Is it safe to use Putlocker?

November 01, 2017

More and more websites for streaming media appear every day. Some of them have a long and difficult history. is an example of such websites. Putlocker was launched in the UK in 2012 and gained its popularity immediately. Alongside with the platforms Netflix and 123movies Putlocker gives its users access to movies online.

But unlike Netflix, Putlocker is free. Visiting Putlocker it is possible to watch a movie or a TV show online. Absence of registration makes the process of watching movies fast. There is no need to think out passwords and remember them to get access to Putlocker videos from the 1920s up to modern products.

putlockerwatch is known as a streaming platform, which changes its URL address to provide its users with media content on a regular basis. That is why Putlocker was trendy even in the period of crisis.

The first ‘move’ was accomplished to URL, when an American film studio – ‘Paramount Pictures’, accused Putlocker of copyright-protected video streaming. The domain of Putlocker also changed its location several times: first in 2014 in Iceland, second in 2016 in Vietnam.

The domains were changed also not once: ® ® ® ® ® ® ® and ®

The last domain has been functioning since this summer and nobody knows when the next change will be.

What to do to watch Putlocker safely?

Many people in English-speaking countries visit the website Putlocker on a regular basis because it is among the best streaming websites to watch movies online free. For example, people are to pay for Netflix or Pandora content. As for Putlocker it is absolutely free, which is very beneficial for those, who appreciate cinematography.

Nevertheless, some people even don’t surmise they run risks while watching free movies online. It is connected with piracy. Some of the websites with media content have license to stream it, some function without it. And it is difficult to identify those, which do it legally. Unfortunately, even if a person watches (not downloads or uploads) copyright-protected movies it is possible for him to be accused of illegal Internet activity.

Specialists advice to watch free movies anonymously via the Internet.  It is possible to do by means of Virtual Private Networks or proxy servers. They function similarly, but there are some differences between them. As for a VPN, it makes its users really anonymous on the Internet hiding its client from a local Internet Service Provider. A great bonus of VPN is that paid versions don’t keep logs. Thus, it will be impossible to identify a user. Proxies are a bit different, but also able to hide its clients. In this case a user chooses a proxy server he wants on his own. And proxy user becomes unnoticed while visiting websites.

Internet anonymity also allows being protected against hackers and sensitive data leak.