IPv6 connection that was giving a rarbg problem. When I use Firefox everything is alright. (Firefox has an option for ipv4) To be honest, I'm not sure about it.. Another guess, it tends to happen while using a VPN or proxy.. I think it is better to contact rarbg, maybe they can clarify your problem.

September 15, 2018 0 

I completely disagree with you, Garry. I think a VPN can't cause such a problem. I use it for many years with free torrent sites for movies (as well as with rarbg) and have never noticed anything like that. On the contrary, I recommend using a VPN while download files through idope for PC. I believe, it allows you to avoid this problem. Besides, a VPN can protect your device from numerous viruses and malicious software. It is also worth using if you want to mask you IP and be anonymous on the Internet. I never use rarbg proxie cause I think they are not reliable.

May 01, 2018 0 

Hi, everybody. I have a problem with rarbg.. Any time I visit this website, it redirects me to its proxy.. Does it mean rarbg down? How to unblock rarbg? I'm afraid of using its proxy.. I've never faced such problem before..

May 02, 2018 0 

I use domain which is ended with .org. I like it because there are not many pop ups and ads . Honestly speaking, I had lots of problems with rarbg earlier. I couldn't access the website without an adblock. Every time I switched it out I get slammed with dozens of ads and redirects... I even thought to use rarbg alternatives such as 1377x s or yify instead of rarbg movies. Lukily, the problem fixed itself... Can't say I'm satisfied with this website now. My rarbg torrents usually stuck..

May 11, 2018 0 

There are lots of pirated movie streaming sites which exceed rarbag IMHO. Demonoid, idope or kickass search engine are much more better! Sometimes rarbg stops my Internet ... and I always have to restart the router to solve the issue ... For this reason I prefer idope to rarbag, it is rather convenient. I use adblocks with it either, but they work and I don't need to restart a router each time. Moreover, it has a wonderful app for Android. Try it if you want to avoid intrusive add. I think, you will like it! ;)

February 23, 2018 0 

Yea! Finally I've learned how to download a movie using utorrent and successfully use utorrent movies search engine. Now I want to achieve anonymity while downloading torrents. My boyfriend says Tor Router is the most reliable way for this purpose. Is it really worth using?

February 27, 2018 0 

Oh, Kira. Actually, using Tor for BitTorrent P2P traffic is unwise and irresponsible. I use Tor just to get the magnet links. Of course, Tor network is extremely useful for anonymity while researching and communicating at low bandwidth. Unfortunately, the network is not built for torrents and downloading big files. It will greatly lower your connection speed, making downloading of any files almost impossible.

February 27, 2018 0 

I completely agree with you. Using Tor is not only unwise but also unsafe. Nither vuze or utorrents supports Tor. It means you can leak info to tracker about your activity.. I'd rather recommend you a VPN. I always use it with extra torrent. A VPN in first place encrypts your torrent seeds and leeches and only then passes it through a secure tunnel. In addition, a VPN masks your IP address with a foreign country, providing you anonymity to ISP or copyright owners.

January 09, 2018 0 

Hello, guys. I am from Britain. I think you are aware of the fact that the UK is considered as a leader in cyber laws enforcement. The ISPs have even recently started banning the torrent proxy sites in my country. I'm tired of all this.. And to be honest, a little bit afraid of torrenting in the UK. I have lots of friends all over the world and I am jealous of them. They can visit trackers and download any stuff they want.. When I was visiting my friend in East Europe, we used iDope website.. It was cool! We could visit any pirated movie sites for free.. I wish I lived there..

January 09, 2018 0 

Hi, Nigel. I'm sorry to hear about the situation in your country. I've even heard some talks about a kind of "British Internet" like in China.. Is it true, guy? I'm also outraged by the situation. In fact, people share small, completely meaningless amount of data through P2P connection. How can it be considered as something illegal?.. I guess, this problem concerns not only your country. A lot of people prefer to stay anonymous online nowadays, especially while using top torrent sites. To my mind, if even a tracker not banned in a certain country, it's better to use a proxy or even Tor because it is easy to step onto a very sticky legal ground on the Internet.