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Last updated: 15/05/2018

Having been created in 2008, RarBG is in the list of best torrenting sites today. The website uses domain name rarbg.to, previously it was rarbg.com.


Rarbg.to is a torrent website for P2P file sharing. By means of this platform it is possible to exchange torrent files easily. Rarbg.to operates on the basis of uTorrent client. It is visited by more than 300 thousand people daily.file sharing. By means of this platform it is possible to exchange torrent files easily. 

Facilities of RarBG

With an ulterior motive RarBG assumes № 2 spot in the rankings of our website. The website rarbg.to contains over 700 thousand files for torrenting, among them a user can find movies, music, software, games, TV shows, 18+ videos, etc.

Before starting downloading rarbg.to proposes to watch a short trailer, which is very convenient if a person doesn’t know exactly what to choose.


RarBG has a plugin allowing its users to download media by means of uTorrent and FireFox browser. It makes the use of rabg.to really user-friendly and fast, as not everyone has enough time to use torrent client for downloading movies.

RarBG blocking

As any other torrenting site rarbg.to was subjected to illegal activity and banned in 2008. Blocking lasted only for 7 days, but rarbg.to is now banned in 5 countries: the UK, Denmark, France, Italy and India. If the residents of these countries try to visit rarbg.to, they will face the problems with the access to it as local Internet Service Provider blocks it.


The ways to evade rarbg.to blocking?

To evade blocking of particular services and websites modern Internet consumers use different ways:

  • The first method is a proxy server. It allows changing an IP into an appropriate one, which will not be blocked by ISP. To provide RarBG users with the content of this platform RarBG developers created a proxy list:


Choosing a good proxy server it is strongly recommended to be careful to proxies with http:// as they are not safe to use.

  • The second method we are going to cover is VPN. A VPN is the abbreviation for a Virtual Private Network. It also allows changing client’s IP into a necessary one. What is more, it makes user absolutely confidential, as all data including visited sites, passwords, torrenting movies are encoded.
  • The Onion Router or Tor in short can also be used to get access to rarbg.to from the UK, Denmark, France, Italy and India. A great advantage of the third way is its affordability, as it is absolutely free. To bypass geographical restriction for rarbg.to, the Internet connection routes through three volunteer-run servers (minimum). The user’s IP is encoded several times. For instance, if the connection routes through four servers, it means that the IP will be encoded four times.

For sure, it is up to user to decide what method to choose, but all of them will serve to give access to rarbg.to content.

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