Pure VPN vs Express VPN Overview

Last updated: 22/12/2018
David Balaban

David Balaban

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Pure VPN vs Express VPN

Want to find the best VPN service, but don’t know what to choose? PureVPN vs ExpressVPN comparison will help to make the right choice. ExpressVPN is well-known for its stable work, vast diversity of server locations, flash-like speed and numerous functions available.

PureVPN rose from obscurity October 2017 because of the events regarding the cyber-criminal exposure. The track records of Pure VPN underwent doubts, as it does not manage to protect its subscribers.

Notwithstanding all the troubles regarding this intricate story, PureVPN explained everything in a lucid manner.

To study the detailed characteristics of these services it is possible to familiarize with PureVPN Review and ExpressVPN Review 2019.

But we have prepared this article where PureVPN and ExpressVPN are compared.

PureVPN vs ExpressVPN Tariffs and Prices


Who doesn’t like to pay less if there is a chance to do it?

PureVPN coupon allows being protected online for a tiny amount of money – $2.91 monthly. It is possible in case of 2 years subscription. One is to pay $69.99 at once. But it is 4 times less, than if you have decided to pay each month $11.95.

Apart from the fact that PureVPN is very advantageous, it offers 7 days money‑back guarantee.

It should be mentioned that PureVPN trial may not be free, but thanks to a possibility to get a refund within 7 days, a user will not lose the money in case of some troubles.

In such a way, it is impossible to use PureVPN free.

As for the payment methods, they are diverse. Various banking cards are accepted, as well as alternative methods like PayPal, Gift Cards, Alipay and what not. Crypto currency is not accepted.


As compared with PureVPN, ExpressVPN service is more expensive. One month plan costs $12.95. But it is also possible to save money. Everything you are to do is to choose the 15 month subscription.

Under the circumstances, it is possible to save up to 49% and pay only $6.67 per month. This price is still two times more than PureVPN offers. But this provider offers its clients 30 day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN does NOT make provision for free trial.

But unlike PureVPN, ExpressVPN accepts Bitcoins, which is very attractive for those who really want to surf the Internet anonymously.


Pure VPNExpress VPN like

PureVPN vs ExpressVPN Servers


PureVPN server list possesses a great diversity of server locations for a VPN with such a moderate price. Over 750 servers are located in more than 140 countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Central, North and South America.

PureVPN provider offers its clients fast servers that provide users with the highest level of security.


ExpressVPN servers do not yield to PureVPN in speed and security, but the number of server locations is a bit less. Thus, ExpressVPN has servers in 96 countries of the world. It is not bad for a service.


Besides, it is to be taken into account that ExpressVPN does its best to increase the number of servers and their locations.

Pure VPNExpress VPN like

 PureVPN vs ExpressVPN Functions


PureVPN and ExpressVPN offer its consumers fantastic facilities of unlimited bandwidth, speed and server-switching.

Is PureVPN good for torrenting? Definitely, it is!

As well as ExpressVPN, PureVPN has the facility of P2P file-sharing. It means that the files are divided into small pieces and transferred via the network. This technology is the best to download “heavy” files.

But the function of ad-blocking is not available for ExpressVPN consumers. Nevertheless, you will not be annoyed by ads with PureVPN, as it launched this function last year.


ExpressVPN and PureVPN are great tools for those who want to surf the internet securely and safely. You will access any content you like from every corner of the world, use VoIP technologies to communicate without limits, stream and torrent video and audio and what not.


Pure VPNExpress VPN like

PureVPN vs ExpressVPN Security and Privacy


ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable and trustworthy services, as it provides its clients with L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN with TCP/UDP protocols. The key used for encryption is AES-256 – one of the most effective ones.

When the IP address of a user is masked, one may be definitely sure that he or she is under the strong protection of the service.

PureVPN is a great choice because of numerous factors and the diversity of tunneling protocols is one of them. It offers IKEv2, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, Stealth tunneling protocols, which are used to protect your data transferred via the network.

AES-256 key is used to protect your data against computer crackers.

In view of recent events we may not say that PureVPN protects your privacy 100%.

Express VPN like

PureVPN vs ExpressVPN Support Service


ExpressVPN support service is great as well, as it possesses numerous tutorials on how to install and use the VPN. Besides, lots of questions are answered in FAQ section. 

Furthermore, it will not be a problem to communicate the support specialists, as they are available on permanent basis.

E-mail support is better than that proposed by PureVPN. If one wants to add some photos or screenshots to the letter, there will be no problems to do it. It will be necessary to fill in the necessary form and click “Send”.

PureVPN support service is more than good. It provides its clients with round-the-clock support, notwithstanding whether you are an active user or a potential client.

PureVPN live chat specialists will answer the shortest possible time and supply you with the detailed instructions.

Besides, it is possible to visit the ‘Support Center” and find the guides on various topics: troubleshooting, account procedures, billing and so on.

If you do prefer the e-mail communication, it is possible to contact PureVPN support service by means of e-mail. Unfortunately, it is impossible to attach a file to the letter, which complicates the understanding between the service and its clients in case of some troubles.

Express VPN like


PureVPN vs ExpressVPN Platforms


If you came to the conclusion to use PureVPN download it on the official website of the service. The VPN may be installed on the gadgets running on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and other devices.

Besides, the VPN offers apps for numerous devices like, Chrome, Firefox, Android TV, Kodi, Firestick, Router, DD-WRT.

ExpressVPN is even better than PureVPN. It may be used on numerous devices without any difficulties with installation.

The applications launched by ExpressVPN surpass PureVPN in quality.

Express VPN like



To crown it all, the services compared in this article have been walking hand in hand for years, as both offer a great diversity of server locations and functions.

They differ in price, payment methods and apps.

ExpressVPN excels PureVPN in many points: Bitcoins as one of payment methods, apps and platforms available, tunneling protocols and what is the most important – privacy.

ExpressVPN is one of few services that guarantees privacy and round-the-clock protection.



Pure VPN

Express VPN

Tariffs and Prices



The number of plans



The best price

$2.91 per month

$6.67 per month

Money-back guarantee

7 days

30 days

Free trial

Payment options

Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoins, alternative payment methods like Gift Cards, CoinPayments and Cashu.

Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoins, , alternative payment methods like WebMoney, Alipay, Mint, etc.

Devices for subscription






The amount of locations

Over 140 countries

96 countries

Total IPs

88 000

No information




Limitless bandwidth

Limitless server switching

Unlimited speeds

P2P sharing












Apps for









Chrome, Firefox, Android TV, Router, Kodi, Firestick, DD-WRT

Safari, Firefox, Amazon FireTV, Playstation, AppleTV, Chromebook, Blackberry,  Windows phone





IKEv2, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, Stealth


Data encryption



Kill switch

NAT Firewall

Wi-Fi protection

Split tunneling





Service support





Online Chat

FAQ, guides


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